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OPGW Cable SystemThe PRYSMIAN solution for the integration of telecommunications networks on high voltage overhead lines

Overhead optical fibre cable systemsOverhead optical fibre cable systems have become a key factor in telecommunications networks used by operators and power utilities. Due to the fact that no civil works are required and the rights of way have already been established, it is possible to minimise costs and, most importantly, the time required to begin network operation.

Prysmian offers its customers a complete range of overhead optical systems:OPGW Cable SystemsComposite optical ground wire system for installation on high voltage electric lines.

Self-supporting cable system (ADSS)Self-supporting optical cable system for all types of lines: electric lines, overhead distribution lines for railways, etc.

Lashed cable systemOptical cable system lashed to the ground wire or the phase cable on the electric lines.

OPPC cable systemComposite optical phase cable system, for high voltage electric lines up to 135 kV.


OPGW-PRYSMIAN Cable System, the never wrong decisionCustomers who choose the Prysmian OPGW system can be sure that their decision will lead to a successful experience during installation and operation. The main advantages of Prysmian OPGW are the following:


> High reliability and demonstrated experience High reliability supported by over 110,000 km. of cables installed, with systems in operation since 1983 in more than 70 countries in the five continents.

> Supply of a full system Easy to install since Prysmian OPGW includes all components which the system requires from end to end:

OPGW cables and terminal cables Joint boxes, optical distribution frame and connection accessories Components for securing the cable to the high voltage towers Engineering and installation services, with turn key projects Drum lengths up to 10.000 m.> Manufacturing capabilitiesThe OPGW-PRYSMIAN cable is produced at Prysmians OPGW Centre of Excellence in Vilanova i la Geltr (Spain) and also in Sorocaba (Brazil) and Wuxi (China) facilities. With these three factories Prysmian can deliver cable to any part of the world, with very high flexibility and in quantities synchronized to the timing of the project.

> Aluminium Tube TechnologyThe extruded aluminium tube technology used by Prysmian in the manufacture of OPGW Composite Optical Ground Cables has demonstrated its high quality and reliability, with fully satisfactory installations in operation for more than 20 years. Furthermore, the ongoing research in new materials and the experience gained ensure the continuous development of our products.

Prysmian Aluminium Tube OPGW DesignWorking conditionsWind,temperature,ice

Risk for the optical fibre and cableIncreasedattenuationorbreakagedueto elongationand/orcompression.

Solutions adopted in the Prysmian design Loosefibreprotectionwithexcellentcontroloffibre extralength,whichallowselongationorcompression ofthecablewithoutaffectingthefibres Corefilledwithhydrogen-absorbentgel

Hydrogengenerationinmetal structure Rainandmoisture

Increasedattenuationduetohydrogen absorptionintheopticalfibre. Increasedattenuationduetowaterpenetration intheopticalfibre

Intrinsicradialsealingoftheextrudedaluminiumtube. Opticalcoreprotectedbysealinggel.

Lineshort-circuit Impactoflightning

Increasedattenuationandbreakageofthewires Designwithhighaluminiumcontent. SelectionofAS,AAorGS(*)wires. Thermalprotectionofcore. Suitablepreformingofwirestoprevent cabledismountingifwirebreakageoccurs. Increasedattenuationandbreakageofthewires AluminiumtubeincontactwithAAandAS(*)wires forhighlycorrosiveareas


(*) AS= Aluminium clad steel. AA= Aluminium alloy

GS= galvanized steel


Complete solution for the integration of telecommunications

Damperpage 12

OPGW-PRYSMIAN Composite optical ground wirepages 6-7

Terminal cablepage 8


networks on high voltage overhead lines


Suspension assemblypage 12

Tension assemblypage 13

Down lead clamppage 13

Optical distribution frame (ODF)page 11

Joint boxespage 10

Optical fibrespage 9

Quality and testingpage 14

Engineering & installationpage 15

Referencespages 16-17


PRYSMIAN-OPGW Composite Optical Ground CablesSingle layerThe PRYSMIAN-OPGW SINGLE LAYER cables are the most widely used cables. Their design is fully adapted to the most common electric line needs. They offer excellent value for money.

StructureHydrogen-absorbent optical core:

> > >

Optical fibres. One or more tubes with loose fibre protection, sealed with moisture-proof gel. Thermal protection tape.

Metal protection:

> Extruded aluminium tube. >Armour with choice of three wires aluminium clad steel. aluminium alloy. galvanized steel.

Product DetailsPrysmian Standard OPGW00A35 OPGW16A41 OPGW28C58 OPGW03A35 OPGW09A42 OPGW12A39 OPGW20B50 OPGW32E48 OPGW40H49 OPGW46J52 OPGW50J67 OPGW18A48 OPGW27D50 OPGW10A32 OPGW17A47 OPGW24C43 OPGW33F44 OPGW37F61 OPGW60L70 OPGW51E67 OPGW62J72 OPGW07N97 Fibre Count (Max) 12 12 16 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 24 36 36 48 48 48 48 48 48 64 96 288 Diameter (mm) 10,0 11,6 12,8 10,3 10,9 11,2 12,0 13,2 14,0 14,6 15,0 11,8 12,7 11,0 11,7 12,4 13,3 13,7 16,0 15,1 16,2 20,8 Weight (kg/km) 349 412 580 347 416 386 500 475 490 523 670 484 503 316 471 429 450 610 696 650 719 789 UTS (kN) 55 64 91 53 74 63 81 64 62 65 97 79 72 41 74 63 59 90 89 98 103 82 Short Circuit (kA2 sec) 20 35 58 23 26 30 41 68 91 116 110 36 67 29 35 44 77 83 151 76 138 198



PRYSMIAN-OPGW Composite Optical Ground CablesDouble layerThe PRYSMIAN-OPGW DOUBLE LAYER cables are used when the requirements of our customers specify a high ultimate load and/or high short-circuit current.


StructureHydrogen-absorbent optical core:

> > >

Optical fibres. Tubes with loose fibre protection, sealed with moisture-proof gel. Thermal protection tape.

Metal protection:

> >

Extruded aluminium tube. Armour with choice of three wires: aluminium clad steel. aluminium alloy. galvanized steel. Additional armour with choice of three wires: aluminium clad steel. aluminium alloy. galvanized steel.


Product DetailsPrysmian Standard OPGW53H60D OPGW59K65D OPGW66M59D OPGW90S86D OPGW94P81D OPGW97M116D OPGW20T172D OPGW56J64D OPGW86Q73D OPGW24U100D Fibre Count (Max) 12 24 24 24 32 36 36 48 48 144 Diameter (mm) 15,3 15,9 16,6 19,0 19,4 18,7 22,0 15,6 18,6 22,4 Weight (kg/km) 600 645 585 860 812 1161 1716 642 729 1000 UTS (kN) 82 93 74 118 102 188 305 92 88 120 Short Circuit (kA2 sec) 111 151 175 400 237 212 386 122 278 430



Terminal CablesThese cables are used to connect the optical fibres of the OPGW cable at the end of the high voltage line to the optical distribution frame in the substation.

The most widely used cable types are as follows:The EKE cables, whose fully dielectric design prevents the generation of secondary currents. If there are rodents in the area, these cables should be installed in duct.

Terminal Cable: EKEThe EKH9E cables equipped with anti-rodent metal armour. This armour must be connected to earth to prevent electric discharge when secondary currents are generated.

Terminal Cable: EKH9EThe EKDE cables whose fully dielectrc anti-rodent protecction, combines the advantages of the two prior solutions.

Terminal Cable: EKDEIn all of these cables, Prysmian can offer a wide range of sheaths which respond to specific installation needs . We supply the fire resistant Afumex type, hydrocarbons resistant, termites resistant, etc.


Optical FibresThe optical fibre of the cables supplied by Prysmian is manufactured in-house and is designed to provide optimum transmission services. These fibres are used primarily in telecomunications networks characterised by long distance links and high capacity.


Single-mode of general application OPG LightOPG Light is a G.652 fibre optimized for OPGW networks, with: Better splicing performance. Lowest PMD in the market. Characterization in 4th window.

(ITU-T G.652)Claddingdiameter Modefielddiameter at1310nm Attenuation(*) at1310nm at1550nm 1250.7m


0,36dB/kmmax. 0,22dB/kmmax.

Chromaticdispersion at1310nm from1285to1330nm at1550nm from1525to1575nm

2,8ps/(nm.km) 3,5ps/(nm.km) 18ps/(nm.km) 20ps/(nm.km)


Prysmian can supply its Magnilight ITU-T G.652 D for metro applications upon request.

Non zero dispersion shifted FreeLightFibre designed for DWDM applications. It is characterised by very low dispersion from 1530 to 1625 nm and a high effective area, which prevents the non-linear effects of high speed in this type of transmission, offering improved service in comparison to the previous fibres.

(ITU-T G.655)Claddingdiameter Modefielddiameter at1550nm Attenuation(*) at1550nm at1625nm Chromaticdispersion from1530to1565nm from1565to1625 1251,0m


0,25dB/kmmax. 0,27dB/kmmax.

from2,0to6,15ps/(nm.km) from4,5to12,4ps/(nm.km)