Operation Torch

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Operation Torch. By: Jamie Black and Lauren Cherry. Objective. To inform the reader about Operation Torch and to enhance the reader’s knowledge about serious battles in World War II. Background. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Operation Torch

  • To inform the reader about Operation Torch and to enhance the readers knowledge about serious battles in World War II

  • BackgroundThe purpose was Operation Torch was to gain complete control of North Africa from French Morocco to Tunisia. By doing this, Rommels, a German field marshal, Afrika Korps would be trapped.

    Dwight Eisenhower Andrew Cunningham Francois Darlan

  • Where did this happen?This shows where America and British forces attacked France in North Africa. Specifically, Casablanca, Oran, Algiers.

  • Soldiers transporting themselves and weapons during Operation TorchSoldiers attacking during Operation Torch

  • The AttackThe attack began on November 8, 1942 when 125,000 British, and American soldiers, sailors, and airmen invaded.This was the first offensive operation that the U.S. performed against Germany during WWII

  • The Attack contdThe attacks were carried out using boats designed on land on beachesAssault forces were divided into 3 groupsWestern Task ForceCenter Task ForceEastern Task ForceThese task forces got to the beaches by boat

  • The Attack at Casablanca35,000 men in totalOffensive weapons included five aircraft carriers, three battleships, seven cruisers, 38 destroyers, and other vessels of transportation.

  • Attack at Casablanca contdForces landed at Safi, Fedala, and Mehedia-Port Lyautey (cities in N. Africa)Safi fell the most easily on the first afternoon of the attackPort Lyautey was tougher, but the French was unable to hold their ground and collapsed within a few daysFedala was the riskiest part of the operation because it was easiest to reach by water. Because of this, the US and French Navy got into dogfights.

  • Attack at OranCenter Task Force had the task of seizing and securing Oran of Western Algeria.Center Task Force was split into 3 groups2 attacked from the west, and one from the east. Attacks were delayed due to shallow waters and hidden sandbarsInstead, troops were landed directly on docks.

  • Invasion at AlgiersNearly all fighting took place in the port of AlgiersOne ship the British sent was destroyed by enemy artillery. Another ship was run ashore by the artillery.250 men were left behindThe enemy general of Algiers surrendered, and the city was taken later that day

  • Results and AftermathEisenhower appointed Darlan as the leader of French North Africa.Darlan was later arrested and Henri Giraud became the new leader.Hitler ordered German troops to attack unoccupied Francesuccessful attack.WWII continued and eventually ended 3 years after these attacks.

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