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OpenStack Foundation updates presented by Hui Cheng at OpenStack China Tour Shenzhen stop.

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  • 1. OpenStack Foundation Updates China Tour ShenzhenFor OpenStackHui Cheng(@) | Lead Manager of COSUG Technical Manager in // 2012/9/21

2. Foundation Mission 0000 01The OpenStack Foundation is an independent01body 02 02 providing shared resources to helpachieve the OpenStack Mission by 0303Protecting, Empowering, and Promoting04OpenStack software and the community aroundit, including users, developers and the entire05ecosystem. 3. OpenStack Transition 0000 0101OpenStack LLC.(Rackspace owned) 0202 030304OpenStack Foundation(Community owned)05 4. OpenStack Today Elected Project Technical Leads (PTLs) makeproject-level decisions.Project00Policy Board oversees entire set of 00 OpenStack projects (PPB) 0101 0202Rackspace project manages includingcommunity management, release management, 0303marketing, PR, and eventmanagement. Rackspace also owns the04trademark, and is responsible for overallGovernance05 policy. 5. OpenStack in Foundation World Elected Project Technical Leads (PTLs) makeproject-level decisions.Project00Policy Board oversees entire set of No Change 00 OpenStack projects (PPB) 01Technical Committee 020102Rackspace project manages includingname, minor changescommunity management, release0303management, marketing, PR, and eventmanagement. Rackspace also owns theTransition04 responsibility fromtrademark, and is responsible for overallGovernance05policy.Rackspace to FoundationFoundation Planning Goals1. Preserve working processes & commitment to meritocracy2. Create entity with responsibility for role Rackspace has played 6. OpenStack Services Large scale testing and continuous integration coordination 00Tools to help00 developers contribute code easilyEvent management (Summit & Conf, other regional events)01 01Legal (CLA process, trademark management & defense) 02 02Educational resources to help developers, sys 0303admins, users, CIOs, evaluate and implement OpenStackPromotion of the OpenStack brand, including webinars, case 04studies, TCO studies, user interviews, and press outreach for membercompanies to05 leverage when promoting their OpenStack-poweredproductsPromotion of ecosystem building OpenStack businesses"State of OpenStack reports covering topics like the OpenStackJobs outlook, OpenStack economic impact 7. Membership of the Foundation: Three types "Individual Members" who participate on their own or aspart of00 00 free to join as antheir paid employment. ItsIndividual Member and Individual Members have the right 01 01to run for, and vote for, a number of leadership positions.02Platinum 02 Members are companies which make asignificant strategic commitment to OpenStack in funding0303and resources. Platinum Members each appoint a04representative to the Board of DirectorsGold Members are companies which provide funding 05and resources, but at a lower level than Platinum Members.Associate Members as a class elect representatives to theBoard of Directors. 8. Open Foundation Board 00Platinum 00 Members(8) 0101 0202 03030405 9. Open Foundation Board Gold Members(8) 0000 DreamHost, Cloudscaling, ITRI/CCAT,01DELL, Piston, Mirantis, Yahoo!, Cisco01020203030405 10. Open Foundation Board 0000Individual Members(8) 01 01 02 02 03 03 04 05No one company may control more than two boardseats 11. Board of Directors 0000Responsibilities 01Oversees Foundation operations01Sets overall budget & goals 0202Advocates for the Foundation and the entire 03OpenStack community03Membership04Individual Members elect 1/3 of the seats (8) 05Gold Members elect 1/3 of the seats (8)Not an actual Board MemberPlatinum Members appoint 1/3 of the seats (8)Members must follow a code of conduct, committing to advancingOpenStack, staying active in the community, and performing their duties withintegrityNo one company may control more than two board seats 12. Foundation Governance 0000 0101 0202 03030405 13. OpenStack is the #2 FOSS foundation 00 00 011. 02 01The Linux Foundation = $9.6M 022.03 Openstack = $6M -> $10M03 043. Mozilla Foundation = $1.9M 054. The Apache Foundation - $0.53M 14. 00 00Thanks!01 0102 02 Q&A03 03 04 05 Weibo: @