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2015 Annual Report

Portrait photos courtesy of Addison Photography, Summer Brander Photography, Tereasa L. Bendele-Nichols, and Doug Maughan. Thank you to Jan Mittleider for her photos of doors from around the world.

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This is such an exciting time for the College of Southern Idaho and the CSI Foundation! The Magic Valley continues to grow, change and provide new opportunities for students, businesses and the community at large. With the changing times, the Foundation also wants to make sure we are adapting and aligning with the college and the demands of the global economy. We are doing this is by supporting the new “Student Success Initiative” which expands the definition of success beyond a graduation rate to include adding value to both traditional and non-traditional students.

With a new focus in these areas, the Foundation has a tremendous opportunity to assist. One of the strategies our committee is exploring in order to meet these opportunities involves expanding scholarships to include paths to internships, certificates, and skill enhancement. These new paths allow non-traditional students opportunities to upgrade their skills which, in turn, can create upward mobility and efficiency improvements for our local businesses, in another word: Success.

Southern Idaho’s recent success in economic development will also recruit talent to the area to meet these demands. The foundation committees are exploring ways to expanding access to a larger range of potential students. By being able to provide scholarships to more non-traditional students through selection criteria defined by business partners who ultimately hire the students also defines success.

We want to recognize and express appreciation to the generous donors who make scholarships possible. By responsibly maintaining the assets of the Foundation with prudent investment strategies, we have not only been able to meet the intent of the donors, but have been able to award and impact thousands of students. The Foundation’s Executive Committee has challenged the Foundation to award $2 million dollars in the 2016-2017 year, which would be a new annual record for scholarships. Through the continued generosity of our donors, responsible investing and increased partnerships with our business community, we feel this goal is achievable even in these challenging economic times.

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, we thank the donors, students and community for working together to achieve success. You are helping shape the lives of the next generation of leaders in the Magic Valley and beyond!


Mike Schutz, CSI Foundation President

Mike SchutzCSI Foundation President

Presidents’ Message

The other day I had a chance to speak about the College of Southern Idaho Foundation and its reputation as one of the top community college foundations in the country. I was able to talk about why, and that story includes a wonderful Foundation staff led by a nationally-recognized Executive Director, and the single most important factor— you.

The CSI Foundation has enjoyed many gifts, large and small, one-time and on-going. One striking aspect is that in the thirty-one years of the CSI Foundation’s history, many gifts have come from people in the area who have never attended CSI! Citizens near and far recognize CSI transforms lives. For many donors, a son or daughter, spouse, relative or even a friend attended CSI and lived a life of improved opportunity as a result. The word “philanthropy” comes from the Greek, and in broad terms it means “love of humanity.” To my mind it represents one of the highest callings in our culture, and it is that dual benefit of the realized power of giving and receiving. At CSI, that gift means is a tangible belief in the transformative power of education.

Many of our students would be unable to go to school but for your generosity. Your commitment to this larger good is not just a financial assistance; it is also a confidence in each person, student by student, a belief in the transformative power of education, and the hope that such inspiration plants the seeds of what philanthropic citizenship is all about. You change lives, and one day, these changed lives will remember this gift, and in turn, I hope they will do the same for future students.

Thank you for being the driving force. Thank you for your trust in the College of Southern Idaho Foundation and for your philanthropy, your love of humanity.


Jeff Fox, CSI President

Jeff FoxCSI President

Presidents’ Message

The CSI Foundation Celebrates Excellence

Dawn Wendland Merry OlsonJim WoodsPandora Handley

Each year, four outstanding employee awards are awarded, two to outstanding faculty and two to outstanding staff. These awards include stipends presented by the CSI Foundation. The faculty are nominated by their students and the staff are nominated by their fellow CSI employees.

This year’s Faculty awards went to Pandora Handley (Outstanding Professional Technical Instructor of the Year) and James Woods (Outstanding Academic Faculty Member of the Year). The staff awards were given to Dawn Wendland (Classified Employee of the Year) and Merry Olson (Professional Employee of the Year).

Sarah AardemaDale and Sheila AdamsPhillip and Suann AdamsMacario and Julia AgueroBurton and Carol AinsworthJeanne AlbanD. and Theresa AlbrightMark and Denise AlexanderRich and Dani Jo AlexanderMark and Larisa AlexanderMatthew and Dawna

AlexanderNeil and Judy AllenRodney and Jo AllenDiane AllenBetty AllredMary Lou AlvesPopi AnastassatosNicholas AnastassatosJerry AnastassatosChris and Pam AnastassatosLeonard and Alice AndersonGena AndersonGilbert and Wilma AndersonDavid and Christy AndersonDavid and Teri AndersonAlbert and Dorothy AndersonJean AndrewsCon and Barbara AnnestMarjorie AnnisWallace and Connie AoyagiAndy and Raquel ArenzDeloris ArgyleRoy and Betty ArmstrongMartha ArveyCurtis and Ellen AsayLeilani AsayDale and Andrea AshtonDon and Angela AthaShawn and Melanie AthayBrian and Renee AvramTeresa AxtellBrian and Crystal AyersTonya BackusIzabella BagdasarovaRobin BagentKarmele BaileyLynn and Karen BairdJames BairdCarolyn BairdLisa BakerLoyd and Ruth BakewellAlice BallRon and Pat BallardEileen BanholzerJeffrey BardsharJim and Shelli BardsleyJake Barfuss

Shawn and Camille BarigarMarilyn BarinagaDJ BarkerMarianne BarkerErnesto and Graciela BarronMargaret and James BarronLinda BarrupRobert and Jo BartholomewShane and Dianna BartlomeJoel and Donna BateRalph and Dawn BatesGary and Maria BaumHank BaumanNick and Karen BaumertKay BaumertAmy BeardenBob and Lynn BeauregardJanet BechtBarbara S. BeckDennis and Jo BeckleyDennis BeedleMerna BeedleMyrtle BeerCatherine BegandoDeanna BehrRonald and Faye BellJack and Maxine BellDonna BenkulaMary BennettBruce and Loyann BennettCarol Berg and Stafford

Thomas Warren and Dorothy BergeyRick and Sandra BernsenRandy and Jeannine

BerriochoaRichard and Cynthia BerryMonica BessireHarvey and Myrna BickettJoan BigelowMark and Amy BilgerCourtney BinghamPriscilla BinghamRobert and Elaine BirdMary BirdSteve and Rhonda BirnieRay and Janet BirrerTom BlairJoe BlatzRuth BlickenstaffPeggy BloxhamRichard BoddieWilbert and Alice BodenDavid BoehmeDouglas and Candace

BoesigerRodney and Janet BolichPat Bollar

Mike Glenn and Cindy BondJohn and Christine BonnettJohn and Sarah BottingerDouglas and Andrea BoultonTonja BowcutGordon and Vangie BowerRobert and Myrna BowmanRandall and Carolyn BoydJo Ann BradleyJoyce BradyChris and Lanie BraggMargie BrannenGary and Barbara BrattDennis and Jana BrauerJames BrennanRobert and Xana BriceAlice BriggsDiane BriggsMarilynn BrightDan and Jennifer BrizeeDonna BrizeeJamie and Bobbi BrockwayBetty BrooksB.D. and Patricia BrooksDoyle and Alice BrowerLenora BrownMonica BrownKenneth and Joan BrownTim and Jennifer BrowneJanet BrowningPhillip and Linda BruggerBill and Angie BrulotteJan BrumbachSusan BrumleyClara BrunerDan and Elaine BryantNancy BrydgesMary and William BubakFrank and Virginia BuckCraig BuhlerTravis BunkerBarbara BunnLina BuntainFrank and Cynthia BurdettKeith and Angie BurgessRichard and Lisa BurkeEleanore BurkhartMargaret BurksDick and Sue BurwellSusan BurwellRonice ButcherDavid and Deborah ButlerDoug and Brenda ButlerJoann ButtarsJean ButtarsGordon and Phyllis BybeeDeeAnn CahoonTyler and Stephanie Caine

Cheryl CallenShelley CallenKirk and Margaret CameronDonald CampanellaHeidi CampbellRosanna CampbellWilliam and Eltiena CampbellKen and DeAnn CampbellCindi CanineNorman and Janet CantorGeorgia CantrellMercedes CantrellRichie and Connie CardozaJanet CarpenterDouglas and Linda CarpenterDorothy CarsonClara CarterTom and Deneice CarterKayla CarterBill and Suzanne CarverGeorge and Shari CasperCraig and Anna CaspersonWarren and Darlene CaweltiRoger and Lisa ChambersDeanna ChambersLeanne ChapmanCatrina ChappleJohn ChesleyJill ChestnutGary and Candace ChildersS. L. and Debra ChiversElizabeth ChojnackyKenneth ChristensenMark and Diane ChristensenSandra ChristiansenLarry and Doris ChristisonMary Jo ChurchWilson and Virginia

ChurchmanJoe and Janice ClaireRenee ClarkHeath ClarkChris and Kathy ClarkCortney ClarkDoran CluerDennis CoatesDonald CoberlyAleesha CochranRhonda CohenKenneth CoinerChuck and Carolyn CoinerOwen and Eve ColeFaye ColeChristopher and Stellani

ColemanJohn ColemanDonald ColemanRichard Collins

Your donations make a significant difference to a CSI student. When you give the gift of a scholarship, you are not only supporting our students financially but also changing the future for the students and their entire families. These generous donations made between July 2014 and June 2015 have helped past, present and future CSI students by creating community connections that will last forever. Thank you for helping a CSI student!

Thank You CSI Foundation Community Donors

From a young age, I always knew I would attend college and graduate with a degree. Once high school approached and the years seemed to move quite quickly, I started to panic about what college to attend and how I was actually going to make that goal a reality financially. I was fortunate enough to have taken classes in high school through CSI that made me come to appreciate what they had to offer in many different aspects. Because of CSI’s diverse opportunities and great programs it was an easy decision for me to make. CSI is where I would spend the beginning years of my higher education.

Thanks to CSI’s Foundation scholarships and the other programs offered, I have been able to make that goal of mine a reality with their help for me and my education. As a student, I appreciate the smaller class sizes that CSI offers because of the relationships you are able to make with your classmates, professors, and the opportunity it allows for you to learn the material better. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this same kind of opportunity at a large university.

I was surprised to learn during my first year at CSI that I could be a part of the Honors Program. I applied and was accepted and am thankful for the opportunity it has given me to meet new people and the scholarships that come along with it. Thank you CSI Foundation for your support and generosity for me and my education while attending CSI.

Briell Bowman

Marjory Coleman always loved music and participated in school music programs while growing up in St. Anthony, ID and although he did not participate in music himself, music was always a part of John Coleman’s upbringing. His mother was a classically trained soprano and sang solos and in choirs throughout her life.

As a young mother, Marjory started piano lessons with Teala Bellini and took private lessons much of her adult life. She practiced late into the night after the children were in bed. She found great joy in her children’s music studies and performances. Whenever family or friends came to the house, she would ask the children to play. Impromptu recitals, Sunday evening programs for John, family reunion concerts and Christmas Eve programs were and continue to be all part of the family tradition as well as musical tributes to departed family members at funerals.

Marjory taught piano lessons for over 40 years and she taught 18 of her grandchildren. She was active in Twin Falls Music Club and served as festival chairman for several years. She conducted many church choirs and especially enjoyed working with the youth choirs. Among the 5 children and 26 living grandchildren, there are 10 music teachers, 23 pianists, 11 violinists, 1 violist, 2 cellists, 1 bassist, 3 drummers, 1 organist, 1 electric bass player, 2 trumpet players, 1 French horn player, 5 trained vocalists and all love to sing.

A life of love is one of continual growth, where the doors of experience are always open to the wonder and magic that life offers.~Leo Buscaglia

Marjory Remington Coleman Memorial Music Scholarship EndowmentMusic in the Coleman Home

I am writing you this letter to give thanks and recognition to The College of Southern Idaho for enabling me to become who I am today.

In 2010 I decided to go back to school and pursue an education and a career in the Culinary Arts. I was in my late thirties and a mother of four teenagers as well as a wife. Driven to succeed, because this was my last chance, I made sure to absorb all that I could as I learned from Mike Johnson, Dianne Jolovich and other teachers not named.

In my first year of culinary school I had the opportunity to compete in the Skills USA Competition in Boise Idaho and won a silver medal, competing against Boise State culinary students. We were also able to network with other chefs in an association as we traveled and went to conventions. This also really helped my growth as a culinarian or (foodie).

While attending CSI, I was awarded a scholarship that helped me financially to continue doing what would become the best time in my life. The financial support helped me purchase books, knives, and have some experiences that I might not otherwise have received. I believe that if it wasn’t for CSI, and its non-intimidating environment, I would not have made the decision to go back to school, change my career and better my life.

I graduated with honors from The College of Southern Idaho, and was immediately placed in my current position as Executive Chef of Sodexo Dining Services right here on our beautiful campus at CSI.

Thank you again to The College of Southern Idaho and the Foundation for its generosity.

Sincerely yours,

Bridgett SlaterExecutive Chef Sodexo

Alumni Showcase

The CSI Foundation’s annual Black and Gold Ball celebrated the College’s Golden Anniversary. Guests enjoyed the fun displays of pictorial history that adorned the walls of Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center. A large crowd enjoyed a fabulous dinner donated by Clear Springs Foods and Falls Brand/Independent Meat followed by a fun and lively auction. Proceeds from this event are used to support scholarships at CSI each year.

Black and Gold Ball Celebrates CSI’s 50th Anniversary

Kevin Hulsey, PT, DPT Chief Executive Officer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Outpatient Orthopedic PT, Founder & CEO of RehabAuthorityKevin Hulsey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Outpatient Orthopedic PT, Founder & CEO of RehabAuthority, and father of two. Since opening the first RehabAuthority Clinic in 1999, Kevin has methodically worked day-in and day-out to build upon his vision for an expanded network of private practice, physical therapy clinics.

RehabAuthority is now one of the most respected PT brands in the country, employing over 70 Licensed PT’s and administrative staff across 14 Clinics operating in Idaho and North Dakota. Kevin received his Master’s of Physical Therapy from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles California, and, his Doctorate degree from Idaho State University.

Kevin has served in the APTA for 14 consecutive years, and is currently the acting Director on the Private Practice Section’s Board. Prior to his post on the APTA, Kevin served as President of the Idaho Physical Therapy Association. He is also a Certified Clinical Instructor, Member of the American College of Sports Medicine, Member of the North American Spine Society, and, serves as a Trustee for the College of Idaho. Kevin is married to his wife Leslie, a Professional Opera Singer and School Board Chair. Together she and Kevin have two children, Dominic and Micaela.

When did you attend CSI and what was your major? I started at CSI in the fall of ’83 and my diploma says Associate of Arts and my major was Liberal Arts.

When did you graduate? I graduated in the spring of ’85.

Tell us a memorable experience you had while attending CSI. My memories revolve around my experiences as a basketball player. Playing for coach Fred Trenkle and having two very successful seasons as a Golden Eagle are wonderful memories. As a young athlete growing up in Jerome, I remember watching the Golden Eagles play and I remember thinking how cool it must be to play for the College of Southern Idaho. Then, as a freshman, running out onto the court for my first game as a Golden Eagle, I will never forget it! A “sold out” with passionate fans made the memory stick! How did CSI help change/shape your life? CSI laid the foundation for my independence, for my ability to think, and mostly facilitated my desire to compete. My time at CSI opened the next door in my academic and athletic which was an opportunity to play basketball and study at the College of Idaho. Thank you CSI for that first step!

Alumni Showcase

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.~Confucius

Alumni Showcase

Alumni Showcase

William J. (Jim) Langley, Jr. A native of Twin Falls, Idaho, Jim received his AA in Speech and Drama from The College of Southern Idaho (1972), BA in Theatre Arts from Boise State University, MA in Dramatic Art from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and an MFA in Design from Illinois State University. After teaching at Twin Falls High School, Central University of Iowa, and Bradley University, Jim returned to Boise State University for his last four years of teaching. Jim has enjoyed professional free-lance design and technical assignments at The American Repertory Theatre (Boston), Northeastern University, McNeese State University, New Rep Theatre (Newton, MA), The American Stage Company (St. Petersburg, FL), The Intiman Theatre (Seattle), Jefferson Scenic Studio (Seattle), SUNY New Paltz Summer Rep., and The Company of Fools (Hailey, ID). Now retired, Jim enjoys traveling with his wife Susan, and occasional scenic and lighting design projects.

When did you attend CSI and what was your major? I attended CSI 1970- 1972, and received my AA in Speech/Drama.

When did you graduate? I graduated in the spring of 1972.

Tell us a memorable experience you had while attending CSI. I had wonderful experiences in the Theatre Productions directed by Phil Rayher, Fran Tanner and H. Paul Kliss, and the Forensics trips with Fran Tanner and Gene Hull. They were wonderful educators and forensic coaches!!

How did CSI help change/shape your life? The passion for speech and theatre that Rayher, Kliss, and Tanner instilled in the students was life-changing. They made me want to pursue a life in educational theatre. The dedication to the subject and profession that they possessed demanded excellence, drive, and dedication. Thank you CSI.

Sierra Sandison

Miss Idaho 2014

Author of Sugar Linings: Finding the Bright Side of Type 1

“I started attending CSI in January of 2013. At first I was majoring in Nursing, but I have now switched to Business. I am so grateful for having CSI as an option because it has allowed me to get an affordable education and stay out of debt, which is not very common these days and will give me so much freedom upon graduating.

Another way it has given me freedom is that all my business classes have been online. In 2014, I took some of the money I would have otherwise spent on out-of-state tuition and backpacked through Europe alone for 5 months, all while taking full-time classes online from CSI. Shortly after I returned, I was crowned Miss Idaho and the freedom that online classes gave me allowed me to pursue both my education for part of the year and the job responsibilities of being Miss Idaho. Thank you so much for giving me an affordable and flexible education that has allowed me to pursue so many dreams simultaneously!

Alumni ShowcaseDr. M. Cole Johnson, D.O. is a board certified Family Practice physician in practice in Twin Falls Idaho from May 2002 to the present.

Dr. Johnson was born and raised in Jerome Idaho and attended public schools in Jerome. As a teenager, Dr. Johnson worked summers for local farmers moving irrigation hand lines and removing rocks from the fields. He originally attended college at the University of Idaho in the early 1970s and worked for the U.S. Forest Service summers on the Sawtooth Hotshot Crew traveling the United States and suppressing wild land fires. Dr. Johnson accepted a job with the Forest Service in 1981 as a Superintendent of the Sawtooth Hotshot Crew and worked for the Forest Service until 1990. At that time, he decided to resign his position with the government and return to school. He jump started his return to college by enrolling in courses at the College of Southern Idaho, earning as Associates of Science Degree in 1991. He then continued his college career at Idaho State

University in Pocatello Idaho earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology Degree in May of 1993. Two of his college instructors at CSI recognized his potential and encouraged him to consider Medical School, a goal he carried with him to ISU. Upon graduation from ISU, he had been accepted to Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He enjoyed his four years at MSS and was the class president of his medical school class. After graduation from Medical School in May of 1997, Dr. Johnson completed a three year residency in Family Medicine Barberton Citizen’s Hospital in Barberton Ohio, a suburb of Akron. He completed a fellowship in Obstetrics in Memphis Tennessee through a program administered by William MacMillan Rodney. After completion of the Obstetrics Fellowship, Dr. Johnson chose to return to the Magic Valley May of 2002 and opened his practice.

Dr. Johnson has four daughters, enjoys riding Harley Davidson’s, and in years past, has enjoyed hunting, fishing and water sports.

What was your major while attending CSI? My major was Biology.

When did you graduate? I graduated from CSI in 1991.

Tell us a memorable experience you had while attending CSI. Two of my CSI professors encouraged me to go to medical school.

How did CSI help change/shape your life? The two professors who encouraged me to consider medicine as a career definitely changed my entire working career and life’s path.

When one door of happiness closes another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.~Helen Keller

Mary Jane CongerCarol ConklinMargaret ConnerLorraine ConnerWhitney and Todd CookRobert and Sharon CookRobert and Rachel CoombsShea CooperLarry CopeEverett and Joyce CopenbargerShirley CorbettCharles and Lynn CorrellDouglas and Belva CorvalCharles and Barbara CorwinJohn CoughlinThomas and Mary CourtneyBarrett and Rachel CraigBryan CraigLeRoy and Joyce CraigSteve CramerKrista CrawfordMark and Darla CriderDavid CroasdaileValene CrockettViola CroshawBarbara and David CrumrineSamra CulumMarie CunninghamStacie CurryMichael and Jodi DahlMark and Catherine DailyGerri DaleLeroy and Frances DalSoglioMary DanaMichael and Sarah DanielsonRonald and Loretta DarcyRobert and Barbara DargatzJack and Lorena DarrellJohn and Joan DaviesGerardo and Rosa DavilaTom and Jackie DavisMike DavisEleanor DavisDennis and Jan DavisVivienne Dayley

Travis and Andrea DayleyAndrea DayleyRoss and Kathy DeahlJay and Lori DeForestEleanor DeklotzPeter DelucaLarry and Rita DennisDehryl and Sylvia DennisJeremy and Karen DennisKyle and Jill DennisCaleb and Katie DennisLinda DenovanJessica DessertJacqueline DeversJames and Kathy DeViresBernadette and Pete DeVitoWilliam and Carole DeWaldGary DeweyRobert and Eleanor DickensonCindy DicksonRandy DillMary DimkeJay and Barbara DirksenEd DitlefsenWes and Janet DobbsBrian and Kate DobbsAlex and Amy DoetschRita DomasinskyPatricia DonahueMark and Julie DonahueBrian and Lori DonaldsonTaylor DoughertyWilliam and Sandra DoughtyAnna DovenmuehlerJohn and Pat DrakeClark and Keri DraneyBrian and Lashelle DraperRussell and Tammy DraperLenell DrieselRichard and Dot DrieselCarroll DrownRonald and Rachael DudleyBarbara DuffinDaniel and Rebecca DugganDavid and Shelly Dunnington

Kevin and Ansina DurhamWayne and Jacqueline DurnilSteve DurrettChris and Tyanne DussinPatricia DuttGrace EakinLarry and Michele EarleyCurtis and Mardo EatonJames and Violet EatonBill and Charlotte EberleinPaula Edmonds-HollifieldGreg and Karlen EdwardsJohn and Ronna EdwardsLueLinda EgbertJoanna EhrmantrautThomas and Karen ElemRobert and Sherri EllisFrank and Jeanene EllisJay Bride and Julie EllisIssam and Lina ElsahiliFred and Alice ElwoodGary and Donna EnnisTracy ErvinJohn and Karen EvansJim ExeterRichard and Diana FassinoRobert and Teri FattigScott FeatherstoneCarl and Susan FeldhusenVirgil and Bonnie FentonJorge FernandezJim and Barbara FieldsMary FieldsPaul and Anita FinkKen and Debbie FischerJames and Ellen FischerJoy FisherClement and Karma FitzgeraldJohn and Laura FitzgeraldJeanne FitzpatrickMike and Jana FitzpatrickBud FlennikenLarry and Mary Lou FlindersJohn and Arlene FlorenceJune Florence

Otto and Mary Alice FlorenceCindy FlowersMarjory FluegelHoward and Tere FoleyJack and Dorothy FolsomGordon and Elaine FordRoger and JoNell FordThomas and Annette ForreyRobert ForsterBrian FortuinJudy FosterLois FoutsRichard and Shirley FowlesJeff and Evin FoxVirginia FoxLeo FrancisLinda FrancisJoann FrankRobert FrattoNathan FreeseRick and Laurie FreeseBrandon and Adrienne FreeseJohn and Elaine FrenchJuanita FreyAllan and Fran FrostKen and Kim FultzMichael and Theresa GabicaLeRoy GalindoJanine GallianJodie GamacheRobert and Shannon GammonJeanne GannonMaria GarciaGary and Lori GarnandJackie GasserDiane GauseJames GazRoss GedeborgJim and Barbara GentryFred and Lorraine GenzmerDavid and Helen GerholdFranklin and Linda GibbsKevin GillespieBob and Bonnie GillespieJerry and Roanne Gillette

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

When you follow your bliss...doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.~Joseph Campbell

Mary Ann GilmoreBoyd and Karen GingellKatie GlassettMargie GobelAlan and Donna GoffJuan and Verla GoitiandiaRex and Sandra GolayFran GoldingM. GomezJeff and Paula GoodingPhilip and Nancy GossiSherri GrahamErin GrahamBoyd GrantBetty GrantMike and Glenda GreenWilliam and Crystal GreeneRobert and Sarah GrillCally GrindstaffSyliva GroomsMargaret GroveKeith and Peggy GullGerald GunterRobert and Melva GutzmanRobert and Devera HagenDorothy HagertyDoug HaglarMarjorie HaglerJohn HaightCaroline HailDon and Jennifer HallLayne and Beverly HallGeorge and Melanie HalsellJim and Jane HambyBob and Marleen HamiltonNancy HammondGeorge and Ruth HaneyMarie HansenNick and Lois HansenDave HansenMary HansenSherry HardinDarlene HardingDonald and Lanona HardingKirk HardmanMonty Hardman

Dave and Ruth Ann HardmanConnie HardyRon and Barb HardyAileen HarmannJeff and Cindy HarmonJud and Tamara HarmonJeff and Cindy HarmonJoe and Bev HarperSamuel and Louisa HarrisJeff and Susan HarrisKenneth and Sarah HarrisKyle and Brenda HarshbargerSteve Hartgen and Linda

Wright-HartgenSusan HartgraveDaryl and Christine HartmanDarien HartmenJay HartwellRebecca HaskinsDarcy HaslettHenry and Shannon

HathawayJay and Dian HauserAlbert HawkinsMichael and Marie HeathJudy and Butch HeatwoleJoey HeckPenny HeerDennis and Linda HeinerRaymond and Jacquelynne

HendrixRyan HenleyJames and Dana HennenJudy HensleighBonita HepworthBeth HewesLowell and Eleanor HewlettBeverly HiattDeElva HicksTeena HillRick and Deborah HillierDarsi HiltyConnie HiltyMarilyn HinckleyShirley HobbsJon and Cindy Hoekstra

Raymond and Sherry HoemKathryn HoggattVeronica HoggattScott and RoseAnna HollidayGary and Linda HollingerJeff HolsappleAnatoliy HoncharenkoRalph and Mary HopkinsTom and Sharyn HopkinsDavid and Karrie HornbacherRay HoustonJohn and Linda HowarChristopher and Mary

HowardMargie HowardLeonard and Sylvia HuberTim and Jeanette HueckmanJames and Lois HuffmanTony and Brenda HughesToni HughesJohn HughesPolly HulseyTodd and Mendi HumpherysGeorge and Donna

HumphriesBrandon and Julianna HuntRobert HuntJoe HutchinsJack and Betty HyderForrest and Cheryl HymasPat and Rhonda HynesDorothy IhlerJim and Sondra IngallsChuck and JoAnne IretonSteve and Lynn IronsJim IronsDick and JoAnn IrwinCharles and Linda JackDean and Deana JacksonMarjorie JacksonMarvin and Susan JacobsenLillian JacobsenMarc JamesJim and Tamara JanakDick and Cindy JardineJohn and Peggy Jardine

Robert and Frances JeffressCody JenkinsGordon and Jackie JenkinsJohn and Arvella JenkinsAnnette and Gary JenkinsGrace JensenBarbara JensenTheresa JensenBrent and Anne JensenAngel JewellLarry and Mary JohansenKatherine JohnsonBryant and Becky JohnsonLera JohnsonTerri JohnsonMelanie JohnsonHarold and Vanda JohnsonSharon JohnstonDianne JolovichJulie JonesSuzanne JonesBill and Dora JonesKent JonesTy and Cynthia JonesCarol JonesChris and Amanda JonesRichard JonesRobert and Nancy JonesRobert and Arlene JonesCynthia JukerThomas and Marilyn KalangeMark and Ellen KashinoClark and Debbie KauffmanNancy Ann KeaneBob and Janet KeeganDavid KeeverJohn and Nancy KelkerSusan Kelley-HarbkeHal KelsoGayle KempRichard and Brenda KendallLaverne KendrickSamuel and Nancy KennetteJerry and Marilyn KepnerArba Jean KerrBrian Keswick

I grew up in a home in which both my parents had not gone to college; making the idea of going there myself seem a near impossible task. Along with that, my family went through some rough patches, including my parents getting divorced, which seemed to send my world into a tailspin. Even though my family was in shambles, I decided that I would secure my own future. In my effort to put myself through college, I actively sought out programs in an effort to receive the necessary funds, which led me to the Honors Program.

I then met with Brian Dobbs who showed me that I could go to college and that there were scholarships out there to help me succeed. The CSI Foundation Scholarships have allowed me to begin my studies as a civil engineer, along with being exposed to different, unique cultures. With these scholarships, I have been given hope that I can reach a higher level of success than my parents before me. I am truly grateful and extremely appreciative of the opportunities the CSI Foundation Scholarships has allowed me to take as I work towards achieving my success.

Brandon Carter

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

Daniel and Natalie KingRobin KirbySandra KirkKarl and Sally KleinkopfBarry and Tracy KnoblichMatt and Dana KobeRobert KochRobert and Tina KochPhyllis KochertEdward KoesterHeather KohringNancy KolenJohn and Louise KoontzKerry KoontzBrian and Leslie KorthDr. and Mrs. KraalMark and Kathy KraljAnna KrasnodemskiBetty KresserAlexandra KuczynskiAngela KunzWilliam and Donna KyleDarren and Shawnee KyleDebbie KytleLash and Peggy La RueRuss and Sidne LambTom and Karen LampeBrian and Connie LancasterKarl and Claire LanceBetty LaneBeulah LangRondal and Rita LangJay and Mindee Langlois

Marc and Karin LanphearDonna LantingEileen LantingBrenda LarsenDenzel and Jackie LarsenJackie LastTerrance and Rena LattinRick and Kathleen LaudaGary and Debra LauerMarilyn LawleyMary LawrenceDaniel and Dadhri LeeRex and Cheryl LeforgeeJudy LegarretaChuck and Lois LehrmanDawn LeightonRoger and Becky LeonardGaea LeteRon and Jaynee LewisDonald and Marcia LiebichBrent LiermanJerry and Carla LinderBetty LindleyScott and Cheryl LindquistKenneth LingRobyn LittleJames and Susan LittlefieldLarry and Ann LloydTerry and Daphne LofthusCraig LookingbillRosa LopezJasmine LopezArturo and Raquel Loredo

Sam and Fran LowmanGail LuptonBen LustigGary and Marcia LutherMichael and Anna LyndFrank and Barbara LyonsLorena MaagRay MachibrodaJanie MackDan and Margaret MacLerranKimberly MadsenMark and Stacy MadsenLibby MageeKara MahannahTroy and Tami MahlkeBob and Vera MaiMarty and Karen MangumLonny and Michelle

MannikkoBarton and Wendee MaplesFred MarmieDavid and Juanita MarronKurt MartinA. Rene MartinL. A. and Mary MartinatCristina MascorroBruce MasonMike Mason and Joy BarinagaJim and Rhonda MassieJason and Courtney MastersMichael and Kim MathewsonJeff and Debra MatierGunter and Donna Matschke

Bryan and Jayne MatsuokaElaine MatthewsDoug and Darlene MaughanEmilee MaughanAlan and Martha MaxwellWilliam and Shauna MayDavid and Deborah MayRon MayGlenn and Sandra MayRobert MayerSharon MayneTerri McAffeeMindi McAllasterSherry McAllisterMike and Janet McBrideHeidi McCallFrances McCammonSuzanne McCampbellDavid and Donna McCullochBonnie McDowellMichele and Chris McFarlaneJeff McGinnisEdward and Marilyn McKimDavid and Lee McKinlayKarleen McKinnonBob and Donanna McKinstryCharles and Jacque

McLaughlinTeresa McLeanTracy McMillanScot and Katie McNeleyDan MeehlPhyllis Melnyk

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

Ever since I was a small child I’ve wanted to go to college. “Going to college” being a metaphor for achieving all the things that my parents weren’t able to -with an emphasis on higher education. While I desperately wanted to “go to college”, I didn’t have any idea about how to actually do it.

When high school was over, I was faced with a labyrinth of choices, and no easy answers. After enrolling in CSI, I was still overwhelmed by the prospect of financing my education-never mind the actual academics behind it. However, with the help of the Foundation Scholarship that I received, I found out that some doors are easier to open when you have someone supporting you. The door to my education has been opened by many people, but none more so than those who allowed me to go to school without working two jobs or taking out loans. Instead, they have allowed me to give myself fully to my academics.

I’m not sure if I will ever be able to express the extent of my gratitude to those people. But any measure of success that I achieve, I dedicate to them.

Deirdre Mack

For doors are both frame and monument to our spent time and too little has been said of our coming through and leaving by them.~Charles Tomlinson

William and Charlotte MerrittRocky and Shirley MettsTracey MeyerhoefferJerry and Pauline

MeyerhoefferJason and Michele

MeyerhoefferSteve and Eva MeyerhoefferRonald and Debbie MiciakArleen MilesPaul and Ann MilesSue MillerLinda MillerRobert and Dorothy MillerG. Brent and Jackie MillerJanet MilliganJeffery and Marquita MitchellLeon Smith and Jan MittleiderDoris MogensenCharles and Toni MonticelliDan and Barbara MoonRyan and Deborah MooreTerri MooreCarl and Lorrann MorrellAllan MorrisPeggy MorrisDede MorrisChristian and Amy MoviusLyman and Arlis MuellerJoseph MuhaClay and Nancy MullinsJane MunroJack MurdockChloe and Erin MurphyJay and Judith NaegeleMark and Kristine NastErik and Erinn Neilson

Shirley NeiwertAudrey NeiwerthMark NeiwirthJack and Joan NelsenJack and Emily NelsenWalt and Pat NelsonBernard and Sophie NelsonTeresa NelsonNorman NelsonZetell NelsonDale and Jeannette NeumanRoy and Lisa NevarezMax NewlinSara NicholsRichard and Elaine NiedrichRobert and Sharon NisbettJulie NitzelLouise NofzigerJean NormanBrenda NormanGinger NukayaCarrie NutschKathleen ObertChansler and Erika OldhamStormy and Carma OldhamMyrna OliverDaniel Olmstead and JC

BurdickJoshua and Rebekah OlsenMerry OlsonBrett and Katy OmanKent OramMichael OrrChristine OstbergRobert and Muriel OsterlohPaul and Jennifer OstynBrandon and Kami Otte

Jacqueline OuelletteDorothy OutzsSandra OvardDavid and Christina OveracreBruce and Jenny OwensGary PalmerBill and Melissa PalumboBob and Linda ParkinsonWesley and Joan ParrWayne and Shonna ParsonsBetty PastoorTerry PattersonJennifer PattersonBob and Diane PaulsenMurray and Lorretta PeckMargaret PeckRobert and Heidi PehlTamara PehrsonCesar PerezLevi PerkinsAlan and Lori PetersJerry and Deanne PetersTodd PetersGreg PetersonOralee PetersonEvelyn Peterson-WernerVan and Ann PettersonDick and Betty PettitOlive PettygroveTerry and Sandra PfauRon and Jeanne PhayJared and Tamara PhayEllis and Clare PhillipsDonald and Bonnie PicaTerry PlayerJames PontonBodie Ponton

Aleksandra PopovicSteve and Cathy PoppinoDevere and Laurie PoultonSteven and Lynn PrattMarvin and Alice PrescottJack and Sylvia PrettiKalise PriceBill ProtzmannWinona QuastJohn and Linda Sue QuinnMary RadmoreAndrea RameyDavid and Marilyn RamsdellDeanne RamseyGuy and Nina RamseyColin RandolphRose RanftDuane and Monica

RasmussenC. Todd and Dree RasmussenGary and Stacey RasmussenHeather ReardonChristopher and Brianna

ReeceMarvin and Luedean ReichertDawnette Reis-RodriguezRichard and Mary RellerMatt ReynoldsRobert and Judith ReynoldsChristopher and Leisa RheadEdna RiceBrent and Diane RichardsonTD and Mandi RiddleBob and Nancy RidgewayMike and Janaye RidgewayDale RiedeselMarsha Riemann

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

As alumni of the College of Southern Idaho, Dawnette and I are proud to give back to the institution that provided us our start in our current career paths. When the two of us were students, we both endured many of the same burdens of attending college while trying to support ourselves in the world. Now, we are fortunate to have careers at CSI.

As instructors, we see the struggles that many of our students face while working hard to create a better life for themselves. Because of our past experiences that resonate with many of our students, we wanted to do something to help open the door of opportunity for them. We understand that many students are stressed due to finances, and this can easily impact their education.

It gives us comfort in knowing that we are able to reach out to the foundation to assist students who may be struggling in school because of monetary reasons. We have been giving to the foundation for many years now, and will continue this as long as we have the means to support the students of CSI.

Dawnette Reis & David Rodriguez - Employee Giving

Throughout our lives, many doors are opened for us. Sometimes it is a stranger holding a door open so that you can pass through; at other times, it could be a friend or family member coming to your aid to make sure the door doesn’t slam shut on you. Literally and figuratively, many people are there to make sure we get through the doors we want to without having to worry about being shut out. As a young mother with a young family, there have been times it appeared as if the door to completing my education would slam shut in my face, and my journey as a student would come to an abrupt end.

For me, being a student is an honor and privilege, a door which would not have been opened for me if not for the College of Southern Idaho Foundation. As a student, the doors to success were opened the moment I started my academic career at CSI, and thanks to the generosity of the Foundation, they have been held open. Now, I am a semester away from completing my English degree, and plan to continue towards obtaining both a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology. Without the kindness of the CSI Foundation, I would have had to put my dreams of higher education on hold without ever knowing if I could ever complete them. Now, those dreams are within my grasp, and the doors are wide open for me to walk through. Thank you, CSI Foundation, for your generosity in opening the doors of success for me and other students alike!

Amethyst Griggs

Don and Ginny RiffleDon and Anna RitcheyMichelle RitchieBarbara RobbinsHelen RobertKyle and Erin RobertsMary Ann RobertsLarry and Marcia RobertsGale and Joyce RobertsJeffrey and Lisa RobertsLawrence and Carolyn

RobertsonLeroy and Ronile RobinsonDennis and Shauna RobinsonAnthony and Dawnie RoccaBob and Eileen RodmanDavid RodriguezScott and Erica RogersArlene RosaCourtney RoseHal and Donna RossRonald and Robin RossiCraig and Stacey RothVirginia RothenbergerLinda RoweKenneth and Susan RoyClydene RubyAudrey RuddickTyson and Erin RuleJeff and Judy RuprechtJames and Diana RussellRichard RutherfordThomas and Elizabeth RyanJudy SabalaRory and Jane SaleRobert and Paula SalinasDavid and Janice SalladaySherie SalvadoriJean SanbornSidnie SandersTerry and Brenda SanfordJorjan Sarich

Ronald and Lynne SaxtonDorothy SayersEileen ScheldtWayne and Alice SchenkRoger and Mary SchiburskyMichael SchiburskyGloria SchiburskyGary and Jeanne SchmidtBrian and Jamie SchmidtRichard and Patricia

SchmuckClint and Julie SchnoorThad and Judy ScholesScott and Kim ScholesChris and Anna ScholesBill and Jennie SchowShane and Jennifer SchrenkAnthony and Tracie

SchroederJoan SchroederGlenn and Judy SchroederMark and Svetlana SchuckertClay and Gail SchullDora SchutteMike and Terri SchutzLarry and Carma SchwagerMarilyn SchwartzTodd and Shaun SchwarzRoger and Christine ScottTom and Cindy ScottKent and Leah ScottJack and Mary Ann SearsScott and Robyn SeigworthArthur and Maire SelinJohn SfingiPatrick and Nancy ShahaBob and Melanie ShahaCarol ShanahanJean ShawverRobert and Barbara SheltonAudrey ShepherdMarlene Shepherd

Paul and Naysa ShepherdHelen ShewmakerRobert and Leonora ShirerGary and Beverly ShookDavid ShorthouseDoyt SimcoeDon and Mary Jean SimisPrice SimonRandy and Cindy SimonsonRalph and Betty SipprellShelly SkaugJoe and Lois SkaugNancy SkinnerLarry and Louise SlatterSteven and Betty SliferDavid and Carolyn SlimanDonald and Mary SluderKate SmallKirk SmithNikol SmithLeslie SmithRandy and Norma SmithDeOnne SmithDennis SmithVaughn SmithWhitney SmithRichard SmithRichard and Delores SmithJordan and Rachel SmithPaula SmitheeJay and Gina SneddonJared SnellMike SobotkaBrad and Jonica SomersetNicole SorensenJulia SpackmanCarol SparksMichael and Sherry SpeaksEric and Susan SporreLois SpreierBrian and Jill SprinkleRay and Tina Standlee

Sherman and Jeanne StanleyLindsey StapayBart and Dannette StarrLaVar and Marian SteelLaMar and Maxine

StephensonR.C. and Betty SteppRichard and Patricia SterlingThomas and Kathryn StevensLance and Michelle StevensDale and Pat StewartRonald and Patty StilesTerri StillwaughRichard and Kathy StiversGeorge and Janean StockerConnie StockingGreg and Tiffnie StoddardJames and Barbara StokesTeri StokesDallas and Sandra StollerRobert and Tamilyn StormPaul and Kathy StoverRyan and Heather StrattonMichael and Rosemary

StroebelDeborah StuartDavid and Penny StubbsDonald and Hannah StubbsJudy StudebakerLarry and Patti StumpfMark and Elizabeth SugdenKaryl SuiterWilliam and Gayle SullivanMarjorie SweetBeverly SymeKathleen TanakaDouglass TaylorGun TaylorRegina TeasleySherry ThackeraySharon ThomasBruce and Annie Thomason

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

Kurt and Linda ThompsonKenneth and Gaydena

ThompsonAnn ThompsonSharon ThorsonBetty Throckmorton-MahanLeonard and Beverly

ThurmanJustin ThurmanJohn and Wendy Thurston

Jaime TigueStanley and Amber TobiasonPeter and Amy ToftMonica TognettiJohn and Caroline TolbertElizabeth TolbertMatt and Carol TombreDavid and Mary TovoliWillard and Janet TowleJake and Jennifer Traughber

Alton and Donna TremayneRuss TremayneChris and Jennifer TremblayMike and Jody TremblayKen and Trena TriplettDorothy TschannenJack TuckerHarold and Saundra

TurbevilleCarolyn Turner

Zane and Kathy TurnerRevis and Emmy TurnerRuth TurnerRenee TurnerBrandi TurnipseedDale and Ruthann TurnipseedBruce and Helen UllmannVirginia UndhjemThomas and Frances


The James Moulson Scholarship was created in remembrance of a peace officer that loved doing his job. While growing up, Jim always wanted to be part of the law enforcement community. He was part of the Knott’s Berry Farm mounted patrol and then went on to be with the Buena Park Police Department. He later moved back to Idaho to join the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Department and then went to work for Jerome Sheriff’s before his End of Watch. The goal we have is to be able to help with some of the expenses of cadets while they are attending classes and to provide a scholarship for someone desiring a law enforcement degree.

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

The James Moulson Memorial Law enforcement Endowment

In September of 2014, I began to realize that I had made the wrong career choice. Although I had spent approximately twelve years of professional service dedicated to the HVAC and refrigeration trade, along with many licenses and certifications, I no longer found happiness with my career. I spent too many long summer hours away from my family, too many weeks shipped out of town during the winters, and finding myself in too many dangerous situations. In January of 2015, I decided it was time for me to make a dramatic change in my life, and go back to school full time. I am currently married and together, my wife and I are raising two children.

Going back to school and quitting my full time job was not an easy choice for me or my family, but it was necessary for me to make a better life for all of us. Going back to school and changing my career path is the best decision I could have made at the time. I have decided to continue my education at CSI, working toward my Associates Degree in the Registered Nursing program before transferring to a university to complete my degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

When I first originally decided to make the leap and continue my education, my wife and I realized we were going to need a lot of financial help. Living on her single income with two children and our everyday expenses was not going to be an easy adjustment. We applied for financial aid and many different scholarships, but unfortunately, due to my previous wages, I was denied any grant money. Fortunately, because of the CSI Foundation and Honors programs, I am able to continue my educational goal. I am so appreciative of programs like these. I am now working harder than ever to achieve my highest GPA possible and work toward my end goal due to the financial programs available to me.

Brandon P. Lammers

Carleen Herring & Brandi Turnipseed

Southern Idaho’s “Magic Valley” Designated as a Top U.S. Manufacturing Community

U.S. Commerce Department Selects Southern Idaho based on strength of the region’s “All Things Food” Designation and Extensive Food Manufacturing Cluster

Idaho’s six county region known as “The Magic Valley” has been selected as a top 12 U.S. manufacturing community by the U.S. Commerce Department’s “Investing in Manufacturing Communities” Partnership – and one of four U.S. regions in the Food Manufacturing category. Southern Idaho secured a record-setting seven projects in 10 months during 2012-2013, including new investments from food giants Chobani, Monsanto, Clif Bar and Frulact Group as well as expansions of Glanbia Foods, McCain Foods and Calva/Brewster.

The College of Southern Idaho has been busy investing in training and development capacity for this pivotal recognition of the Food Manufacturing growth in Southern Idaho and we are thrilled to expand that support through the All Things Food Manufacturing Community initiative. In 2014-2015, the College launched a Food Processing Technology program and established a CSI Workforce Training Center to support current and future developments in the Magic Valley Food Manufacturing industry. With this comprehensive support and partnership, state of the art food processing lab, and flexible workforce training options; CSI is ready to take our region to the next level in Food Processing.

My name is Rocky Ferrenburg, and this is my third year at CSI. I am anticipating graduating with degrees in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice: Corrections Specialist, Sociology, and Political Science. Before I came to CSI, I had a totally different life. I was an IV drug user, and living off the streets. That was almost four years ago now. The CSI Foundation has definitely played a role in my transformation.

When I received my first scholarship from the foundation for having a 4.0 GPA, I was beyond honored. As it was a total surprise, I was left with a distinguished feeling of worth. People who didn’t even know me saw my hard work and were willing to reward me. This was phenomenal, when so many that didn’t know me could very well condemn me. It was at this point that I had further motivation.

I began to discuss the idea of a distance Honors program with Professor Brian Dobbs in the fall semester of 2014, and in the spring of 2015, I was an honor student. The CSI Foundation awarded me another scholarship. The foundation has shown me that the hard work I have put into revamping my life is beginning to show through. Once again, people who do not know who I am, and that in possibly any other circumstance, may have checked their wallets when leaving my presence. Instead, they pat me on the back and can see a man doing what is needed. It is this recognition, above the financial assistance, that pushed me further in making more positive educational and life choices. Thank you.

Rocky Ferrenburg

Please contact the Foundation office to request a copy of the 2014-2015 audit.

Asset management is an important function of the Foundation. It includes oversight of investments and a balancing of long-term strategies. Optimizing the annual disbursement of scholarship dollars while enhancing the value of core resources is important. Over the years, and under careful management, the Foundation has been able to disburse scholarships while increasing its assets.

CSI Foundation Assets

Total amount of scholarships and grants awarded in the past five years

The CSI Foundation Scholarships have helped open a variety of doors for me as a student. I have been given the opportunity to attend CSI for almost 3 years now. The CSI Foundation scholarships have helped me with my education through buying books, or paying my student fees and with some tuition. The biggest door that has opened for me was my participation in the Disney College Program, which allowed me to work for the Walt Disney Company in Walt Disney World in Florida for 6 months. I learned how to work well in customer service as well as participated in courses in Creativity and Innovation and Performing Arts. I learned how to work successfully for one of the largest companies in the world as well as received a partial education from the Walt Disney Company. Without the CSI Foundation Scholarship I would have never found out about this program and participated in it to create one of the best experiences of my life. From this experience I discovered that I want to pursue Stage Management and Technical Theatre as a career for my future. I am forever grateful to have received this scholarship and hope that others can also benefit from this scholarship.

Sosana Carpenter

Lee and Barbara UrieLarry and Judy UrrutiaLinda UverityGerald and Donna

VanElderenGary and Pamela VanEngelenRichard Van HorneAurora VasquezRichard and Suzanne

VassalloJason and Paige VickreyJewel VieuSteven and Krista ViningLarry and Linda VossPamela WadeTom and Darlene WagnerIlina WalkerBoomer and Maria WalkerWilliam and Patricia WalkerLarry and Mary WalkerScott and Melia WalkowiczJeff WaltersThomas and Dala WaltonDarlene WamboltJudy WamplerSandy WapinskiSally WarbergBob and Chris WardRobert and Lori WardParl and Nancy Warner

Marjy WarnerMark and Valerie WarnerGeorge and Patricia WarrellG.E. and Rose Marie WarrellNathan and Marsha WarrenCharles and Mellee Lee

WarrenMark WasdenJames WashingtonDeck and Susan WatersPaul and Peggy WatlandMartha WatsonNiel and Judith WeatherbieMarie WebbNorman and Ila WebbPatricia WeberLeroy and Barbara WeigleKenneth and Nita WellsScott and Shirley WesleyKade and Veronica WestBill and Sheryl WestStephen and Joyce WestfallLeRoy and Sharon WheelerMax and Rexann WheelerCarla WherryJulie WhistlerBob and Sharon WhitchurchTodd and Marilyn WhiteRick and Sandy WhiteMarsha White

Robert and Tammy Whitehead

Gerald WhitesidesJohn and Elmoine WightDennis and Vickie WildeDusty and Gina WilkinsMichael and Elizabeth

WillardMark WilldenGlen and Sun WilliamsBarton and Nancy WilliamsBill and Carletta WilliamsRobert and Susan WilliamsPatrick WilliamsBud and Maureen WilliamsCharles and Remigia

WilliamsDaniel and Sonja WillieTroy and Darling WillieR. and A. WillisKris WilloughbySharon WillsJamin WillsShawn and Erika WillseyDeb WilsonJim and Cynthia WilsonRodney and Virginia WilsonCathy WilsonDavid and Heather WilsonLarry and Sandra Wilson

Terry and Judi WinkleHelen WiseFelice Wolters WoltersDon and Georgina WolvertonGary and Jeannie WolvertonConnie WoodJim and Cyndie WoodsKate WoodsKip and Tawni WootenCecelia WorthingtonLarry and Karol WrightBetty WrightMary WrightShelly WrightJohn WrightJulie Wright-LeggettLance and Deena WuthrichIva WyattNorma YagerJack YarbroughGary and Tamara YostMike and Shantelle YoungArturo and Clelia ZamoraYolanda ZamoraJeffrey and Elizabeth

ZimmermanJennifer Zimmers

CSI Foundation Community Donors Continued

Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else.~Tom Stoppard

Charles AlbanDennis AlbersBonnie Baird-JonesJackie BallJohn and Rose BarkerHazel BateScott BaumertGeorge BeckGrace Hanel BennettKent BergMervin BlakePaul BoteroDoug BridgesCindra BrinkmanMacel BrowerDave ChurchBettye CoatesRalph ConantRuth (Danos) CookJean CorriganBrad CraigChance CraigSylvia DillBill DurbinBerry DurhamMark Eden

Von ElcockGovernor John V. Evans and

Lola EvansMac and Janice EvansAngie FillmoreJohn E. FluegelHenry (Hank) GabicaFrank GarrisonErnesto GonzalezErma Lee GoochMarla Boies GriswoldRandy GuilesJerry HaleThomas HamiltonNanette Hedrick SongerPat HigginsDorothy HiraiJames HoggattJohn and Martha HoopBud HoretsDick IhlerBetty IlkMike JailletDr. Ben KatzShirley KlassenBennie Knodel

Bill KochCharlotte KrollFred KrollKen LattimerIrene LinkMarj MasonJames MassieJean MatthewsCora MingoDon and Novella MittleiderJohn Christian MogensenMike MorganRaymond MooreEugene MorrisBob MusserDavid NewmanDoris OakleyMary ObenchainMarion ParrishPete PaulosMichael PetersonLetitia PhillipsDon PuderBud PurdyTed QuigleyJohn David Ramsdell

Patricia RandolphBeverly ReedGay Dolores ReeseBill ReidThomas M RichardsBarbara Joyce RichardsonJodie RobbMajor Alan RoweWalter Roy RudolphKlazina Vander SandenDonna SavilleRuth ScottRoxy SimcoeKinsey Mae SmithBob SpeyerCarol Lynn Elaine StephensRita May ThomasBetty ToddKeith TurnerScott TurnerWayne WhiteheadFae WilliamsJulie WilliamsNicholas WoodJeffrey Lee Woods

Memorial Gifts

The College of Southern Idaho Foundation, Inc. received donations in memory of the following people between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. We are extremely grateful to the friends and family members who chose to remember the students at the College of Southern Idaho during very difficult times.

Zachary Ryan BarryGlenn and Wynne Bessire

FamilyMonica BessireEleanor BurkhartChris CharltonLarry Corrigan

Rally Anne Gabica GrandJoyce CraigLeRoy CraigLeeAnn HaganDee HansenElspeth HoggattGinger Hoggatt

Jon and Jan KeeKatherine KochPeggy KrollJerry MeyerhoefferGary MittleiderHarold MittleiderJan Mittleider

Wayne MittleiderLogan Scott QuigleyBetty SliferMike and Jody TremblayCarolyn Turner

Honorarium Gifts

What do you do for someone when it is a special occasion and they have everything? You honor them by giving a donation to the CSI Foundation in their name. CSI students have benefitted through honorarium gifts given for the following people between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

Buhl Public School FoundationCHS FoundationHailey Rotary Foundation Inc.Idaho Education Access Fund in the Idaho Community

FoundationJ. A. Wedum FoundationJames Moulson FoundationKirkland & Ellis FoundationLaura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.John H. and Laurena B. Marshall Foundation

MDU Resources FoundationShell Oil Company Foundation Matching GiftsSmallwood Scholarship FoundationThe Cimino FoundationThe Keveren Foundation, Inc.The Leo Adler FoundationThe Lightfoot FoundationTreacy Foundation

Fellow Foundation Donors

Curtis H. and Mardo Eaton ScholarshipJames Moulson Memorial Law Enforcement EndowmentSarah C. Brannen Memorial Nursing ScholarshipGlen M. May Scholarship

Marjory Remington Coleman Memorial Music Scholarship Endowment

St. Luke’s Magic Valley Auxiliary Memorial ScholarshipHelen & Ken Henderson Memorial Scholarship

Howard and Helen Anderson-Adkins Scholarship

Pearl R. Aldrich Memorial ScholarshipOve and Nora Andersen ScholarshipAnonymous Gift Annuity ScholarshipLeon Aslett Memorial/Circle A

Construction ScholarshipDorothy Bacon Memorial ScholarshipHelen N. Ball Memorial ScholarshipHelen M. Banks Memorial ScholarshipJohn M. and Rose S. Barker Memorial

Nursing ScholarshipIrl and Barbara Bartlett Estate

ScholarshipIrl and Barbara Bartlett Memorial

Engineering ScholarshipBarlett Estate ScholarshipBarbara And Jerry Beck EndowmentGeorge and Jane Beck Memorial

ScholarshipMildred A. Beddingfield Trust Nursing

ScholarshipAl Benkula Memorial ScholarshipCarl W. Berg EndowmentBlaine County Educational ScholarshipTodd and Sherry Blass ScholarshipRobert Blastock Memorial ScholarshipBlue Lakes Rotary ScholarshipThe Boer Family ScholarshipJuliet Boone Memorial General

ScholarshipJuliet Boone Memorial Nursing

ScholarshipHazel Kruse Bordewick and Helen

Bordewick Memorial Honors Scholarship

The Maurice A. Bowers ScholarshipE.L. Brackett Memorial ScholarshipJohn and Miriam Breckenridge

Agricultural Farm EndowmentRichard and Donna Brizee ScholarshipMary Brown Memorial Nursing

ScholarshipJune Prater Brown-Altrusa ScholarshipOlive Browning Charitable Trust FundBuilding Our Futures Together

Agricultural ScholarshipsBuilding Our Futures Together – Boise

State University 2+2 ScholarshipBuilding Our Futures Together – Idaho

State University 2+2 ScholarshipBuilding Our Futures Together Southern

Idaho Education Center (SIHEC) Scholarship

Building Our Futures Together – University of Idaho 2+2 Scholarship

Building Our Futures Together General Scholarships

Douglas P. and Margaret Burks Agribusiness Scholarship

Burley IOOF Lodge #118 ScholarshipRay and Louise Bush Memorial

ScholarshipTrudy Bybee Bradshaw ScholarshipAlice May Byrd Memorial ScholarshipCalendar Girls ScholarshipWilliam Carver and Sue Summers Carver

ScholarshipJoe Cilek Memorial Business ScholarshipThe Marcel and Max Coffman/Emma

Smith Memorial ScholarshipKent and Cindy Collins ScholarshipCooper Norman ScholarshipDon Crabtree Memorial FundBrad Craig Memorial ScholarshipChance Craig Memorial ScholarshipJ. Woodsen Creed Memorial ScholarshipCSI Agriculture ScholarshipCSI Art Department FundCSI Dance WorkshopCSI Fine Arts Center FundCSI General ScholarshipCSI Jazz EndowmentCSI Library Endowment FundCSI Music Fest FundCSI Non-Traditional Student ScholarshipCSI Professional-Technical ScholarshipsCSI Speech and Drama FundCSI Student Leadership ScholarshipShawn Davis Rodeo ScholarshipRuth Detweiler Memorial ScholarshipRobert E. Dickenson Scholarship

EndowmentEastern Star ScholarshipCurtis H. and Mardo Eaton ScholarshipCurtis T. and Wilma Eaton Memorial

Agricultural ScholarshipHarry and Willie Eaton Memorial

Business ScholarshipWilma and Curtis T. Eaton Memorial

Teaching ScholarshipEden Lodge ScholarshipJoan and Mel Edwards ScholarshipDelores Evans Memorial ScholarshipExeter Family Scholarship in Memory of

Ada May ExeterFar West Agribusiness Association

ScholarshipFarmers National Bank Scholarship

Earl and Hazel Faulkner Herrett Center Endowment

Angelita Theresa Fillmore Music Endowment

First Federal Savings Bank ScholarshipCharles and Ina Fisher & Art and Helen

Beem ScholarshipOtto and Eleanor Fowler Memorial

ScholarshipLyle A. Frazier Professional-Technical

Education ScholarshipTom and Jeanne Gannon Scholarship

EndowmentJim and Barbara Gentry History

ScholarshipGibbs Family Teaching ScholarshipClara Gibbs Music ScholarshipJ. Garland Gibbs Memorial Agriculture

ScholarshipThomas A. and Mary I. Gibson

ScholarshipValdo and Valma Gray Scholarship

EndowmentPercy and Nedra Greene Aquaculture

ScholarshipLaDorah and Robert Greenslate

ScholarshipHabitat for Humanity ScholarshipBeverly Hackney Dance ScholarshipElza Hall Memorial Law Enforcement

ScholarshipFred and Pat Harder ScholarshipEmmett and Vida Harrison ScholarshipBert and Donna Hartwell ScholarshipLouis and Dorothy Hayward Nursing

ScholarshipBill Heard Memorial ScholarshipBeth S. Hedrick Education ScholarshipClarence F. Hedrick Memorial

Agriculture ScholarshipFrances Hesselholt Memorial

Opportunity ScholarshipJoseph and Betty Hillegas Nursing

ScholarshipAnne Hollingshead Memorial

Scholarship“W.R., Marge R. and Angela R. Hoops

Scholarship”Larry Hovey Memorial Journalism

ScholarshipIdaho Federation of Women’s Club

ScholarshipIdaho Power Environmental Technology


Existing Endowments

New Endowments

Idaho Soil Conservation Auxiliary Scholarship

Frank Ireton Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Mary Ireton Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Irwin Family Scholarship in Memory of Barbara Irwin

Jake and Grace Jones/Jakers ScholarshipDon and Mary E. Jensen Memorial

ScholarshipOrville “Bud” and Doris Johnson Health

Sciences ScholarshipRolland and Dorothy Jones Memorial

Agriculture ScholarshipEiner and Belle Kalberg ScholarshipBob and Janet Keegan Scholarship

EndowmentKeveren Foundation ScholarshipHermon and Jean King Art Gallery

EndowmentHermon and Jean King Memorial

Nursing ScholarshipWilliam G. and Katherine Koch

ScholarshipTom and Matsuye Koto ScholarshipKroll Family ScholarshipLex and Celia Kunau Mini-Cassia

ScholarshipLex and Celia Kunau Unrestricted

EndowmentLand Title and Escrow ScholarshipRobert and Beulah Lang ScholarshipBuzz Langdon Memorial Professional-

Technical ScholarshipAgnes Leidig Memorial ScholarshipHenry L. and E. Jean Leydet ScholarshipMagic Valley Builders AssociationMagic Valley Cerebral Palsy ScholarshipMagic Valley Early Iron EndowmentMagic Valley GMC Dealers ScholarshipTom and Betty Throckmorten-Mahan

Agricultural ScholarshipDanny Marona Performing Arts

ScholarshipGerald and Judy Martens Family

ScholarshipAgnes Martin Memorial ScholarshipLawrence V. Martin Memorial

Scholarship EndowmentBradley Mason Memorial ScholarshipWallace L. Mathews Memorial Nursing

ScholarshipEugene McGuire Memorial ScholarshipLeon and Gay McKay Agriculture and

Music ScholarshipEdward and Marilyn McKim ScholarshipMessersmith Family ScholarshipGerald R. Meyerhoeffer and Family

ScholarshipMiddleton TrustJim Mildon Memorial Law Enforcement

ScholarshipDon and Novella Mittleider ScholarshipLarry Motzner / Warren Thorne Culinary

Arts Scholarship

Don S. Nelson Memorial Aquaculture Scholarship

Walter C. and Patricia Nelson Scholarship

Paul E. Newton Memorial ScholarshipMurray and Maxine O’Rourk Memorial

ScholarshipTim and Shawna Obenchain ScholarshipW. Wayne and Eva Mae Parish

Memorial ScholarshipAlice Parker Trust ScholarshipJohn and Betty Rae Pastoor ScholarshipCon Paulos /Gary Storrer Business Class

Investment EndowmentJonathan and Isa Phipps Memorial

ScholarshipJohn “Jack” and Mabel Pierce

ScholarshipFrank Pohanka Horticulture ScholarshipJohn Pohlman Memorial ScholarshipMary W. Preibe Memorial ScholarshipPorter H. Pringle and Mae Belle Pringle

Agriculture ScholarshipL.N. “Bud” and Ruth Purdy Health

Sciences ScholarshipKen and Lilly Quilici Memorial

EndowmentEstate of Donald D. and Kathryn C.

Ramseyer EndowmentsTheodore Rangen Aquaculture

ScholarshipW.L. and Freida Reiher Memorial Estate

ScholarshipW.L. and Freida Reiher Memorial Land

Scholarship FundElwood and Helen Rich Memorial

ScholarshipGarl Ridgeway / Merrill Porter Memorial

Oddfellows ScholarshipRiedesel Engineering ScholarshipBill and June Roberts Memorial

ScholarshipLarry and Carolyn Robertson ScholarshipLaVern and Lucille Routh Nursing

ScholarshipMajor Alan Rowe ScholarshipTheodore “Ted” Sandmeyer Memorial

Nursing ScholarshipPat and Lloyd Schneider Memorial

ScholarshipThad and Judy Scholes EndowmentsBill and Jennie Schow ScholarshipGordon and Audrey Schroeder

Agriculture ScholarshipSeagraves Family Foundation

Scholarship EndowmentRobert and Carolyn Seibel ScholarshipJames H. Shields Memorial ScholarshipClyde and Wanda Sillin Memorial

ScholarshipPaula Brown Sinclair Early Childhood

Education ScholarshipBertha Skiver Memorial Teaching

ScholarshipSlette Family Scholarship

Ralph and Betty Smith Nursing Scholarship

Snake River Symposium Honors FundJoy Solosobal Memorial Veterinary

Technician ScholarshipHarold Soper Memorial ScholarshipLeo Soran Memorial Baseball

ScholarshipSt. Luke’s / CSI Horticulture ScholarshipSt. Luke’s Magic Valley Auxiliary

Memorial ScholarshipStarr Corporation ScholarshipSteele-Reese Foundation ScholarshipT.W. and Winifred Stivers Memorial

Business ScholarshipStivers Family “Prepare for Tomorrow”

ScholarshipDr. Roy Strawser Memorial ScholarshipDarrell Surber Memorial ScholarshipJean B. Swartling ScholarshipDr. Rodney Swartling Memorial

ScholarshipDr. James L. Taylor Memorial

ScholarshipR.L. “Bud” Teasley Memorial Jazz

ScholarshipRoxie L. and Lois Adele Thompson

Memorial ScholarshipThornton/Jenkins Scholarship

EndowmentTimes-News / Lee Enterprises

Scholarship“TitleFact, Inc. Business Scholarship”Inez McDonald Tomlinson Memorial

Nursing ScholarshipMike and Jody Tremblay Agriculture

ScholarshipDenise Turner Journalism ScholarshipTwin Falls Clinic and Hospital Health

Sciences ScholarshipEd and Kathryn Uhlig Memorial

Agriculture ScholarshipDr. George Warner Memorial Nursing

ScholarshipSister Audrey Welch Memorial

ScholarshipDavid and Cheri Werbeck ScholarshipM.J. West Memorial Angel ScholarshipRick and Sandy White ScholarshipWilliams/Thompson Family Educational

ScholarshipWesley Williams Memorial Scholarship“William J. and Carletta J. Williams

Scholarship Endowment in memory of their grandson, Derek Grant Dille’”

Nicholas B. Wood Memorial Law Enforcement Scholarship

Workforce Development Scholarship Grant and Iva Wyatt ScholarshipAndy Yost Memorial ScholarshipJack D. Young Administrative Trust

ScholarshipEdward and Evelyn Yragui Restricted

ScholarshipZions Bank Scholarship

Existing Endowments Continued

4 Bros. Dairy, Inc.AAA Twin Falls Service

CenterAerospace Energy Systems,

IncAgri-ServiceAguero TruckingAlexander Dental GroupAssociation of Government

AccountantsBasic Community Concepts,

Inc.Black Rock Ag., Inc.Blue Lakes Rotary ClubBoise Dental CenterBonneville Collections -

Check ServicesBoyd’s Custom PatiosBoys and Girls Club of Magic

ValleyBSR Design and SuppliesCanyon Springs Golf CourseCapricorn Financial Strategies

Inc.Castleford Com Mens Club

Inc.Chapter BB PEO SisterhoodChicago Clearing CorporationClear Springs Foods, Inc.Coiner & Wooten, LLCColeman and Company

CHTDCollins Connection LLCCorrall Financial IncCrossroads PointCSB Nutrition CorporationCSCD & A IncorporatedD. L. Evans BankDesert Vista FarmDestination Properties, LLCDollars for Scholars - Hailey


Donnelley SportsE Communications and

NetworkingEdward Jones & Co.Egbert AccountingEnvee LLCErnie Vigil TruckingEureka Construction &

Excavation, IncFarmers National BankFelton & FeltonFerguson Wellman Capital

Management, Inc.Filer Police ReservesFirst Federal Savings BankFlames6, Inc.Food Producers of IdahoGertrude ”Trudy” B.

Bradshaw & Gertrude ”Trudy” B. Bybee Est

Glanbia Foods, IncGlobal ImpactGolden Eagle Booster’s IncGood Sam Club Twin Falls

BluebirdsH2K LLCHagerman Joint School

District No. 233HAPPENHarker, Inc.Hilex Poly Co., LLCHUB InternationalHudson Shoe StoreIdaho Central Credit UnionIdaho Farm Equipment, INC.Idaho Guide ServiceIdaho National LaboratoryIdaho Power CoIdaho State Insurance FundJensen JewelersJerome Cheese CompanyJohn L. Muegerl Charitable

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John Sanders’ PhotoK. & T. Steel CorporationKelsar Industries, Inc.KJK LLCLauterbach Educational TrustLee Family Broadcasting, Inc.M. B. Duncan, Inc.Magic Valley Advertising

FederationMagic Valley Estate Planning

CouncilMagic Valley Festival of

GivingMagic Valley Fly FishersMagic Valley Gem ClubMagic Valley Mall, LLCManke Excavation, LLCMoore, VanEngelen, Pollow,

CPAsMountain States Properties

LLCNational Basketball Retired

Player AssociationNavarro Revocable Living

TrustOptimist Club of Twin FallsParke’s Magic Valley Funeral

Home & CrematoryPatrick Burry Purchasing and

ContractingPebble Ponds Golf CoursePortugee Enterprises, LLCPowell Anesthesia PCPrescott & Craig IncRenter CenterRoad Work Ahead

Construction Supply, Inc.Robert Durham ExcavationRobert Jones RealtyRock Creek RestaurantRotary Club of Twin FallsRudy’s, A Cook’s ParadiseRusty Nuts

Sage Creek DentistrySimplot Shared ServicesSoran Restaurants IncSOS Well Drilling & Pump

Co, Inc.St Lukes Regional Medical

Center Medical StaffSt. Luke’s Magic Valley

AuxiliarySt. Luke’s Magic Valley

Regional Medical CenterStastny Canyon View Farms,

Inc.Stephan, Kvanvig, Stone &

TrainorThe Random Acts of Theatre

PlayersThe Resource Trust Inc.Thurman Truck Rebuilt Inc.Times-NewsTremblay ConsultingTri State Electric, Inc.Trinity Lutheran ChurchTripp Family MedicineTwin Falls American Legion

Baseball Boosters Assoc.Twin Falls Chamber of

CommerceTwin Falls CountyTwin Falls Golf ClubTwin Falls Sandwich

CompanyValley Food Service, Inc.Watkins Distributing Sales &

ServiceWendell High SchoolWest End Men’s AssociationWills ToyotaWilsons Industrial Pump, Inc.Worst, Fitzgerald & Stover,


Business and Organization Donors

Holes in walls that offer us a way out or a way in.Just putting your hand on the knob and seeing if it turns can make you weak in the knees.What if it’s locked?What if it’s unlocked?What if no one answers?What if someone does?

~Lee Ann Womack, I Hope You Dance

What if the hinges creak and the heavy wood springs openAnd you’re suddenly standing at the threshold of a brand new tomorrow?What if your horizon is nothing but blue clear skies?What if it’s a raging storm?What if?What if?

Lisa BuddeckeTwin Falls

Lynn AskewHailey

Julie CoffmanRupert

Chuck CoinerTwin Falls

Dan OlmsteadTwin Falls

Dan MeehlTwin Falls

Jan MittleiderCSI Board of Trustee

Twin Falls

Jack NelsenJerome

Trevor TarterTwin Falls

Scot McNeleyPast President

Twin Falls

Kim LeeTwin Falls

Jennifer Haemmerle


Jeanne GannonBuhl

Jeff FoxCSI President

Twin Falls

Toni HughesTwin Falls

Wendy JaquetKetchum

Tyson RuleSecretary/Treasurer


Mike SchutzPresidentJerome

Michael D. TravellerPresident Elect

Twin Falls

Debra J. WilsonExecutive Director


Todd WadsworthKimberly

CSI Foundation Board of Directors

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Debra J. Wilson, Executive Director(208) 732-6245 [email protected]

Cyndie Woods, Assistant Director(208) 732-5395 [email protected]

Tamara Harmon, Administrative Assistant(208) 732-6249 [email protected]

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