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A selection of 7 favorite e-Devotionals from The Open Word Daily e-Devotional subscriber family.

Transcript of Open Word avorite e-Devotionals E-book

A Masterpiece Sold CheaplyOne foggy night in London, many years ago, a ragged, unkempt man shuffled into a little music shop, owned by Mr. Betts. Clutched under the mans arm was a violin. Will you buy this old violin from me? the man muttered. Im starving, and I need money to buy something to eat. Well, I already have several violins, Mr. Betts replied, but I dont want you to go hungry. Will a guinea ($5.00 at the time) help you out? Oh, yes, said the man, Thank-you. Thank-you! He took the money and disappeared into the night. Mr. Betts picked up the violin, took the bow and drew it across the strings. The violin gave forth a deep, mellow tone. Surprised, Mr. Betts took the light and peered into the inside of the violin. He could hardly believe what he saw There, carved into the wood were these words: Antonio Stradivari...1704 Mr. Betts ran into the street to find the man so that he could pay him more for the instrument. The old man was gone. This story can remind us of how we sometimes fritter away the spiritual blessings that God brings into our lives. These blessings could be rich and profitable to us, if we only recognized the value of what is available. Lord, please help me to see Your blessings, and the immense spiritual value that they can have on my life. Give me the grace to never under-estimate just how amazing Your gifts to me can be. Amen!

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