Open Source Geospatial Foundation: Growing Communities

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Transcript of Open Source Geospatial Foundation: Growing Communities

1. 2015-05-18 Jeff McKenna President, OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Foundation Growing Communities 2. 2015-05-18 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada 3. 2015-05-18 Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada It's not this sunny ever.. 4. 2015-05-18 Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia, Canada 2015 April ?!?! 5. 2015-05-18 Who Am I ? Named as President of OSGeo, Dec '12 MapServer Project Steering Committee (PSC) Member Member of the FOSS4G family Started consulting company in 2008 6. 2015-05-18 Who Am I Really A geographer Frequent traveler Non-developer Stints in civil engineering, registered nursing, professional ice hockey, forest fire attack Come from a big family 7. 2015-05-18 Community? a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society 8. 2015-05-18 Current Needs of the Community Easy access to geospatial tools Affordable solutions Standards support (data sharing) Available professional assistance Read raw data formats Stability 9. 2015-05-18 Why Open Source Geospatial? Easily accessible Affordable Stable Strong communities Innovative Standards support are not add-ons Backed by OSGeo 10. 2015-05-18 Strong Link Between Open Standards and Open Source The Open GRASS Foundation (OGF) started in 1992 OGF restructured to become the Open GIS Consortium in 1994 Renamed in 2004 to Open Geospatial Consortium 11. 2015-05-18 What is OSGeo? Open Source Geospatial Foundation ( A non-profit organization Legally registered in Delaware, United States Started in February 2006 Today is the leading voice for free geospatial software Everyone is a volunteer (no paid staff) 12. 2015-05-18 OSGeo's Mission Statement To support the development of open source geospatial software, and promote its widespread use. 13. 2015-05-18 Sponsors of OSGeo 14. 2015-05-18 How to Sponsor OSGeo 1. Foundation sponsorship Sustaining sponsor: 50,000 USD Principal sponsor: 20,000 USD Supporting sponsor: 10,000 USD Associate sponsor: 3,000 USD 2. Project sponsorship 3. Conference sponsorship 15. 2015-05-18 QGIS Project Sponsors 16. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Structure 2013-02-20 | OSGeo 2013. All rights reserved Committees Committees Committees Board of 9 Directors and President Local Chapters Local Chapters Local Chapters Officers Officers Officers Local Chapters Local Chapters Foundation Projects Committees Committees Committees elected by Membership244 Charter Members Charter Members vote represent Sponsors 17. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Charter Members 18. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Projects (part 1) deegree geomajas GeoMoose Mapbender Web mappingWeb mapping Mapfish MapGuide Open GeoServer MapServer OpenLayers 19. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Projects (part 2) GEOS GDAL GeoTools Geospatial libraries Metadata Catalog GeoNetwork OSSIM PostGIS FDO pycsw 20. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Projects (part 3) GRASS Marble QGIS Desktop 21. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Projects in Incubation ZOO Project Team Engine gvSIG opticks MetaCRS rasdaman istSOS pyWPS Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) 22. 2015-05-18 Requirements to Become an OSGeo Project Code is under an OSI approved license Geospatial software Mature software Substantial user community Diverse developer community Support relative standards Links to existing OSGeo projects (see: 23. 2015-05-18 Role of Local Chapters Bring a more local context to OSGeo Provide networking opportunities Provide training and support to local community Promote OSGeo through events Translate documents, websites, software 24. 2015-05-18 Number of unique registrants in OSGeo email lists. (2015-05-01) QGIS-user 2845 PostGIS-users 1742 GDAL-dev 1682 OpenLayers-users 1458 MapServer-users 1411 Discuss 1335 GRASS-user 1069 QGIS-developer 814 26,395 25. 2015-05-18 OpenStreetMap MapServer MapFish web mapping GRASS GIS Quantum GIS OSSIM desktop GIS metadata GEOS GDAL/OGR GeoTools libraries MetaCRS PostGIS GeoMajas Quantum GIS MapServer deegree OpenLayers GeoServer MapGuide OS deegree GIS MapNik Viking KOSMO gvSIG SpatialLite uDig Geopublisher Mapbender pycsw GeoKettle GMT ZOO Project FDO GeoNetwork 26. 2015-05-18 ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Labs Network Goal 1 - Establishing research and training opportunities in open source GIS Goal 2 - Provide worldwide learning platform Goal 3 - Build teaching and research infrastructure worldwide 27. 2015-05-18 ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Labs Network 95 labs! 28. 2015-05-18 Community Events 29. 2015-05-18 OSGIS 2004 OSGIS 2004, Ottawa, Canada 30. 2015-05-18 FOSS4G 2008 31. 2015-05-18 32. 2015-05-18 FOSS4G-Sydney 2009 33. 2015-05-18 FOSS4G 2011 Denver Code Sprint 34. 2015-05-18 FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013 35. 2015-05-18 FOSS4G CEE 2013 (Bucharest) 36. 2015-05-18 37. 2015-05-18 38. 2015-05-18 Upcoming Events... 39. 2015-05-18 40. 2015-05-18 41. 2015-05-18 Sol Katz Award Awarded annually by OSGeo to those that have demonstrated leadership in the community Gary Sherman, 2014 42. 2015-05-18 OSGeo is mentor organization 13 students were accepted for 2015 summer From Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and Sri Lanka 43. 2015-05-18 Projects: GDAL, GRASS, gvSIG, istSOS, JGRASSTOOLS, MapServer, Opticks, OTP, OSGeo-Live, OSSIM, pgRouting, PyWPS, QGIS 44. 2015-05-18 OSGeo Service Providers Local private companies offering professional support for OSGeo projects Very important for community 45. 2015-05-18 Working with other Global Communities Current synergy between ISPRS, ICA, OSGeo GLTN and OSGeo beginning to work together Members active in LocationTech 46. 2015-05-18 Working with other Global Communities 3 July, 2014 @AfricaGEO 47. 2015-05-18 Thank you! Jeff McKenna President, OSGeo @mapserving