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  • 1.Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityA mobile enriched Pass for art enthusiastsUniversit Roma "La Sapienza"Master UX - User ExperienceOpen Museum:A mobile enriched Passfor art enthusiasts

2. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityThe Capitoline Museums in Rome arethe most ancient public gallery in the world.Context: a cultural landscapeThe Musei Capitolini in Rome are regarded as the mostancient public gallery in the world. 3. Context: a cultural landscapeTheir collections feature classical art,bronzes and sculptures, Etruscan vases,mural decorations, Renaissance paintingsThe main mission of the Museums is topreserve art and culture and to spread it tothe people, raising a sense of respect andownership of the common heritage 4. Context: a cultural landscapeProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityAll the area is protected by the Unescoand represents the quintessence of theItalian heritage.The Museums are located in theCampidoglio area, near to theColosseum and to the Roman forums.The field is complex, crowded and veryvery famous500.000 visitors / yearfor the Capitoline Museums only 5. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityWhat do the museum stakeholders say:"The museum is a city "It is alive, always changing,It may need some time to get accustomed"The museum is a lens"It should help people to seeThe museum is also a business. It has employees, stakeholders, money constraints"Artworks should be speaking"There is a world of stories in every single vase(source: interviews with stakeholders) 6. (source: interviews with users)Emerging profiles:* Users with a focus on Art, experts* Users in Rome for the first time, sometimesfeeling "overwhelmed" by the place* Users perfectly aware of the context,but having time or logistics constraints* Users looking for emotions to live and tellWhat do users say:"Wonderful""Perfect""Overwhelming""Its a relevant museum!""I was just walking.. ""We bought a guide andstarted planning the tour""Its all so beautiful""Im lost!" 7. How could this experience be better?Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityVisitors are generally delighted by the Museums. Even so they coulduse more support inspatial and cognitive orientationorient themselves in and out of the museums and be aware of thepath they are followingbe sure that they dont miss anything that could interest them andthey are able to find what fullfills their interesttime management, comfortbe able to have a pleasant visit even in a short lapse of time .. or becomfortable during a long onekeeping memoriesgive them back something to help remembering and sharing theirexperience (pictures, moments, information)sharing emotionscollectively, as a modern version of a guestbook. 8. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityOur MissionOur idea is to build a system made of simple services, each oneadding a value to the visit. The system gives more sense to the wholeexperience.Our vision regards users as a treasure: they are truly apart of the richness of the museumOur mission is to enhance visitors experience through aestablishing a connection with the city and to help museums offering agreat experience not only to the many tourists that are visiting Rome forthe first time, but also to the returning ones and to citizens 9. Roma Open Museum is a mobile enriched pass for art .The pass allows visitors to extend conveniently the time of theirvisit, providing pragmatic solutions to logistic issues andallowing them to discover reach and explore the museumseamlessly, as a part of the city.It is delivered through a mobile app which provides orientation,personalization and augmentation of the museum experience.It is "sensible" to the museum internal context (people, spaces,artworks, services): it is capable to inform users about the statusof the museum and to gather visitors preferences in order tonarrate the museum to the cityOur concept 10. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the City Open Museum Pass city and museum Maps museum Guide Services and benefits generated Projections experience DiaryHow do we do itThe components 11. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityUsers can download the app for freeand use it to buy an Open MuseumPassUser can learn about...Museum InformationArtworks catalogTemporary exhibitionsNews and EventsOutdoor and indoor localization, collections, artworkstracking, personalized itineraries and other toolsThe APP is the basic layer 12. More museumsMore timeMore servicesProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityThe PASS extends the visit experiencePriority access, advantages on publictransportation, extended visit options,discovery of the museums networkService touch-points are physical and digital:Website - Appstore - Infopoint - Open Displays - Ticket Office (device rental) 13. The Maps make the visit easyProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityLocalization of artworks and facilities,highlighting of masterpieces,panoramic spots and servicesExplorationFinding specific artworksExploring Room by RoomFollowing a tourUsers can always find the position of a particular artwork in the museum 14. In front of an artwork, users can choose the intensityand the "style" of the interaction with the Guide.The Guide provides all the contentBasic Identificationvisual identification of the artwork, basic information,room localizationInformation in-depth readings audio contents image/video gallery with details andreconstructionsInteractionUsers can add content and preferences.Common actions such as taking a picture or makingan annotation can be done directly from the app.Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the City 15. You may need more detailsand info, or simply want tostare at the artwork..In the museum spaceResearch insight: one of the most important partof the tour is the emotional experience that onelives in front of the artwork.Design challenges:1. can we give users the possibility to preserve thisemotion without breaking the visit flow?2. could users engagement influence potentialvisitors outside the museum? 16. A single action allows theuser to save in diary all theinfo about an artwork.The same gesture is also apreference which can beused by the museum.Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityImpressions are made valuableImpressionsbecomeexpression.. to review or to remember.. to make the experienceshared 17. IMAGE OF THE FORUMSProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityImpressions saved for yourself become avalue and a recommendation for others,effortlessly.They are aggregated thanks to the museumand brought to life at the end of the day,creating a projection made of IMAGESof the most loved pieces of art.In the City Space 18. A Collective Expressionplay 19. Additional services: relax and rechargeDuring lunchtime or a coffee break on themuseum terrace, or in the bookshop, users candeploy safely their devices into recharge boxes.Open displays helps users reviewing theiritineraries or discovering the service. 20. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityPreserving and extending the tourThe Diary contains everything related to the user tour.Content produced during the visit is stored and can bereviewed or exported later on.Preserving the experience: The DiaryUser ContentLoved artworksSelected TourPictures and annotationsMuseum Suggestions(books, exhibits)Museum Services(caf, shop, restrooms) 21. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityThe Museum is an actor in the process: it gives value to users actions, creatingsocial awareness and enhancing its own visibilityConnecting actors: new valuetheMuseumconnectsinside and outsidewelcomesvisitorscollectspreferences 22. Project: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityConnecting spaces: emotions and recommendationsSpaces are connected by Visitors Generated Contents, which become the key point of theof the inside-outside transition.keepsmemoriesuser insideevaluatesartworksuser outsidereceives infosees videoprojectionVisitors contents are makingmuseum walls transparent to the city 23. Open Museum from me to we: an interpretationProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the CityLevels of participation- The five stages of partecipation as described by NinaSimon in "The partecipatory museum"users meet following common preferencesor planned itineraries || users naturallygather during the projectionsuser builds custom itineraries, takespictures, gives preferencesuser uses the open museum app / passuser publish his collections on a dedicatedplatformmuseums aggregates preferences: publicprojection- The Open Museum scenario: a private interaction perfor-med at Stage 2, generates a public effect at Stage 3-4 24. Pros: an original creation isproduced every timeCons: emotional nuances arehard to represent andcommunicateEmotional ratingVisitors can associate an "emotional rating"to the artworks; the system createsgenerative projections from the ratingsTweet wallVisitors comments about artworks andcollections are marked with an hashtagand projected outsidePros: gives voice to visitor,promotes socializationCons: moderation may beneede; visitor effort is higherAlternative participation scenariosProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the City 25. Technology 26. NFC trackingto map artwork positionWi-fi projectorfor the art light-showSensorsto detect crowd conditionWifi localizationto navigate the museumwith the indoor mapTechnology overviewProject: Rome Open Museum Team: Fish in the City 27. The museum it needs to have awifi connection. Every room andevery hallway should be providedwith an access point.We can track the user trough thecurrently associated access point.Making AP signal weak we can besure that the user can have onlyone access point per room.The app will ask to the server inwhich room it appears to be, andthe server will know which room isassociated to that specific accesspoint.Wifi localizationto navigate the museumwith the indoor mapIndoor navigationProject: Rome Open Museu