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  • 1.


  • Math and Science
  • [email_address]
  • 713-208-1437


  • Math
  • Major Grades make up 50% of the final average.
  • Examples of these include:
    • Campus Common Assessments
    • District Common Assessments
    • Topic Assessments
  • Minor Grades make up 50% of the final average
  • Examples of these include:
    • Quizzes
    • Daily Work


  • Science
  • Major Grades make up 50% of the final average.
  • Examples of these include:
    • Common Assessments
    • Paper/Projects -Including Inventions, Biomes, and/or Endangered Animals
    • Labs
  • Minor Grades make up 50% of the final average.Examples of these include:
    • Quizzes
    • Daily Work
    • Science Labs


  • Technology
  • Major Grades make up 50% of the final average.This will be a project done in one of the core subject areas, applying the technology skill we are learning during the quarter.
  • Minor Grades make up 50% of the final average.This will be based on lessons and quizzes that are assigned and completed each quarter.


  • Missing and Late Work
  • All late work will be accepted until the end of the nine week grading period, with no points taken off.Students who are not finishing work in class or work assigned to be done at home, will finish work during Fun Friday time.


  • Reteaching and Retesting
  • All students will have the opportunity to be retaught on skills which they do not demonstrate mastery or understanding
  • Students will also have one opportunity to improve failing grades.
  • We will average two grades.
  • This will be noted in GradeSpeed with the letter R.


  • Please keep in mind that not all grades you will see in Gradespeed will correspond with a paper in the Wednesday Folder.
  • Some papers are kept for re-teaching purposes, while others are done in notebooks, E-Instruction, or kept in portfolios.


  • Students receive instruction on their on their own independent learning level with the use of small group instruction, tiered assignments, and supplemental learning activities. Students will be coming in at 7:50 am in order to help us meet individual needs.


  • 5 thgraders must pass the Math and Reading TAKS test to move on to 6 thgrade.
  • Math TAKS April 4, 2011
  • Reading TAKS April 5, 2011
  • Science TAKS April 28, 2011


    • Each teacher will use this folder sheet the same way.
    • There will be a check in the Academic Satisfactory box if there are no problematic grades in the folder.If there are, the grade will be recorded under the subject the low grade was received in.If it is a major grade the number will be circled in blue.
    • There will be a letter grade in the Work Habits if the student is receiving an N or a U
    • There will be a letter grade in the Conduct box each week.


    • There is only one sheet per 2 teachers
    • It is important that parents carefully review the folder and the sheet.
    • It is also important that you sign and promptly return the folder the following day.
    • If there check on the comments line, make sure to look at the back of the sheet to see what comments have been made.


    • Every student receives a progress report the fourth or fifth week of every nine weeks.
    • Your signature is required and the progress report must be returned to the teacher.


  • Dont underestimate the importance of prompt arrival and daily attendance to your students academic success.
  • Five or more tardies will result in the students general conduct grade being lowered by one full letter grade.
  • Daily attendance is taken at 9:45, if the child is not present at that time he or she will be counted absent.


  • Your child should receive a homework packet every Friday.Please encourage your child to complete his or her homework, it allows the teacher to further assess your child's understanding of the concepts taught in class.
  • The following incentives may be in place for completion of homework. These may vary per teacher and subject area.
    • Trace's Treats
    • homework passes
    • Fun Friday


  • Rewards
    • Trace's Treats
    • Verbal praise
    • Notes home
    • Fun Friday
  • Consequences
    • Verbal reminders
    • Note in the conduct
    • book
    • Time out for self-reflection
    • Loss of Fun Friday


  • Self- discipline and attitude are pertinent to your child's success in 5th grade. We will be adjusting rewards as the year progresses. Rules will remain consistent throughout the year, and consequences will be used as appropriate to the child and the behavior. Please be sure you have reviewed the students handbook.


  • Make sure to sign-in before you leave.