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Presentations at the Open Government Data from around the world updates #OGDupdates at Open Knowledge Festival 2014 #okfest14

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  • 1 Open Government Data updates from around the World
  • 2 Charalampos Bratsas Greece
  • Data Census in Greek Cities & Greek Action OGP2014-2016 Action Plan
  • 4 Tomoaki Watanabe Japan
  • JAPAN OD updates Oct: signed G8 OD Charter Dec: OD portal beta launched! ( CC BY 2.1 JP as the default license/ 10K+ data sets now Feb: Intl OD Day: 32 Localities a reflection of many local govts doing OD July: Govt of Japan Standard Terms of Use For almost ALL govt web sites/ mostly open/ prohibits use that is against public policy, etc./ not CC-compatible Ahead: OD portal renewal/ vocabulary standardization/ policy evaluation/ helping business uses& finding them # OKFJ or its members are deeply/ marginally involved in most of these.
  • 6 Fabrizio Scrollini Uruguay
  • O P E N D A T A I N U R U G U A Y
  • 8 Feng Gao China
  • Num of OD setsRank in Barometer 61/77 0 Num of Portals 3 National Policy? Openly Licensed? Machine-readable? NO YES Motivation? Engagement? Awareness? $$$ Open Data in China (?) YES N->Y N->Y
  • 10 Ome Mejabi Nigeria
  • An unfolding picture of the open government data scene in Nigeria 2007: Budget Office begins publishing the National budget online Sept. 2013: Edo State (one of 36 states in Nigeria) launches its Open Data portal 2013-2014: ODDC research case study on Investigation of the Use of the Online National Budget of Nigeria Jan. 2014: talks commence for a National OGD portal for Nigeria by Dr. Ome Mejabi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria [email protected]
  • 12 Antti Poikola Finland
  • Between the Festivals 2012 - 2014 Antti Jogi Poikola @apoikola Open Knowledge Finland Short URL to this presentation:
  • 14 Laure Lucchesi France
  • Merci ! Laure Lucchesi - Deputy Director of Etalab @laurelucchesi - @etalab Open Government Data updates from France Social Open Data : New version of in September Creation of the role of Chief Data Officer at State level OpenFisca project : open model and API on the complete tax system France joined OGP, starting first NAP, running for election at Steering Committee
  • 16 Samuel Azoulay / Samuel Gota France
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  • 18 Anne Muigai Kenya
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  • 20 Andra Bucur Romania
  • Open public data. A co-chair initiative? Is open public data possible without political will? How to make sure that the flow of information isn't controlled solely by the government and that high value data is also made available?
  • 22 Seung-hoon Jang Republic of Korea
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  • 24 Francesca De Chiara & Luigi Reggi Italy
  • 25
  • 26 Sumandro Chattapadhyay India
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  • 28 Ania Caldern Mexico
  • 42unit 10 GB of Open Data 1 days 100+ datasets released SECTORS Transport Health Evaluation and Poverty Energy Climate Agriculture Education MEXICO
  • 30 Martn Szyszlican Congreso Interactivo, Argentina
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  • 32 Denis Gursky Ukraine
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  • 34 Ashley Casovan Canada
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  • 36 Karolina Wysocka Poland
  • 37 Natalia Carfi Chile
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  • 39 Shevy Korzen Israel
  • The Public Knowledge Workshop 15,000 volunteer hours annually Weekly meetups in TLV and Jerusalem Incubating open data, open source projects Volunteer led projects Open Parliament Open Budget Open Pension Open Community Open City Plans Open Train Open Municipalities Open Newspaper Anyway we even brew our own beer
  • 41 Varun Baker Jamaica
  • 42
  • 43 Fahmi Islami Indonesia
  • 631 Datasets 24 Organizations 13 Categories Indonesia Open Data Update National Open Data Portal Ready, Cities Participating, Hackathon(s) Questions Remained How to Make Open Data More Impactful and also Sustainable in Indonesia
  • 45 Timothy Vollmer USA
  • 46
  • 47 Sheba Najmi Pakistan
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  • 49 Rayna Stamboliyska MENA Region
  • 50 Tariq Amr Egypt
  • OKF Index - Egypt Progress is impossible without Change The Devil is in the detail If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.
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