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When it comes to outdoor advertising, Global Advertising is the undisputed king with its ownership of premium OOH Media across India along with its strength in Mumbai Metropolitan. All premium HOARDINGS & BILLBOARDS at prime locations along with Great OFFERS like : 1. BARTER DEALS, which involve payment of value against value, 2.ROTATIONAL PLANS that are a means of rotating display across sites in a single market territory that are extremely useful for product categories like FMCG, film, real estate and hospitality. 3. SPONSORSHIP - Global also offers Sponsorship to events on Barter basis. Global Advertisers has a name in: A) Bus Media, B) Gantries, C) Railway Media, D) Flyover Panels, E) Neon Signs and F) Airport Media. (Global owns the best in Airport media that includes Airport branding at international as well as domestic airports.)

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1Market your brand in Mumbai cash free - (Barter Deal)

Market your brand in Mumbai cash free - (Barter Deal)

Think of the best, most strategic, and upmarket locations in Mumbai. Each of these spots has hoardings by Global Advertisers, India's largest owner of premium hoarding sites headquartered in Mumbai. Whatever your product or service, an OOH campaign can really shake the market for you if done in an intelligent manner.A barter deal involves an exchange of value against value. You take hoardings from Global Advertisers for display of your ad and settle the bill for your marketing campaign by giving us products/ services for the pre-determined value. It does not matter what the product or service is.

We are open, flexible and accommodating. The terms are always mutually decided and everything is negotiable. So, save that cash. Run a campaign on barter basis and make your brand visible in the most strategic locations in India's commercial capital. Sell more, improve revenues and increase profit, and do it all without harming your cash reserves.

Call now at 9820082849 or log ontowww.globaladvertisers.into know more