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  • OnlinePrivacy and SecurityPrasanth P

  • Growing production of data

  • What information is shared by us ?

  • Photos and other media

    Age and gender

    Biographical information (education, employment history, hometown, etc.)



    Geographical location

  • Tracking - You are being watched

  • How to know that?

  • Who can see you?

  • Advertisers

    Third-party software developers

    Identity Thieves

    Other online criminals

  • Why people dont careFocusing on present workThinking that It wont harm themThinking nothing bad will happen to them

  • Why should people careTo avoid Behavioural AdvertisingSecured from Social Engineering AttacksAvoid leakage of personal data to Third-Party Applications on Social NetworksMalwareIdentity Theft

  • Solutions

  • For protection against tracking

  • Use strong passwords

  • Enable and Disable Cookies

  • HTTPvsHTTPSKnowing a secured site

  • Questions?

  • Thank Student AmbassadorSKCET