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Theresa Wessels Inga Warrelmann Justine Portelli Lei Li Lisa Laschke Stefan Wolfkamp Qing Xu

Group DiscussionTheresa Wessels Inga Warrelmann Justine Portelli Lei LiLisa Laschke Stefan Wolfkamp Qing Xu

1. Well-established B2C brand with high brand awareness

Understanding needs, wants & challenges from current customers helps connecting with new customers faster and easier.Finding new opportunities, which help to represent the company as valuable as possible.Basis strategy

Website and social presencesSearch Marketing: SEOOnline PR: Brand protectionOnline partnership: SponsorshipOffline communication: Exhibitions, Packaging, PRSocial Media marketing: Viral campaigns

Search MarketingSearch Engine OptimisationIndividual keyword management for desktop, tablet, mobileGeneral beauty terms have high monthly searchesE.g. hair color or make upHigher Cost-per-ClicksLoreal related keywords less CPCs

Search MarketingSearchMarketing:SEOMobile trendsHigher costs for keywords on mobile devicesHigher clicks on mobilesDesktop clicks decreasing

Search MarketingSearchMarketing:SEOIncreasing searches for makeup & beauty (2004-2015)

Online PRSearchMarketing:SEO

Brand protectionKeep registering patents of make up lines, limited editions, brand namesStrict ambassador regulation (only Loreal as cosmetic sponsor)

Online partnershipSponsorshipDigital Fashion WeeksOnline TV shows & You Tube clipsOnline magazinesOnline beauty shopsInternational and national ambassadors: Celebrities, Blogger, YouTuber

Offline communicationExhibitionsBeauty festivals and conventions (e.g. GlossyCon)PackagingLimited editions for ambassadors / as part of tombolaConstantly modifying package designPRSustainable development (global warming, no animal experiments, natural ingredients)DiversityResearch innovationAwards: E.g. Top 100 company, Best employer, Best customer service

Social Media MarketingViral campaignPresenting, applying and recommending new product lines by brand ambassadors on visual platforms as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & SnapchatProduct introductionProduct applicationTutorialsPresenting company culture / Behind the scenesDiversityUsage of hashtags

2. Established B2C brand with low brand awerenessPrezis example

Google Adwords (keyword planner)KeywordCurrenc yAvg. Monthly Searches(exact match only)Competitio nSuggested bidpreziEUR1M 10M0.080.07presentationEUR100K 1M0.030.65oral presentationEUR1K 10K0.020.07online presentationEUR1K 10K0.302.00presentation toolsEUR1K 10K0.261.70free presentationEUR100 1K0.200.72

What can they do to increase their brand awareness?

What can they do to increase their brand awareness?

3. Dot-com Startup

Search marketingSearch Engine Optimazation-to improve the traffic on the Online - ShopsOnline PRBrand protection-protect the brand itself and ist customers from illegal sales onthe platformOnline Communication

Online partnershipCo-branding-with other successful online retailers-to the benefit for bothfirmsInteractive adsSponsorshipsin order to attract attentionimproves the imageOnline Communication

Opt-in-e-mailHouse list emailsto generate best E-Mail Marketing resultsto reach a high amount of potential customerSocial Media MarketingCustomer Feedbackto improve customer oriented businesseshigher customer satisfactionOnline Communication

Direct mailImproves Customer LoyaltyCustomizedCustomer pays more attention to MailsCustomer stay updated about news and changesOffline Communication

4. Small business aiming to export electric motorbikes Best mix of promotional techniques (online and offline)

Zero motorcycles

Crafted in the United StatesGrowing and growingElectric motorcycles

Promotional techniques to use for Zero Motorcycles

Online (easiest for small companies)Search marketing through pay per click advertisements.Social media marketing structurize a social media campaign (winning examples)Ads in third party newsletter (other sustainable companies)Create social media traffic in exported country.

Promotional techniques to use for Zero Motorcycles

OfflineSponsorship in exported country (use of sustainable activity or NGO)Advertising of the product in exported countries.Word of mouth cheapest way, but also the longest way. Focus on customer service.

Google trends

Similar trend over time (one outlier)

Google trendsZero electric motorcycle is risingFor Zero motorcycles maybe too expensive to use in their advertisements.

Keyword selectionElectric motorcycles

Keyword selection

5. Common B2C product (AXA - household insurance)OfflineDirect mail:Company can update customers regularly about offersCustomers can be chosen regarding: income, locationCustom tailored offerings for insurance serviceE.g. postcards, newsletter, Christmas cardsWord-of-mouth (actively influenced by AXA)Press release about new insurance services in local newspapersDiscounts for specific customer groups or quantity discountSpecial events and get-togethers for loyal customer for network purposesGetting more referrals for insurance agents by keeping in touch with clients

Common B2C product (AXA - household insurance)OnlineGoogle AdWords SEOExamples of keywords + costs (suggested bid):AXA house insurance 3.28 - medium competitionAXA insurance 0.75 - low competitionHomeowners insurance 42.76 - high competitionInsurance 9.58 - medium competitionContents insurance 11.37 - high competitionHomeowner insurance quote 42.71 - high competitionHomeowners insurance 42.76 - high competitionCreate house list e-mailsThrough subscriptions in exchange for a deal (e.g. free consultation)Sending insurance e-newsletter which helps to track who opened the email, what they clicked on

Example of Online Advertisement

Common B2C product (AXA - household insurance)OnlineAds in third party e-newsletterE.g. house building companies, real estate agentsManaging social presencePromoting the brand AXAUse for social selling purpose of insurancesUnderstanding how they can adapt to their increasing customer baseCustomer feedbackIndependent company that contacts costumers to get customer reviewsSponsorshipSponsoring of data driven company to improve business process and better serve customers (e.g. ensure better household safety)Insurance landing pages for focused household insurance servicesIncrease online lead generation

6. Specialist B2B product (i.e. medical implant)Cochlear Implant

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Microsofts MSN, and America Online SEOHigh general searching terms: cochlear implants, children, auditory implantSample PPC Keywords:Searching marketing

Sample SEO keywordsSearching marketing

Social media sources: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and online forums.Audience participation:()68% of CI users participanted in Facebook groups for general information/support.()Using forum which contained approximately 9500 topics with 12700 posts.() CI users shared personal stories through Twitter, YouTube and blogs.Social media marketing

SponsorshipCI manufacturers have sponsored a few forums, including:Cochlear Community (Cochlear)HearPeers (MED-EL)HearingJourney (Advanced Bionics)Online partnership

ExhibitionCochlear Implant meeting (e.g: The 2nd World Congress on CI in Emerging Countries: Challenges & Opportunities)

SponsorshipAttending trade shows which can associate with other industry leaders and prospective buyers.Seek out community exposureOffline communications

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