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Transcript of Online Marketing Strategies & Trends · PDF file Ø Search Engine Optimization:...

  • Online Marketing Strategies & Trends Kristin Rapinac, President, AF Sacramento

  • So what exactly is online marketing?

    Online marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves the internet. Ø Websites Ø Search Engines Ø Social Media Ø Email Ø Texting Ø Online ads

  • Websites Your website is the online face of your organization

  • Websites Trends

    Ø Clear calls to action: Classes, Events, Membership

    Ø Specialized landing pages for core services

    Ø Long-scrolling vertical websites, fewer pages

    Ø Slide shows are out – full-width images & video are in

    Ø Animation is fun, but use sparingly

    Ø Pop-up windows highly effective for capturing leads

  • Websites Responsive websites

  • Websites Responsive websites

    Ø On a responsive website, elements of a web page are automatically rearranged based on size of the screen

    Ø 63% of all website traffic is mobile – and rising

    Ø Google penalizes non-responsive websites in search results

    Ø But: many use both mobile and desktop

  • Websites SSL certificates

  • Websites Why use SSL?

    Ø SSL encrypts traffic between website and browser

    Ø Must for accepting credit cards

    Ø Users will trust your site if they see the green padlock

    Ø Improves SEO and makes your site faster

    Ø Check with your webhost or Let‘s Encrypt

  • SEO

  • SEO What is this SEO stuff all about?

    Ø Search Engine Optimization: optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERP)

    Ø 95% of all users on Google search click on the first page of a search result, with 33% those users clicking on the first result

    Ø Good SEO will increase the amount of organic (free) traffic to your website

  • SEO Picking your keywords

    Ø Goal is to pick popular words and phrases people enter into search engines Ø Learn French, French classes, French for kids

    Ø SEO helps Google figure out which keyword(s) to use to rank each page on your website

    Ø How do you choose keywords? Ø Experiment on Google Ø Look at your Google Analytics organic search terms Ø Keyword planning tools: Google Ads

  • SEO Keyword placement

    Ø Page title Ø Headings (H1) Ø 1-2 to more times on page Ø Don’t overdo keywords – Google will penalize for

    keyword stuffing. Use synonyms

    Ø Title tag (up to 60 characters) Ø Meta description snippet (up to130 characters) Ø Meta tags (up to 10 keyword phrases)

    Ø Wordpess SEO plugin: Yoast SEO

  • SEO Other ways to improve SEO

    Ø Backlinks from other reputable websites

    Ø External links to reputable websites

    Ø Internal links

    Ø Content marketing Ø Producing original, high-quality educational content Ø Intent is to promote trust, and establish your

    organization as an expert – not to sell right away Ø Examples: blog articles, e-papers, info graphics, videos,


    Ø Focus on specific keyword

  • SEO Analyze that!

    Ø Use Google Analytics to review your website statistics

    Ø Compare: Ø Site visits Ø Time on site Ø Referrals Ø Landing pages Ø Navigation Ø Organic search keywords Ø Mobile stats

  • Search Engine Marketing Google Ad Grants

    Ø Qualifying nonprofits can sign up through Google Grants for Nonprofits

    Ø Need to be registered with Tech Soup

    Ø Up to $10,000 worth of in-kind Google Ads per month

    Ø Create targeted campaigns with keywords to promote classes, events, etc.

    Ø Ads show up on Google Search pages (below paying advertisers)

  • Search Engine Marketing Google Maps & Yelp

  • Social Media

  • Social Media Social media channels

    Ø Facebook: 2+ billion monthly active users

    Ø YouTube: 1.9 billion monthly active users

    Ø Instagram: 800 million monthly active users

    Ø Twitter: 330 million monthly active users

    Ø LinkedIn: 500 million members

    Ø Pinterest: 200 million monthly active users

    Ø Snapchat: 178 million daily active users

  • Social Media Best practices

    Ø Figure out where your prospects hang out

    Ø Focus on one or two channels (Facebook, Instagram)

    Ø Changing algorithms: Create a mix of content that prioritizes engagement

    Ø Use tools to streamline your social media management Ø Canva (images), Hootsuite (post scheduling)

  • Social Media What’s trending

    Ø Video

    Ø Live streaming

    Ø Stories

    Ø Events

    Ø Fundraising

    Ø FB Messenger

    Ø Chatbots

  • Social Media Facebook Promoted Posts

    Ø  Pay to promote posts on new class sessions, events, fundraising campaigns

    Ø  Pick your budget, length of campaign

    Ø Targeting options Ø Location, Gender, Age, Interests, People who like your

    page + friends

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing

    Ø Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers and best prospects

    Ø  RO1 4x that of other marketing methods (Statista)

    Ø More and more competition in people’s inboxes means you need to fight for the attention of your users

  • Email Marketing Email Trends

    Ø Mobile-friendly design

    Ø Personalization

    Ø Segmenting & customization Ø Ex: Adult classes, kids classes, events, volunteers, donors

    Ø Automated emails (welcome series)

    Ø A/B testing with subject line

    Ø Customized “from” field

    Ø Build your list with pop-up email sign-ups

  • Email Marketing How many? How often?

    Ø 78% of consumers unsubscribe from emails because they are getting too many emails. (HubSpot)

    Ø Email open rate about 24% - declining

    Ø  Shorter, more frequent emails better than long newsletters

    Ø Most important is that you have relevant content

  • SMS Marketing Text messaging

    Ø SMS marketing: 82% open rate

    Ø More immediate than emails, social media

    Ø Use for emergency alerts, reminders (classes, events), announcements, giving campaigns

    Ø Need opt-in

    Ø  Low-cost providers: Ø EZ Texting, Simple Texting, Expert Texting

  • Questions & Discussion