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I have made this presentation on online marketing by getting some ideas from others. The informations have been collected and putted in the right order for the betterment of our knowledge in online or internet marketing.

Transcript of Online Marketing - Advantages & Methods Redefined

  • 1.Online MarketingOnline Marketing Presentation Made By Amit DasPresentation Made By Amit Das (Online Marketing Consultant)(Online Marketing Consultant)

2. What is Online Marketing?What is Online Marketing? Online marketing or internet marketing or e-Marketing, is the advertising or selling ofOnline marketing or internet marketing or e-Marketing, is the advertising or selling of products or services over the Internet.products or services over the Internet. It is usually linked with 5 business models:It is usually linked with 5 business models: e-commerce This is where products are sold directly to customers (B2C) or elsee-commerce This is where products are sold directly to customers (B2C) or else businesses (B2B)businesses (B2B) Publishing it is the sale of promotion or advertising.Publishing it is the sale of promotion or advertising. Lead-based websites these are groups which produces value by getting salesLead-based websites these are groups which produces value by getting sales leads from its website.leads from its website. Affiliate marketing this is procedure in which a merchandise or service developedAffiliate marketing this is procedure in which a merchandise or service developed by one person is sold by other active seller for a contribution to profits. The vendorby one person is sold by other active seller for a contribution to profits. The vendor of the merchandise normally provides various marketing material like sales letter,of the merchandise normally provides various marketing material like sales letter, tracking facility and affiliate links.tracking facility and affiliate links. 3. Advantages of Online MarketingAdvantages of Online Marketing over Offline marketing:over Offline marketing: 1: You can make modifications on the fly: Can take instant decision by tracking the marketing efforts & advertisements by monitoring them which is not possible in the offline marketing. 2: You can track real-time results: Real-time results can be tracked. 3: You can target specific demographics in your advertising: Specific demographics like the location, age and gender can be targeted. 4: Variety of methods in marketing online including seo, email, audio, video, blog, social media and newsletters: Marketing online is more useful as compare to the traditional marketing. 5: Instant Conversion Ability: If a person is marketing online then he has the ability that he can make the customer in an instant manner. 6: Cost Effective: Online marketing is the best for saving huge money on marketing. 4. Methods of Online MarketingMethods of Online Marketing 1: Search Engine Marketing Refers to the Industry that has been created regarding using keyword searching a means of increasing relevant traffic to a website. This involves search engine optimization of your website design and content. 2: Pay Per Click Advertising - This is a paid service which is very popular in getting instant boost of traffic and sales for any website. 3: Article Marketing One of the most powerful methods of online marketing is the article marketing. 4: Viral Marketing - Build and publish anything catchy that people would like to pass on and share. 5: Forum Marketing A good traffic builder. 6: Blogging A low-cost alternative to having a web presence. 7: Classified Advertising Very effective for selling products or services online. 8: Online Networking Besides offline networking, online networking is very much essential from the business point of view. 9: Social Sites Branding the site and getting quality traffic and leads. 10: Social Bookmarking - This is latest marketing buzz which generates good traffic. 5. Methods of Online MarketingMethods of Online Marketing 11: Affiliate Program - You can launch your own affiliate program where people can join. offers an easy alternative. 12: Video Marketing - similar to article marketing but media used is different like 15: RSS Marketing - RSS stands for Really simple Syndication and it helps the users to get updated & informed easily. 13: Ezine Publishing To make a relationship with the readers so that they can have a trust on you and try to satisfy their needs. 14: Ezine Advertising Ezine Advertising Is The Most Effective Way of Web Site Promotion And Building Your Online Prospects. 15: Resell Rights Marketing It helps to build product value and brand. 18: List Building Making list of potential and regular subscribers database for promos and offers. 19. Email Marketing : For direct marketing purpose. 20. Podcast: Next generation internet marketing entity. 6. What are SEM and SEO?What are SEM and SEO? Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a type of web marketing which help in the promotion of the websites by increasing their visibility in the sponsored listing on search engines and other result pages. They generally make use of the paid inclusion, contextual advertising and the paid placement for this purpose. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure of improving the amount or superiority of traffic to a network site from search engines via "natural" search. Basically, SEO is opposite of the SEM which mainly deals with the paid inclusion. Difference between SEO and SEM: 1. Basic: SEO is basically a procedure which helps the businessman to make his/her website more search engine friendly and also to get organic listing for desire keyword. While on the other hand SEM as a whole is the combination of two process SEO and PPC. 2. Duration: The SEO process takes a much longer time anywhere from 3-6 months to get the web traffic, whereas PPC is fast and in a couple of hours or days it generates traffic depending upon the campaign set-up. 3. Cost: SEO services are cost effective and takes much lower then the PPC advertising, because in PPC you pay for every clicks where as the clicks from organic listing are free. 4. Effectiveness: Organic search engine results get far more clicks from searchers than the PPC text ads (right-hand), owing to where they are on the page. More clicks equals more traffic, customers and profit. 7. SEO ProcessSEO Process 8. Relationship between SEO, SEM,Relationship between SEO, SEM, and Internet Marketingand Internet Marketing It is clear till now that SEO is a part of SEM and SEM is just like the expansion of the internet marketing. If you want to market your products and services over the internet then you have to take care of all the techniques like the web marketing, online marketing and the Internet marketing. Internet marketing not includes only the promotion of the website but also includes other aspects like the sales on net, advertising, designing, developing, technical and creative aspects. At last it can be said that SEM and SEO are very tightly related to each other but within the constraints of the internet marketing. What is SMO? Another technique of internet marketing is the Social Media Optimization which helps in creating the network of the person by bookmarking the photos, videos and audios and also helping in the sharing of the sites. Hence all the SMO professionals are able to make an impact not only on the optimization but also on the ethicalness. Social media optimization can be considered as one part of the SEM, but still there are some differences between the two. SMO mainly focuses on driving the traffic on the site from some other sources except the search engines. And the good thing about SMO is that it provides good search engine ranking and back links. 9. Benefits of Search Engine MarketingBenefits of Search Engine Marketing 1: Increase traffic to your website: It has been noticed that on single day millions of the people visit the different website for searching the information regarding any products or services. So, in this case if your website is among the top search results then more and more traffic will arrive on your page. 2: Targeted traffic: Most of the people who are visiting your pages and sites are obviously interested in your offers. Hence if you want to bring more targeted visitors to your page the make right use of the keywords and try to convert all those users into buyers. 3: No off hours on the Internet. With the help of SEM, advertisement of the business can be done 24X7. 4: No geographical boundary: With the upcoming of SEM, you can reach your customers from any part of the world and can bring them to your site. 5: Cost effective: When comparison is made with the traditional channels then it is much more cost effective and also it is very much easier to bring traffic on the site and converting them into the customers. 6: Measurable: ROI measurement is very much difficult with the help of traditional advertising media. But with the help SEM you can keep a track of every single dollar that you have spent. Always spend the money on the powerful keywords. 10. What is Web 2.0?What is Web 2.0? "Web 2.0" is usually linked with web design and web development which help in facilitating some of the interactive features like the collaboration with WWW, user-centre design, interoperability and also the information sharing. Some of the common examples of the Web 2.0 are the blogs, wikis, sites which share the video, social networking sites, web application, hosted services and some of the web base communities. With the help of Web 2.0 a user can interact with the other users in an easy manner. 11. Advantages of Web 2 Design StyleAdvantages of Web 2 Design Style It offers you the incredible looking templates for the website designing. It also offers some of the giant and catch logos which help in grabbing the concentration of the visitors. It also offers colourful fonts which can be used in the contents of the web pages. It is also offering the glowing fonts which also make a good impact in the mind of the visitors. If you want to announce some special news then you can make use of the fluorescent colour boxes. These boxes can be easily noticed by the vis