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Marketing dental services has changed in the marketplace. Digital marketing and Inbound marketing strategies can help a professional practice get discovered online.

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MARKETING Success Strategies in the New EconomyScott F. Peterson DDS, PA.

What Is MARKETING?Marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments.Marketing is further defined by the AMA as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.Source: Wikipedia3Process by definition is: a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end. What else jumps out at you? With regards to customers (patients)..may be of interest, and delivering value. Communications/communicatingbusiness development and customer relationships.Types of MARKETING?There are many types of marketing such as inbound (relationship) , outbound (brand and advertising), internal, external, database, multi-level, digital, article, video, email, permission, affiliate and many more. What we are mostly going to talk about here today is digital marketing. Digital marketing involves digital channels such as TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile and Social Media. Digital media is broken up into pull (websites and blogs) and push(Email, SMS, RSS) marketing.4

Overall GROWTH Strategies For DENTISTS

Attracting NEW PATIENTSRetaining EXISTING PATIENTSReactivation of those who have left the practice. (Monitor...Why? Fix-it, Prevent it, Invite them back with an offer). Costs much less to reactive a patient thats been in the practice, than it is to ATTRACT a new patient.

Message, Market and MediaInstead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering USEFUL CONTENT at just the precise moment that a buyer needs it.-David Meerman Scott, Marketing Strategist Right message, at the right time. Are you reaching your prospect at the right time in their buying cycle? Message - The WHATMarket - The WHOMedia - The HOWNo BS Income Explosion Guide 8: 4:00 Dan Kennedy

EDUCATIONAL SCALE and READINESS of Your Prospective Buyer

Benefits of Purchasing (Message is to the Unaware Market, the 1s)

Objections to Purchasing (FAQs and Answers to the 4s, 5s and 6s who are Aware, but need more information)

Seller Selection Standards (Who is going to do the work? Message must spell out USPs of the doctor; answers question WHY should I buy from you? People who can afford to pay dont want PRICE offers.they want an EXPERT, an authority the Celebrity! 1___________________5___________________10 Unaware -----------------Aware --------------Ready to buy

Marketing INFORMATION to NichesReady NOW buyers - vs NOT READY YET information gatherers

Keeping in mind the concept: Message Market Media WHAT is your message to WHO and HOW will you reach them?


The Internet is an information gatherers best tool, so as a marketer of information we give them the information they want through REPORTS, eBOOKS, WHITE PAPERS, BOOKS, VIDEOS and AUDIOS through opt-in forms.

Now we are perceived as authors, authority figures and experts; we have captured the gatherers contact information; now its our job to build like and trust with multi-step, multi-media campaigns using proven strategies and tools to continue to educate them with benefits of ownership of our product/service, answering objections to ownership, all while spelling out our USPs (unique selling propositions) and why they should come buy from us when they are ready to buy! 12

Proven Methods for MARKETING a Dental Practice Search Engine Marketing (SEM, SEO & PPC)

Websites that are easily found online


Targeted Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

Video Marketing YouTube (2nd to

Mobile Marketing Smart Phones, iPhone, iPad, etc.


Some Interesting Search Statistics

Search Engine MarketingMarketing a business to be strategically located on the Search Engine Results Pages

Three ways for a local business to market themselves using the Internet

Organic Results

Local Business Results (Google Places, Yahoo & Bing Local)

Paid Results

- Pay Per Click- Banner Ads- Media Buys18Organic Results80% Click Through RateHigher TrustHigher Visitor ValuePPC AwarenessHigh ROILong Haul GameBased on Trusted, Theme and Authority Links to your websiteTransparency and Exposure

19Go to google in web browser to show organic search- search for dental implants aledo txGoogle PlacesSince 2010, Google has integrated places with organic search.Mostly based on Services, not productsNeed good SEO and back linking with website to rank wellBased on Trust and CitationsMust Claim Listings use - This works for Google, Bing and Yahoo Get into Google Places here: To Know:

Over 50 Million Google Places pages, and only 4 million have been claimed!

2043% of searches have local intent. 61% of those purchase offline.Google Places Results


What is Local Internet Marketing Also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, eMarketing, electronic marketing

Same as Traditional Marketing except with a different medium The Internet

Find and Nurture RelationshipsAdvantagesCost EffectiveMeasurableQuick ROIEfficientLimitationsNewer technologies over traditionalTechnology Restrictions (low Internet speeds)Education

23Why Local Internet Marketing 67% of people searching online actually purchase their product offline at a local business!

Internet Advertising for a local business in 2008 - $3 Billion

Internet Advertising for a local business in 2010 - $13 Billion

As of Jan 2011 2.4 billion searches are made monthly with local intent.

43% of ALL searches on Google include a Geographical Modifier- Like a city, ZIP code, or county- 61% of this group make their purchase within 24hrs OFFLINE

Communicate with potential patients on a more personal level

Deepening the relationship with current patients

Be where paying customers are looking

24As that 43% grows, so does the amount of purchases increase.

Websites Speak the right message to the right audience Multiple target markets Ready to buy dental services Looking for more information (info marketing)- A job in a dental practice Contracted work (specialty services)

Always achieve a Call-to-Action (CTA)- Can be phone call, email, form, comment

Dont reinvent the wheel!

Offer Value for Stickiness

Measure and Analyze

Plan, Do, Review and do it again!


Your Website Receives Traffic Many Ways


BloggingCompanies that have a blog:

- Have 97% more links (for better ranking)

- Have 79% more twitter followers

- Have 55% more website visitors

(Source: HubSpot blog survey of over 2,100 customers)

30Targeted Email Marketing Retention StrategyDirect MarketingCost effectiveHighly targeted and customizedMeasurable

Marias story and how it affected a dental practice

Direct Communication Build, nurture relationships increase trust and loyalty

CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Bottom line: Build your database of patients by capturing name and e-mail.


Social Media MarketingUsing social networks, blogs, online press releases, marketing and customer service.

- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

Used to create buzzWord of Mouth on steroids (fans)Conversational (little control)Deepening relationships

33People buy from people they like and trust. You can build more relationships by being moreTransparent. More connection points.

Local Facebook MarketingSetup a Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

First impressions are important no matter where people find you. Be sure you have a professional image of you or your business.

Fill in the Additional information as much as possible. I.e. Education, work, hobbies, music, books you read, etc.

Share your photos, videos, links on your Fan Page as this makes you real to you visitors (60% social, 40% relevant). Contests and competitions with you fans gets them engaged.

Above all, add good, quality content. This will draw people to your fan page to find out more about you and what you offer.

Be social! Get involved with the people who are a part of your social network.3565% + is socializing with your friends. Think of it as a party!Local Facebook MarketingExample of a good Fan

- Impressive image of dentist

- Interactive graphic to get you to like their page

- Close to 100 likes.

- Video presentation.


Local Facebook MarketingThe is replacing the

= =

Social Media Marketing800,000 people DAILY signing up to Facebook 3rd largest country!50% daily usage45% of US audience is older than 26 yrs47% of US audience has household income above $50kFastest growing group, women 45-55 yrs

Twitter is fastest growing marketing medium EVER!Inexpensive FREE!80% on mobileEarly phases of mobile marketing01/09 > 9% 09/09 > 16%business twitter usage. AMAZING climb.



How Big Is Mobile Marketing?5 billion text messages sent everyday

98% of text messages read in 1