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OneSource for Law Firms OneSource lead generation and business information solutions for law firms

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OneSource for Law Firms OneSource lead generation and business information solutions for law firms

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Having the right information is critical for your firm.

Only Avention OneSource Solutions provide the insights you need to make informed decisions for your clients.

We are the only company that combines a strong data aggregation advantage with unique business-focused applications,

sophisticated analytics, and customer-focused services to provide a flexible, collaborative approach to meeting your

unique business needs.

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Strongest Data Aggregation

60+ DATA



24,000 REAL-TIME


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The Most Comprehensive Business Data

The Golden Record• Aggregate both traditional and unstructured business data

• From 100+ best-of-breed global data partners, over 1B web & social sites, 24K real-time news sources

• Beyond traditional demographics/firmographics• Company news, social, digital intelligence• Industry news & analysis, market research • Continuously updated

• Large database of ACTIVE records • Over 42M global company records• Over 62.5M contact records • From SMB to large enterprise• Spanning all industries and global markets

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OneSource can help you

Avoid ConflictsComprehensive family treesInsight into outside advisors Receive company alerts for: M&A activity, Board changes, joint ventures/partnerships, contract wins, etc.

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OneSource can help you

Know Your CustomerComplete business descriptions Extensive financial reports Comprehensive corporate family treesProactive monitoring news and “triggers”Create corporate background reports in minutes

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OneSource provides

Complete Family TreesComprehensive corporate hierarchiesRelated entitiesM&A flagsCustomizable views

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OneSource provides

Competitive IntelligenceIn-depth account intelligenceFinancial insights Ability to build custom reports Market analysis tools Company alerts

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OneSource can help you to

Grow RevenueUncover growth / cross-sell opportunitiesProactively monitor for emerging opportunities Search tools for precise targeting Access to a large database of companies and contactsIncrease efficiencies and drive productivity

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OneSource can help you determine

Financial HealthExtensive financial reportsSpending & risk reportsVenture capital & funding alertsBankruptcy alerts Credit scores and recommended credit limits

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Where can we help?

Departments that use OneSource include:• New business intake & conflicts

• Library services / information services

• Marketing

• Sales / business development

• Finance

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We work with firms of all size, around the globe

Without OneSource, my team would be searching Google all day, which would not only take up a lot more time, but also come with a greater risk of inaccuracy. The platform is very well-presented and user friendly – even to those who are not overly familiar with it. For Eversheds, OneSource really is a business necessity.

- Eversheds LLP, UK

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