ON THE PROWL ... Edition 1429 October 4, 2018 The soldiers’ newspaper ON THE PROWL 1 Bde...

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Transcript of ON THE PROWL ... Edition 1429 October 4, 2018 The soldiers’ newspaper ON THE PROWL 1 Bde...

  • Edition 1429 October 4, 2018 The soldiers’ newspaper


    1 Bde sharpens warfighting skills on

    Exercise Predator’s Run Centre lift-out

    176 AD Sqn delivering vital parts to Antarctica

    Pages 18-19

    International shooting skills on display at Exercise Hydra

    Pages 2-3

    Military working dog Macca, of 1 MP Bn, works with soldiers from 7RAR to clear compounds of simulated enemy forces as part of Exercise Predator’s Run. Photo: Maj Kris Gardiner

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    October 4, 2018News www.defence.gov.au/news/armynews2

    Capt Carrie Robards

    TWO recent international graduates from RMC returned to Australia to rep- resent their country on Exercise Hydra in Brisbane.

    OCdts Tevita Fifita and Ikapote Moala, who were both in the same RMC class that graduated in July, com- peted for His Majesty’s Armed Forces (HMAF) as section members.

    They became friends at RMC before returning to Tonga for six months’ fur- ther training.

    Contingent and Company Comd Capt Latu Vahai said OCdts Fifita and Moala will continue to be mentored and learn about life in their section being “within the team” before commission- ing in December.

    “Their performance during the exer- cise was a step in the right direction,” Capt Vahai said.

    “They worked really well in the team. They also helped with translating for the section commander.

    “They enjoyed it. They learned things to take back and train on.”

    OCdt Fifita was keen to add the urban operations training he observed on exercise to assist the HMAF.

    Returning to Australia also gave the Tongan OCdts the opportunity to catch up with friends.

    Lt Brodie Stewart, of 8/9RAR, met them at the Ram’s Retreat and remi- nisced about their time together in El Alamein Coy.

    “We started in third class together, back in 2016. We went through all of RMC,” Lt Stewart said.

    “Those relationships still exist, and they are something that you hold on to.

    “The Australian Army and 8/9RAR is really big on developing relationships with other countries, and we do a good job of it, too.”

    The strong relationship between both armies seems set to continue.

    “It’s been really good,” Ocdt Fifita said.

    “Everyone’s looking forward to coming next year.

    “Probably only one of us, as we will both be platoon commanders by then.”

    Training pays off for partners

    Above: A soldier, above, fires his pistol during Exercise Hydra at Greenbank Training Area in Brisbane. Photos: Cpl Nunu Campos

    Left: A soldier engages a target in the bayonet assault course.

    A soldier from His Majesty’s Armed Forces, Tonga, runs through a bayonet assault course.

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    A WEEK in sunny Southern

    Queensland has provided

    soldiers from a number of

    Asia-Pacific armies the chance

    to learn what soldiers from our region have in common.

    This year, Exercise Hydra – CA’s annual military skills com- petition – was hosted by 7 Bde from September 7-17.

    Soldiers and marines from Fiji, France, Tonga, Papua New Guinea and the United States competed against seven 7 Bde teams, including the DOG Cup winners from 6RAR and support soldiers from 7CSSB.

    Teams tested their skills in a number of activities like physi- cal endurance tests, shooting – including airsoft and section defence ranges – a ‘pilot down’ casevac and quick-decision exercises at both Greenbank Training Area and Gallipoli Barracks.

    While being assessed to achieve gold, silver or bronze standards at the end of the exer- cise, teams also learned how

    other armies do business. French Army in New

    Caledonia (FANC) Contingent Commander Capt C said they normally worked in the south of France, but were in the region for a short time.

    “It was great to see how the Australian Army works, especial- ly with your topography so much different to ours,” he said.

    But the learning went both ways, with French weapon skills standing out on the MTR and pis- tol ranges.

    “The weapons we used here [M4s] are different to what we would use – ours are more simi- lar to the Steyr,” Capt C said.

    “We do a lot of regular weap- on practice. We are an infantry paratroop regiment, so we work on shooting a lot.

    “It doesn’t matter the weapon, the basics are the same.”

    Their training paid off, with Capt C achieving a group of 18mm on LF1 and a score of 49 out of 51 on the pistol shoot.

    Comd 7 Bde Brig Andrew Hocking said the competition was not the main aim of the week.

    “The most important part of this exercise was forming trust- ing relationships and friendships through soldiering,” he said.

    “We realised how much we have in common. We have the

    same values. Soldiers were coming together, having a laugh together and enjoying each other’s company.

    “You can’t force it. And that’s the value.”

    1Lt Mike Purcell, of the USMC Marine Rotation Force-Darwin agreed.

    “History shows we don’t go in alone,” he said.

    “We go in with our allies, with people that I have competed with and against here.

    “This has been confirmation of the competitive spirit, compe- tence and confidence that these other countries have.

    “They’re great warfighters and it’s a nice reminder that all these other countries we are competing with have come in strong and giving us the best they have.”

    The soldiers from Fiji, whose joyful singing could often be heard around camp after knock off, were impressed with the sim- ple things that we may take for granted.

    “The best thing was making friends with the ADF members and soldiers from other coun- tries,” Cpl Nakalevu Kamnieli said.

    “We enjoyed the accommoda- tion, food and friends.”

    Exercise Hydra will again be hosted by 7 Bde in 2019.

    3October 4, 2018 Newswww.defence.gov.au/news/armynews 3

    Shoot to skill Allied soldiers and marines test their military skills against units from 7 Bde for Exercise Hydra, reports Capt Carrie Robards.

    Spr Gemma Hauck, left, 2CER, crawls under an obstacle.

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    October 4, 2018News www.defence.gov.au/news/armynews4

    FOR years the Army told me to hurry up and wait. The job would be on. Soon. It was going to be a big job, but we’d have to wait.

    Things weren’t quite ready. There were unforeseen hold-ups, but

    we had to wait where we were, for that thing that was happening. Soon.

    This mostly changed the day I became a military reporter with Defence News.

    It was no longer feasible to waste hours and days waiting for the next big thing to start.

    My bosses wanted photos and stories, not a bunch of excuses about tanks being delayed or a mix-up with scheduling.

    Delays no longer meant waiting in situ for the rescheduled event.

    Delays for a reporter mean finding other tasks and coming back at the new start time.

    I had to be where the action is; con- st