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  • 1. Experimental PhotographyAby Jones1

2. Experiment 1: Movement: ParanoiaAlways WatchingThe FieldThe Fear of Running AwayDont Look Behind You 3. AnnotationThe image matches thetheme of fearThe image also incorporatesmultiple exposure as itsactually 4 separate imagescreating this final one.This image clearly showsparanoia which is what I plannedto portray in my images it couldalso show schizophrenia which Ifeel the image also shows signsof.The main experiment is movementI have clearly shown this through thesecond subject.The black and whitereally makes it seem alot creepier/scaryChanging the levelsand curves allowedme to make certainaspects and shadowsstick outBlurring also came in handy whendealing with this image, becausethere was so much foliage aroundthe subjects it all came out reallyfocused, mostly my fault as I couldhave changed the aperture Due to it being a particularly bright day, I wasntable to change aperture or shutter settings and Ihad to rely on manual change because I couldntget a dark shot, which is what I wantedThis subject wasnt evenfeatured in the originalphotograph, she wasedited in to this oneSubject 2 had tomaniacally movearound to capturethe movementeffectDodging and burning came inquite handy when it came toediting this photographDarkening areas such asthe eyes, lighting thepupils although its stillhard to differentiatebetween the iris and therest of the eye.The lasso tool came in handyduring the post productionprocess, I had to sharpen theimage of the second subject afew times. 4. 4Evaluation:How well do you feel you have realised your ideas and intentions and what results haveyou got?I think I have realised my ideas and intentions well, I have taken the theme of fear and thought of manydifferent ways to interpret it for example I used: disfigurement, darkness and being alone every idea Iwrote down seemed to relate to paranoia and thats how I came up with my final images. I knewstraight away how I wanted my images to look and what I was going to do for them which made theplanning process easier, I knew I wanted dark images that would potentially shock the viewer or causethem mild discomfort when looking at the piece. I also got a lot of influence from a photographer,Dominic Rouse instead of using multiple exposure in the way that he did, I used movement although Itried to get the same effect he had on his viewers which was to shock, confuse and make them feeluncomfortable whilst at the same time telling a story I think I have managed to do this, I feel I havemanaged to create a story through this photography, I have left the image enough so that the viewercan have a series of interpretations, personally I see paranoia and possibly schizophrenia which bothinduce a type of fear. The mood boards I created also helped me during the planning process, it enabledme to look at other peoples work, not just artists or photographers but other students and it helped mecreate darker images and interesting new ideas and it gave me a sort of goal to reach in terms ofaesthetic quality and I feel I have achieved that.Qualities:What are the strongest and weakest elements from an aesthetic point of view?I think the style I have used is quite unique, the way that the subject is looking, the setting, the subjectin general its all very simple but its also different compared to other interpretations of fear in thesense that it shows the other subject the one inducing fear, not showing it from the other images Ihave looked at its usually the main subject looking at the source of the fear but not seeing the subjectthat actually creates the fear. I like how dark the image is, I like how I have made darker parts of theimage including the shadows, to stand out more than the light I also like how when you first look atthe image its almost impossible to focus on one thing as opposed to looking at the picture as a whole. Ithink the strongest points are: the small details in the photograph that are accentuated such as theveins in the eye of the first subject, the movement I have incorporated in to the image and the setting. Ithink the weakest points are: the amount of detail in the background, how in focus one of the secondsubjects is compared to the other 2 and the fact that not every detail is covered, such as the firstsubjects hair.Dominic Rouse 5. 5Evaluation:Consider the technical qualities of your work?I think I have effectively managed to make my final images look as professional and unique as possible, I have used arange of techniques to ensure that the photographs come out looking sharp and in focus in all the right places I haveeffectively used aperture in the majority of my final images to keep the main subject in focus and blur the rest of theimage, although sometimes I had to manually change this, I have also managed to effectively control the shutter speedenough so that when an object or subject is in motion it captures it, I most commonly used 1/5 for this, also I havebeen able to correctly add layers to the image, cut out what I need, dispose of the rest and change the opacity of thelayer so that it showed the image behind it for example: the first subject is a completely separate image, I have cuther out of it and put her on to another image I have then used two more images, cut out the movement within themand added them on top of the first image creating the movement effect. Not only that but I have managed toeffectively use the dodge, burn, blur and sharpen tools along with: levels, curves and black and white.I think I could have improved on certain aspects, I think I should have taken more photographs of the second subject inmotion especially within the face area to show disfigurement and induce more fear from the viewer. I also was not ableto add the effect of the first subject looking at the camera and then swiftly moving her eye to the side which is what Ioriginally wanted, it ended up making it look like she had an animal shaped pupil which was not the desired effect Ithink I could have darkened her face more too, maybe exaggerate features and shadows in certain areas, although sheis supposed to be seen as light and not dark. Due to the weather being so bright, I had to find more shaded areaalthough is still shows through quite a bit more light than I originally anticipated it would this meant I hadimplications when it came to aperture and shutter speed if I changed the settings manually or using auto it wouldmake the photograph look extremely bright and not have my desired effect of darkness. 6. 6How could you improve your work?I think in terms of improving my work, I could have changed a few aspects. I dont think I wasas creative with this work as I have been in the past, Id like to re think some of my ideas andtry to come up with something more interesting, maybe use different subjects instead of thesame two each time as well. Id also like to take the photographs in a darker area or on adarker day the fact that there was sunny weather made it quite hard to get the settings thatI needed to make the photographs look dark and fear inducing, it also meant I had to put insettings that I didnt require which made capturing movement harder than it should had been.I think Id also like to try a different technique, I quite liked the idea of close to subject and Ithink I could get a really scary effect for some of the ideas I had with that particular technique.I think if I put enough effort in, I could definitely develop my final products with additionalwork, id re-take the photographs and test out a different technique such as: Close to subjector out of focus to see if I get a better outcome with that instead. My other ideas includeddismemberment, with close to subject that would have been easier and given me a bettereffect, I think if I was going to do this project again, Id use that instead of movement.Consider formal elementsIn my second, third and fourth images there are lines that appear to point towards thesubjects, in the second photograph, its the lines of corn in the field that surround the secondsubject and appear behind the first, in the third photograph, there are the lines on thebenches and the slabs of cement behind the main subject that seem to point towards themand finally in the fourth image there are lines on the pavement and the slabs of cementbehind the subjects that run alongside them, other than that there are no lines that aresupposed to represent symbolism, there is however a sort of leading line, it starts with theobject closest to the camera and then goes to the second subject in each photograph. Thereare a lot of shapes in the photographs, the shape of the foliage behind the subjects in the firstphotograph, the tree line and field in the background of the second photograph, the plants,the bench and the movement around the subject in the third photograph and the same withthe fourth image and of course the subjects themselves, these are also patterns (the field,foliage, trees and so on) each of my photographs are in black and white and theyre quite darkwhich was my desired effect. Again I could have developed this by taking the image on adarker day or in a darker area to enhance this and get the right camera settings. 7. 7Consider if the images you have produced fulfil the brief you were set.I think the images I have created do fulfil the project brief, Ive created four photographs that follow the themeof Fear, I have done this by using paranoia to put my point across and I have definitely used experimentalphotography to do this, for example:My first photograph, entitled: Dont Look Behind you is an image of a subject looking disgruntled and fearfulof the second subject behind her who is hidden amongst the dark foliage, I have used movement to show thesecond subject looking disfigured and even more terrifying than the form of the subject themselves. I have alsoin a way used multiple exposure to create this final effect, I did