on .anthropological - ERIC considered are the current U.S. foreign policy practices that ignore...

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Transcript of on .anthropological - ERIC considered are the current U.S. foreign policy practices that ignore...

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    SO 015. 7.25

    Magnarelle./, Paul.J., Ed. AnthropologicAl,Diplomacyl Case'studies in the ,ApplIcations otApthropology tib,I4ternatiOnal Relations. Studies

    3 in Third World Societiegi

    ;Publication,YNumbox 'Twenty-One. College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA.'Dept.


    of Anthropology. Sep )42, -

    92p.74Por related documents, see ED 241 392 -393 and ED 229 314. Collected4Works 1- General (020) - -- Viewpoints (120)

    MF01/PC04 Plus Postiige. *Anthropology; Comparative Analysis; Conflict Resolution; Cross Cultural Studies; Cultural _Awareness; CultUral Context; *CulturalDifferences; Developed Nations; *Developing Nations; Ethnic

    .°Relations; Foreign Countries; Foreign Policy; .Intercultural Programs; ,International Educational ExchingevInternational Law; 0Interational Relations;. Medical Services; PeacerPolicy Formation; Race yulbright Exchange Program; Middle East; Philippines; United States

    Six arficles Fri this vd1Uke focus on .anthropological diplomacy--the study, of the y and practice of peace and conflict resolution among societres,. b on knowledge of a society's


    ?fundamental cultural ,premises. The firstArticle, -by Ronald Cohen, considers questions pertinent to anthropological diplomacy, including the impact of,di -verse cultures on the diplomatic process, tie importance of cultural symbols in negotiation, and the supranational character of international..agencies. Next, Vivian J. Rohrl addresses the anthropological study of international law. omparison is.maA between the international community of states add a tribal ciety. The Fulbright Program's effect on Philippine-American cultural and educational exchanges is discussed by J. R. FrancisCo in'the third article. Next,-Marc S. Micozzi focuses on the diplomacy of international medical assistance. The importance of cultural context to effective medical care and the medical drawbacks of currently offered health care programs to underdeveloped nations are discussId.: The impact of thnicity on politics within and between states is considered in he fifth article, by Paul J. -Magnarella. The pro-Israel lo by's effect on U.S.-Middle East policy is cited as an example. In the final paper the use of coercion in international affairs is addressed by Walter L. Williams, Jr. Among the issues considered are the current U.S. foreign policy practices that ignore violations of human rights in friendly states. Notes on contributors conclude the volume. (LP)



    devOted to the study of cultures, and, of tile. Third World. Each publication conta dealing with a single theme .or area, addrd to scholars and-laymen as well as to teachers, and practitioners of social science; the papd, be-of value also to applied social scientis

    'demographers, community,detelopment worke students of'human cultures add societies-.,

    OPYRIGHT 1982'

    Library of Congress/Catalog Card Numberl._ 82-0741173'

    Communications concerning editorial matters, including requests to reprint or translate, and correspondence' about subscriptions, change of address, circulation, and payments shold be addressed to:

    **The Editors STUDIES IN THIRD WOAD SOCIETIES-- Department of Anthropology College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 U.S.A. Phone: (804) 253-4522



    wlliatsburg, Virginia 23185 U.S.A.

    . International.Ediiorial Advisory Board

    Teodoro AgonCiIlo (University of the hilippines), Carlos H. AgUilar (University of Costa ica), Muhammad Ali (University of- Malaya), Jacques Amyo .(Chulalongkorn.. .University, Thailana. Ghaus Ansari (Ku ait University), George VAppell (Brandies Universify, Harold Barclay . (Univlosity of Alberti' Canada),. to Bedker-Donner. (Museum fur Volkerksunde,-Vienna, Austria), Barumi Befu (Stanford:Univetsity), Ignaci Bernal (Institute Nacional 'de AmtropolOgia e Histo ia, Mekico), Rona M: Berndt (UniVersitY:of Western ustralia), Fernando Camari Insti uto,'Nacipnal. de AntropiloO.a e Historia, YeZico), Pg o deCarValho-Neto (Sao Pauloe S. Chandtasekhar(Cali:forniaStateUniversitY),K.C. Chang' (Harvard-UniversitY),- Chen'Chi-lu (National Taiwan Uhiversity, China), Hackeny Choe.(Seoul National Uniyer-

    Korea), George Coelho (National Institute of Mentgl Hes4h, 'Maryland), Ronald,CohenlAhmade,Bello Upiversity, -Nigeria) ,, Ronald Crocombe niversity of. the Fiji. Island), May N. Diaz niversity of California, Berkeley), K.O. Dike (EarvardDniversity),

    -FreglEggan (University of Chicago), S.C. Dube (India Institute of Advanced Study, India), S.R. Eisenstadt (Hebrew Univeesity,' Israel), Gabriel Escobar M. ,1Pennsyl- Vania 'State University and Lima,Peru), Claudio Esteva Fabregat (University of Barcelona, Spain),, Orlando 'Fals Bbrda (Bogota, Colombia), Ilubammad Fayyaz (Phbjab. AinivereityePakistanv ard'Quedhs University, 'Canada), C. Dean Freudenbetger (School of Theology, Claremont, California), Morton II,. Fried (Columbia Unive- rsity), Isao Fujimoto (University of CalifOrnia,Davis),


  • i.

    C. von Furer-Haimendorf.,(Tiondbn- School of priental and African Studies, England), Dante Germina-(University of Virginia) ; Walter Goldschiki4 (liniYertity of. California, Los Angeles), Nancie- L. :conzaleZ:.(.Boston UniVersity), W.W. Howells (Harvard: University), :Francis L.K. Hsu. (Northwestern University), 'Oheries C. Hughes (University of Utah Medical Center), Erwin B.'',jbl-inSon (State UniVersitY . of ew /Yorki Buffalo), Victor -T.. King (University of Hull) , Koentjaraningrat (drriVersitY of Indonesia). T.A. Lembo' (World Health Organization, Switzerland),. Gottfried 0. Lang (University-; Of Colorado),- Peter Lawrence (Sydney University, Australia), Diane K. Lewis (University of California, Santa Cruz), Dapen Liang (Asiamerica Research Institute, California), Aladoulaye Ly (tniVersity of Dakar, Senegal), Robert A. Manners (Brandeis University) , Jamshed Mavalwala (University of Toronto, Canada ), Eugenio Fernandez Mendez (Universidad de' Puerto Rico), Alfredo T. Morlales (National Research and Development Centre for Teacher Education, University' 4 of the Philippines), Gananath Obeyesekere (Princeton %, University, P.J.), Gottfried Ocsterwal (Andrews Univer- sity), Morris E. Opler (University of Oklahoma), Alfonso Oritz (Princeton University), Akin Rabibhadana (Thammasat University, Hhailand), V.J. Ram (United Nations, Beirut, Lebanon), M.S.A. Rao (University of Delhi, India),

    Forilain (CRESHSg Haiti), Renato I. Rosaldo (Stanford University), Irving Rouse (Yale University),' Miguel Acosta Saignes- (Caracas, Venezuela), Kecrq.al S. Sandhu (Inttitute of $outheast 4slan Studies, Singapore), Spiegal-Rosing (Rhur-Universitat Bochum, Germany), R'odolfo Stavenhagen (El flegio de Fexiqo)., Akira

    (University of tokyo, Japan), F.eina Torres / de Arauz lInstituto Nacional de Cultura y Deportes, Panama), Donald Tugby (Queensland University, Austral-Wiry Victor C. Uchendu (University of Illinois and Kampalal,',' Uganda), Lionel Vallee "(University of Montreal, Canada), Mario C. Vasquez (National Office of Agrarian ReforM, Peru), L.P. Vidyarllii University, India), B.M. Villanueva (United Natibns, New York City) ,,Hir6shi Wagatsuma .(University of California,. Los Angeles), Wong .Soon .Kai (Kuching, Sarawak) , Tiger Wulff (Danish National Museum).

  • This ..issife of- .STUDIES IN THIRD WORLD 'SOCIETIES is aeaicated -4o former Senator Fultoright

    ' for his solid achievements In international education and in ptibli-c service; Senator IPulbright was thedistinguished speaker and recipient of the; 1982 Thomas

    -..Jefferson Award in Internatipnal Educationatty the Association 42r Anthropological Diplomacy; Politics, 7.

    .and_Society. "he award was confetred on'him in Washington di Po, C. =in 1982, -in conjunction_ with the annual meeting

    of the American Anthropdlogical Association.

    In addition to__ the award/dinner program, the A asociation ..for Anthropological "Diplobacy, politics,

    " .".and Society also held a scientific session on the Contributions of anthropology to diplomacy. The paperi in this issue by ProfessOrs Paui/J. Magtnarella, Vivian

    -,.----- J. Rohrl, and Marc. Micozzi were read during the symposiumwhile Prof. Walter L. William's article served as ,the ,Distinguished Lectute during the banquet/program.

    1; .Prof . Ronald gohen,, who wia the discussant of thesymposium;,, amplified on his oral presentation with is provocative paRer ,this issue Juan R. Francisco's

    article was, reprinted from the Occasional Papers. Series of the -Philippine American Eilucationai FoOndation in Manila, with the.pauthor's writalbn permission.

    I would like to thank my co-editors of STUDIES IN THIRD WORLD' SOCIETIES, Prof. Vinson H. SUtlive,

    and Prof. Nathan Altshtiler, for their significant assistance, and cooperation inf the publication of this issue. We think Dr. Paul j.,. Magnarella, for being guest editor, Jean Belvin of the Department of Anthro- pology, College of William and Mary, fGr her speedy anri. atcuerate work of produttion, and Sharon Haegele for her excellent proofreading of this thanuscript. Finally, we thank the American Anthropological Association- for giving us a forum to explore new ideas.

    10 November 1983 Cale e of Willram and "Mary ,



    Publication Numbex Twenty'One (

    ! .