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OMADA IDENTITY SUITE- for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010

Omada Identity Suite is used by leading organizations worldwide to meet the requirements of regulatory compliance legislation and reduce user management costs. Omadas identity management solution provides business-centric governance, risk management, compliance attestation, and identity and access intelligence processes across connected and non-connected systems. Complete Identity Management SolutionOmada Identity Suite for FIM 2010 provides a complete, enterprise-ready identity and access management solution based on FIM 2010. Omadas software solutions and FIM 2010 expertise are based on best-practice experience from working with large, global organizations. FIM 2010 with Omadas modules enables organizations to efficiently manage identities and provide secure access to multiple IT platforms across different geographies. Omada provides extensive support for heterogeneous networks, such as advanced connectivity to SAP systems.

The ChallengesIn many organizations governance of access policies and user permissions lacks efficient implementation. Maintaining regulatory compliance with legislation and internal policies and ensuring system security is a time-consuming and complex task, with a high degree of randomization. Getting the big picture of who did what and when and keeping track of permissions is difficult. As a consequence, organizations face reduced effectiveness, high administration costs, security and compliance deficiencies, and the risk of failing audits.


Omada Identity Suite provides easy administration of users access rights in large, heterogeneous IT infrastructures and the ability to manage and audit changes to identities, entitlements and systems in compliance with policies. The flexibility of the Omada Identity Suite allows a high degree of customization, enabling enterprises to meet specific requirements, so the need for custom development is reduced which improves return on investment. Speed Up ComplianceOmada Identity and Access Intelligence solution provides organizations with the ability to speed up time to compliance, while reducing operational risk with detective controls - facilitating informed management decisions. The solution supports fast collection of identity and access data from connected and non-connected systems, provides a process for data cleansing, role mining, attestation and user recertification, and supports the transformation of data into business intelligence with graphical management information dashboards, online reports, and immutable compliance reports for auditors. Omada Identity Suite includes features such as data cleansing, attestation and recertification, complete audit trail for forensic analysis, catalogue of compliance reports, and data-mining on entitlements and user behavior.

Turn Policy into PracticeOrganizations today require flexible solutions to handle constant changes to identities as employees and partners on-board the organization, when they change departments, collaborate on projects, or leave the organization. Omada Identity Suite enables organizations to automate policies and achieve compliance through automation of identity and access management work processes and management of segregation of duties and other business critical policies. The solution guarantees that users have the appropriate access rights to perform their job, in line with business policies. Omada Identity Suite provides a high degree of configuration flexibility that allows organizations to customize and streamline all processes in the lifecycle of digital identities.

Leverage Your FIM 2010 InvestmentOmada provides world-class services for FIM 2010 implementations. Benefit from the years of best-practice expertise Omada has obtained working with some of the worlds largest organizations. With Omada software solutions and services, you can take advantage of FIM 2010 with confidence in the results. Omada empowers FIM 2010 with a suite of valueadding modules that provides faster implementation, easier administration and enables successful audits. Omada modules for FIM 2010 support critical business processes, such as compliance reporting, user re-certification and role-based access control.

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Omada Identity Suite includes value-adding modules for FIM 2010. The modules are completely integrated into the FIM 2010 architecture, and can be utilized independently or coherently. The integration ensures a seamless experience for deployment, use, and maintenance of the complete identity and access management solution.

Omada Compliance Attestation ManagerOmada Compliance Attestation Manager for FIM 2010 provides a fast and cost-effective process for re-certification of users access to critical IT systems. Periodic attestation of user permissions is required by auditors for compliance to governance policies and regulatory legislation. Omada helps you prepare for audits successfully by automating the entire attestation process - from the creation of attestation surveys to the generation of compliance reports. Successfully meet regulatory requirements for user recertification Increase security with immediate removal of inappropriate access rights Reduce cost and time spent on user recertification Speed up the end-to-end processing time of attestation surveys Increase security with ad-hoc and scheduled security audits Improve the quality of user recertification and attestation reviews

Omada Role ManagerExtend FIM 2010 with advanced role-based access control. Omada Role Manager for FIM 2010, provides role-based access control functionality, that significantly improves security and administration of users access rights. Omadas solution for automated role management provides a scalable model for the set-up and maintenance of roles with an intuitive, graphical user interface. With Omada Role Manager for FIM 2010, your systems are protected according to your compliance policies with automated provisioning and de-provisioning of users access rights. Automate the entire identity management cycle, and achieve significant administrative savings Calculate user, account and access rights data based on roles, attributes, and business policies Provision roles to connected systems and directories automatically Establish exceptions to rules with a set of self-service request processes that are logged and supported by periodic attestation of role assignments

Omada Compliance Reporting CenterOmada Compliance Reporting Center delivers enterpriseready reporting and enables managers and auditors to easily assess and report on an organizations compliance status. Omada Compliance Reporting Center facilitates reporting on identity and access management data from Microsoft FIM 2010 and target systems, such as SAP and SharePoint. On-demand audit of users access rights in compliance with regulatory requirements Automated compliance reporting and preparation for audits Easy access to audit information, including both online analysis and scheduled immutable reports for auditors Complete audit trail of FIM 2010 historical data Fast creation and customization of compliance reports Easyconfigurationofdashboardsforbusinessmanagers and auditors

Omada SharePoint Governance ManagerOmada SharePoint Governance Manager enables secure business-to-business scenarios using SharePoint and FIM 2010. Omada SharePoint Governance Manager enables efficient management of users and sites across SharePoint environments according to compliance policies. With effective implementation of permissions and site creation policies in SharePoint, organizations can open up a secure and highperformance collaborative workspace. One central point for managing users and sites in SharePoint Enforce governance and compliance policies across multiple SharePoint farms, extranets, and intranets Grant and revoke access rights automatically, based on rules such as company, job title, and department, to provide employees and partners with appropriate access Manage additional permissions with self-service request andapprovalworkflows

Copyright 2011 Omada A/S. All rights reserved.

What We DoOmada helps clients achieve compliance, security, and organizationalefficiencybyprovidingbusiness-centric solutions within Identity and Access Governance. Omada delivers solutions for identity and access governance, role-based access control, compliance reporting, compliance attestation, and SharePoint Governance Management. OmadaisacertifiedMicrosoftGoldPartnerandSAPServices Partner. Omada has delivered advanced identity and access governance solutions based on Microsoft technologies to organizations with some of the worlds largest SAP deployments.

TechnologyOmada Identity Suite is built on .NET and leverages Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 for delivering business critical identity and access management components. The strong provisioning and synchronization features delivered by Microsoft, is used for provisioning data to target systems and directories such as SAP and Active Directory through standard Management Agents. The solution is fully web-based and runs on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint.

Top Pharmaceutical Company Selects Omada to Implement Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010 with Omadas Reporting ModuleLeading pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck, has chosen to implement Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 and Omadas Compliance Reporting module for FIM 2010. We chose Omada as our implementation partner because of their distinctive expertise in this field as well as their