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Omada Identity Manager and Microsoft Identity Integration Server An integrated solution for Identity Management Slide 2 Agenda About Omada Why We Do What We DO The Problem Who We Have Helped - Customer List The Omada Solution Live demonstration - Scenarios Partner support Slide 3 Company founded in 1999 Experienced Management Team coming from PwC Consulting & SAP with combined 200 years experience Leading Provider of Microsoft Technology based Software for Role-Based Access Control empowering Microsoft Tecnologies such as MIIS & AD Various company awards received from IDG & MIT & Government Recognized by D&B with the triple A Credit Ranking Slide 4 Selected from Omada customers Slide 5 The Return on Investment Input No of employees No of Joiners per year No of Leavers per year No of Movers (No of Applications) Costs Time spent in Help Desk Time spent for approvals Slide 6 Companies have many manual processes that put them at risk for: Security Exposures Movers, Leavers, no roles, no processes Compliance Breakdowns Failing an audit can have dramatic negative effects for an enterprise Reduced Enterprise Effectiveness Joiners Lack of Enterprise roles Requests for Access Rights High Cost of Maintenance Constantly maintaining manual and inconsistent processes Hard coding approvers in workflows is difficult to maintain A single change can trigger multiple updates in multiple systems Slide 7 Daniel Meyer, Enterprise Technology Strategist Identity Management Lead, Microsoft EMEA: Omada is a great partner to Microsoft in the Identity Lifecycle Management Space. They are completely focused on Microsoft, the Microsoft Platform and extending it to add significant value on top of it. The Omada solution delivers a complete Identity Lifecycle Management Solution covering: Graphical Workflow User Management Delegation Reporting & Auditing Role Based Access Control and Self-Service. Several productive references show that the integration of MIIS and Omada is delivering great value to customers. Some of the key differentiators for Omada are their deep integration into SAP, their exceptional front end, which allow workflow/form definition and monitoring in the browser, and their support for SharePoint. Slide 8 Alex Weinert, Group Program Manager Identity Management Team, Microsoft, Redmond: Microsoft strongly supports Omada and their Identity Manager solution for.NET. Microsoft supports Omada because: 1) it uses, leverages and extends Microsoft technology; 2) it extends the value of the Microsoft identity management platform. I have met personally with principals from Omada and am convinced both of the soundness of their approach and their commitment to the Microsoft Identity platform. Omada works closely with Microsofts Identity and Access Management teams, and we expect them to continue this collaboration in the future. Their products expand the capabilities of MIIS in ways complementary to Microsofts strategy. Omada extensions of MIIS speed customer adoption and deliver a rapid ROI for identity management projects. As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, Omada is well positioned to provide you the product based on, and the integration with, the Microsoft software platform. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. With best regards and good wishes for your undertaking, Slide 9 What is Omada Identity Manager? A Compliance and administrative savings through features such as: Role-Based Access Control Delegated administration Self service Segregation of Duties (SoD) Request and approval workflows Compliance Reporting & Audit Trail User Job Profile 2 Job Profile 1 Role A Role B Role C Role-Based Access Control Identity Management Processes Slide 10 Selected Cases The A.P. Moller Group ECCO Grundfos Transport for London Slide 11 Omada Identity Manager with MIIS Architecture Slide 12 Dynamic Data Model Roles, Job Profiles, Security Groups Name, address, email, phone no. Joiner, Mover, Leaver and other processes Context-specific forms Slide 13 Demonstration Slide 14 1) Joiner Process at man fr lagt rettighedstildelingen og godkendelsen ud til forretningen p en ensartet mde, sledes at alle relevante informationer og godkendelser indsamles konsistent og med fuld sporbarhed - Gerne live demo af kreering og afvikling af et workflow 2) Mover Process at man systematiserer processerne for brugeroprettelser, ndringer af brugerrettigheder og brugernedlggelser - Gerne live demo 3) Provisioning at man kan automatisere processerne, sledes at alle brugere kan administreres centralt p tvrs af systemer (SAP / Active Directory), hvis dette nskes - Gerne live demo 4) Creation of a Role at man kan styre processen for oprettelse, ndring og nedlggelse af roller - Gerne live demo 5) at der specificeres hvilke systemer, der findes frdige connectorer til. Behovet i frste omgang er f.eks. Active Directory, SAP, Oracle databaser, Oracle Application Server via OID, SQL Server 2000/2005 6) Role Based Access Control at man kan optimere rollekonceptet og indfre jobprofiler (ogs kaldet system roller/systemprofiler) for lettere vedligeholdelse. Jobprofiler er en samling af bestemte adgange i de forskellige systemer til en bestemt type medarbejder evt. afhngig af tilhrsforhold til en bestemt afdeling - Gerne live demo 7) Reporting Services At man kan skabe et simpelt overblik over brugerne og deres rettigheder p tvrs af systemer - Gerne live demo Slide 15 Partner support Slide 16 Summary - Why choose Omada User friendly Easy to get started Rich and well proven content Low maintenance costs SAP robust integration HR and Roles Slide 17 Omada and Partner Award winning Identity Management solution Best practice services Compliance consulting Identity Management consulting Project management Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 Omada Identity Manager Together we create a unique value for the customers Partners Slide 18 What we can offer the partners Success Higher win rate Larger projects Better and broader access in the customers Revenue Additional revenue for consulting Omada Identity Manager Identity Management processes and best practice Software reselling and/or kickback Slide 19 Partner package Standard presentation Self running demos Demo environment Product sheets Whitepapers Reference stories ROI calculator News letter Slide 20 Sales assistance Presales support Sales support Proof of Concepts and Pilots Proposal writing and estimation Slide 21 Appendix/Backup Slides Slide 22 Connectivity Capabilities of MIIS 2003 DONG Energy: Behovet i frste omgang er f.eks. Active Directory, SAP, Oracle databaser, Oracle Application Server via OID, SQL Server 2000/2005 Slide 23 We provide a combination of approaches to assigning user privileges in large complex organizations Manual allocations User population Automated allocations Attributes and/or Roles Slide 24 1) A Joiner Process is initiated via Self Service from Microsoft SharePoint A Joiner Process initiated via Self Service from Microsoft SharePoint Configuration by Administrator Request for a new employee Role assignment Approval User Provisioning through MIIS