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Transcript of OMADA IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT AS-A-SERVICE · PDF file the best-practice standards of...


    © Omada A/S

    Omada offers comprehensive Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS) based on the best-practice standards of Omada Identity Suite. With IdaaS, you get all the benefits that follow from an IGA system, such as a higher level of efficiency, security, and compliance, without the burden of having to operate the system yourself.


    OMADA IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT AS-A-SERVICE Manage risk, maintain security, and ensure business efficiency across hybrid IT environments


    CLOUD-BASED IDAAS The advancement of cloud-based services creates new opportunities for managing user identities and access, a task which has never been more important and challenging. Rising technology adoption is leading to high levels of complexity. This makes organizations more vulnerable to security related threats and creates inefficiency. Therefore, it is vital that tech- nologies, processes and policies are in place to provide the right people with the right access at the right time in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner.

    With IdaaS, you get all the benefits that follow from an identity management and access governance (IGA) solution, such as a higher level of efficiency, security, and compliance, without the burden of having to implement, maintain, and operate the system yourself.

    Omada’s cloud-based IdaaS is a dedicated IGA platform that connects to business critical on-premises systems and cloud applications such as Active Directory, SharePoint, and SAP. The service includes the operation and maintenance of the IGA platform that provides full identity lifecycle management and access governance capabilities. BEST-PRACTICE IGA AS A SERVICE Make the most of your resources by selecting Omada’s IdaaS to administrate, govern, and protect your IT infrastructure and

    © Omada A/S

    sensitive information assets with policies, processes, and man- agement of access.

    IdaaS delivers best-practice IGA platform that: • Provides an easy and rapid entry into reaching an enhanced

    and necessary security posture without the burden of finding or increasing your team of scarcely available IAM experts and preparing the necessary infrastructure

    • Supports your business in providing the right access at the right time using pre-configured processes

    • Raises your security level by improving control and compli- ance, while minimizing risks and audit findings

    • Offers the freedom and flexibility to expand the platform functionalities to accommodate future needs

    • Has rapid time to go-live (days)

    • Ensures that investments, when installing the Omada Identity Platform on-premises, are not lost on your jour- ney through hybrid to cloud, by supporting a “lift and shift” approach due to offering the same solution in any delivery model

    • Delivers efficiency by letting an experienced team of spe- cialists operate and support your IAM system – freeing up resources and letting you focus on business activities rather than use resources on IT and IGA operations


    Omada IdaaS is based on Omada’s process reference model which includes built-in processes for identity lifecycle management, access request management, business alignment, and security breaches. All functional areas are bookended with full govern- ance and administration processes for a complete IGA solution.


    Identity Lifecycle Management Begin

    Onboard Identity


    Off-board Identity


    Change Identity

    Access Request Management Request

    Request access


    Approve access



    Business Alignment Context

    Manage context


    Manage policy


    Manage role


    Generate report

    Perform reconciliation

    Perform attestation


    Manage connectivity

    Manage IGA solution

    Identity Security Breach Analyze



    Incident response


    Suspend access

    System and data store classification

    Security test / risk scoring of users


    IDENTITY AS-A-SERVICE SUPPORT AND OPERATIONS FEATURES Omada Identity Platform is provided as software-as-a-service, which drives your total cost of ownership down. The service is truly scalable, fully supported, runs on Azure, and fulfills the highest compliance and security standards. Support and operations features include:

     Automated setup of the service

     24/7/365 operations

     High performance, high availability, capacity monitoring

     Dedicated service owner contact person

     Geo redundancy

     Disaster recovery / infrastructure, and data

     Proactive monitoring of service and data storage performance

     Continuous support

     Patching and maintenance

     Diagnostics and troubleshooting

     Automatic scaling of database to demands in minutes

     Application monitoring and health check reporting

    FUTURE-PROOF TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM The Omada Platform provides built-in, best-practice processes, derived from nearly two decades of working with some of the most successful enterprises in the world. The Omada Platform is built on Microsoft technology and supports a wide set of applications through its extendable framework of connectors, including the most commonly used cloud services such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday, EPIC and dozens of others, as well as various versions of SAP and RACF/Main- frame-based banking systems. The Platform runs as-a-service on Azure and centrally handles multiple Active Directory forests, and multiple Azure and Office 365 subscriptions. Two-factor log-on experience is provided utilizing Azure AD/Feder- ation services.

    We carefully follow the progress and roadmaps of partners to ensure long-term compatibility across our connectors and core capabilities. We know our customers count on consistent performance and are committed to ensuring that in the long-haul.

    Role & Policy Engine

    Actual state Desired state

    Identity Management Portal

    Surveys SOD ILM Self-service

    Auth. source(s)

    Compliance Dashboard


    AD Web portals

    SAPLOB App. Cloud

  • © Omada A/S

    Since 2000, Omada has focused on using identity to create business value. Identity, managed the Omada way, simultaneously improves security, efficiency, cost control and regulatory compliance throughout any organization. And, it can do even more. Identity can accelerate digital transfor- mations, smooth M&A integration, and enable deeper relationships with suppliers and customers. Few technologies have the potential to impact so much. Belief in this essential role of identity unites our organization, fuels our innovation, and strengthens our collaboration with partners. We’ve pioneered many of the best practices in use today, and are passionate about taking identity management even further. We are committed to using identity to create business value. Omada has operations in North America and Europe, delivering solutions directly and via a network of skilled partners and system integrators. |



    The unique accelerated implementation methodology ‘Omada Essential’ uses our best-practice process framework to enable organizations to quickly establish a governance foundation and derive great value in a short timeframe. We start with a well- defined scope, which includes cleaning and mapping data from Active Directory and the HR database as this tends to be the most up to date system across the business.

    The Omada solution imports the HR data, making it visible in our Compliance Dashboard. This provides a comprehensive overview of the actual-state of employee identities and their access across the business, immediately highlighting access risks, or inappropriate access rights and provides reports for auditing and stakeholder purposes. HR data is automatically matched with access data from multiple systems and directori- es, account ownerships are determined, and orphan accounts are surfaced for remediation.

    ’Omada Essential’ provides the foundation for any identity management and access governance project. From here, you can deploy additional solutions and standard features, giving you the business benefits your organization needs to stay ahead.

    • Based on best-practice experience from some of the world’s largest IAM projects

    • Standardization of first phase documentation and scope, delivers a first go-live in a short time

    • Foundation for further governance and self-service functional- ity, and the option to onboard more applications as needed

    • Fixed and well-defined scope that includes data from Active Directory and HR

    • Concurrent planning of the roadmap for adding more function- ality and systems. Defined in four prioritization workshops as preparation for Steering Committee presentation

    Capture, clean and map data from AD + HR

    Install Omada Identity Suite

    Set-up attestation surveys for managers

    Training & User Accep- tance testing