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Transcript of OLYMPIAD BOOK - · PDF fileOLYMPIAD BOOK 47 COUNTRIES ... ject Olympiad in the Netherlands,...

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    5th INESPOJune 2-7, 2013@Middelburg


    47 C








    Fotografie: Jack Tummers

  • ColophonPublished by:

    Cosmicus FoundationHofplein 333011 AJ RotterdamThe Netherlands

    Editor & Editorial DesignA.M. Meerkerk

    Printed by Deniz at Rotterdam, 2013

    Contact detailsContact person: Mr. A. ElmaagacPhone number: +31 (0)10 411 75 74 E-mail address: info@inespo.orgPostal adress: Postbus 24102 3007 DC Rotterdam The Netherlands

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  • Welcome to the

    5th INESPO 2013Challenge yourself!

  • IndexWelcome! P. 6 Program Opening Ceremony P. 8 Closing Ceremony P. 9

    Program June 3-6 P. 10

    Speakers P. 11

    Jury P. 13

    Awards P. 21

    International projects P. 22

    Dutch projects P. 25

    International project abstracts P. 26

    Dutch project abstracts P. 68

    Organizers P. 72

    Affiliated Full Partners P. 73

    Authorized Affiliated National Coordinators P. 74

  • 6

    It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 5th INESPO 2013, the international sustainability olympiad for students! We are very happy to may welcome more than 350 participants from 47 countries. INESPO is pleased to be able to organize an event that brings together young scientists and their supervisors from 47 countries. The event promotes the ideas of cooperation and

    exchange of knowledge and experiences, and stimulates the emergence of young talents in various areas of science.

    The national round of INESPO has taken place in Amsterdam on April 20, 2013. During this round the ten best Dutch projects were nominated to participate in the international round, that takes place in Middelburg. Almost 250 international students from 46 countries along with the ten best Dutch project teams will present their solutions for environmental problems to the public on June 3 and 4. Amongst many prizes such as gold, silver and bronze medals in different categories, there will be also an audience prize and en-couragement awards. On June 6 we will announce the winners at the awards ceremony.

    We are very thankful that the Province of Zeeland is willing to act as a host for this years INESPO and has contributed a lot to make this event a great success. We also thank University College Roo-sevelt and SCOOP for their effort. Besides that we would like to thank the other co-organizers, DuurzaamDoor, SME Advies (with their Globe Program), IVN and NPOINT who worked together with the Cosmicus Foundation, the initiator of INESPO. Besides these organizations multiple partners have supported this initiative and helped organisatio-nally and financially.

    We are very thankful for all the support we have gotten and we want to wish all participants, jury members and visitors a won-derful experience and hope that you will be inspired by the en-thusiasm and sustainable passion of all these young people!

    Reyis KurtChairman Cosmicus Foundation

    WelcomeAs an administrator of the Province of Zee-land I bid a warm welcome to all INESPO 2013 participants in our beautiful abbey. It is great that so many students from all over the world have come to Middelburg to exchange ideas and present their solutions for environmen-tal problems. I am proud of the fact that the organisation has picked this spot for the in-ternational finale. All these bright minds to-

    gether in Zeeland; that makes one crave for more!

    INESPO is a great match for Zeeland, because it is a place for stu-dents to present creative ideas for their sustainable world. The Province puts great value on a sustainable future. We stimulate and support innovations that make the world smarter, greener and more beautiful. Innovations that fit in with Zeeland, a region that is characterised by its special location on LAND IN SEA! This special location is the breeding ground for innovative projects such as the generation of tidal energy or breeding fish on land.

    During INESPO, Zeeland is a breeding ground for innovation and sustainability. Over 350 participants will present their ideas for a sustainable future during INESPO. I do hope that things wont stop at ideas, but that the projects will be developed further. That is why we strive to make education and entrepreneurs meet here in Zeeland. With excursions, lectures and workshops we aim to make people aware of the opportunities for working together towards a better future. You can only excel by working together and being optimistic. Our LAND IN SEA! offers plenty of room for that.

    In addition to the official presentations and award ceremony, we like to let the students get acquainted with Zeeland. One of the programme items is an excursion to the Biobase Training Cen-trum in Terneuzen, for instance. Or a visit to the Zeeuwse Tong company where we breed sustainable fish on land. They are each innovative projects where we gain new knowledge for a sustainable world.

    Visiting INESPO 2013 is a must. Together with all partners we organise something here that will get people out of their lazy chairs. I wish all participants an interesting event! I expect that you will have inspiring days here, full of energy and ideas that you can develop further when you get home. To me it is already clear that you are all winners!

    Ben de ReuMember of the Provincial Executive of Zeeland

  • 7

    Welcome to the 5th INESPO 2013, Middel-burg!

    It is with great pleasure that the Cosmicus Foundation hosts the 5th edition of the Inter-national Environmental & Sustainability Pro-ject Olympiad in the Netherlands, after many successful events in Amsterdam and Utrecht. We are pleased and honored to organize the

    event in Middelburg the capital of the province of Zeeland.

    This year INESPO will be held in de Abdij, the Abbey, a unique authentic place, not only for its historical significance and atmos-phere, but also for its importance as the official governmental province building of the province of Zeeland.

    The organization of INESPO is pleased to be a bridge between dozens of organizations, companies, institutions, universities, public and private bodies, that brings together young scientists from 47 countries, promoting the ideas of cooperation and ex-change of knowledge and experiences, as well as stimulating the rise of young talents in various areas and disciplines.

    The 5th edition of INESPO will be a great success with the par-ticipation of 350 young scientists, whose presented projects re-present many different areas of science and sustainability in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Environment, Social Sciences and Energy. They are all testaments to the impact of an international event of this nature, capable of mobilizing a large number of young people with varied interests but dedi-cated to work for a better world of tomorrow.

    The 5th edition of INESPO presents a very rich and diverse pro-gram, which includes not only the scientific aspect of the event, but also highlights the diverse cultural offerings that characte-rize the province of Zeeland. Next to many interesting lectures, workshops and seminars, the young talents will also have the possibility to visit the parliament, and meet ambassadors. Also de Watersnoodmuseum and Neeltje Jans are touristic places which should not be forgotten.

    All of these opportunities and enrichment will give us the abi-lity to get to know Middelburg, the province of Zeeland and the Netherlands better. This event is made possible due to several institutional supporters and partners, we are seriously engaged with, for which my gratitude is great and humble.

    I wish you a successful and pleasant scientific experience, and hope it may open many doors during your career and study.

    To all participants, volunteers and visitors: my best wishes for an unforgettable competition which will last for many years, and will build bridges of friendships between many countries.

    Ibrahim A. ElmaagacHost OrganizerInternational Event Coordinator


  • 8

    Opening Ceremony




    10.30 - 11.00 Walk in

    11.30 - 13.00 Opening ceremony

    I. Welcome

    II. Act with participants from all participating countries

    III. Speeches

    IV. Formal opening act


    Location: Square in front of Abdij, Middelburg

  • 9

    Closing Ceremony




    19.00 - 19.30 Walk in

    19.30 - 21.30 Closing ceremony,

    I. Cultural parade by participants II. Speeches III. Award ceremony


    Location: City Theatre, Middelburg

  • Program June 3-6

    Monday June 3












    Energy Cycling, Solar Cinema

    and 10.000% effi


    pening Ceremony

    Energy Cycling, Solar Cinema and 10.000%


    KloostergangenExhibtion of projects &

    stustainable inspiration m

    arketExhibtion of projects &

    stustainable inspiration market


    e Kerk



    Structure in the subsoil of Zeeland (SsZ)M

    ovie Hom












    Zeeuwse Bilbiotheek

    Background information about sustainability on interactive tables, vi