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Transcript of Ollie Sharpe - LinkedIn - September 26th

  • LinkedIn and the changing face of RecruitmentOllie SharpeUK Sales Manager LinkedIn

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  • Why members come to LinkedIn

    2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.*EverywhereWork wherever our members workInsightsBe great at what you doIdentityConnect, find, and be found

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    Insights: Influencers

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    Everywhere: Apply for a Job on Mobile*

  • *Members worldwide

  • 238m+Registered members as of Sept 2013200+Countries and territories65%Of LinkedIn members are outside of the USLinkedIns global footprint is expanding:EMEA74M+UAE1M+

    Amy Miller - do we want this slide here as well as the previous?

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    *21%15%44%20%ActiveSending out resumes and actively looking for a new position.TiptoerThinking about changing jobs and reaching out to close associates.ExplorerNot looking for a job but willing to discuss a new opportunity with recruiters.Super PassiveHappily employed and not interested in a new opportunity.Together known as Approachable.

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    There are fundamental differences between active and passive candidatesActive Candidate - Ready to apply online Searching for opportunities Responds quickly Accepts best job offered nowPassive Candidates - Do not have a current CV May listen to opportunities Seek additional information Will move for the right job


    The Changing Landscape

  • The Social Web2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.*Social networking haschanged the behavior of online users.

    Changes the way users - Process information - Make buying decisions - Look for employment

    People expect information to be relevant and personalised.

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    *93%of recruiters use or plan to use LinkedIn for recruitingSource: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey.

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    Your biggest concern today?*Source: LinkedIn Recruitment Trends survey, 2013.theres not a lot of quality talent.

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    Your biggest concern today?*Source: LinkedIn Recruitment Trends survey, 2013.a lot of competition.Ian MullenMarketing Manager, Emerald Technology

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    Your biggest concern today?*establishing my firm as a trusted partner.Alison RecordonBusiness Improvement Manager, Impellam

  • Relationships

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    What you can be doing for free

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    Identity: build personal, professional brandSkills & ExpertiseThought Leading UpdatesSummary and ExperienceYour visual identity and headlineGroups & AssociationsRecommendationsPhotoHeadlineUpdatesSummary

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    Use your network to add insights to your workflow2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.*Outlook IntegrationEmail SignatureGoogle ToolbarMac Search Widget

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    Insights: share and learn knowledge2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.*Relevant, recommended newsEngaging, informative insightsLinkedIn TodayThought-leadership

  • Why are followers important..of members are more likely to share information as a result of following a company 61%3xmore likely to apply for jobs posted by companies they follow 78%more likely to accept an approach6xmore likely to view your Careers Page

  • Build a community: Engage, analyze, optimize*Analyze & Optimize Engage Followers: Post UpdatesBuild Community: Acquire FollowersEstablish company and profile Presence: Develop Branding Assets

  • Engage and build relationships Deliver regular updates to your followers network update streams

  • Measure your impactDetailed follower analyticsTrack company update engagement metricsSegment followers on targetable dimensionsTrack new follower acquisition

  • Insights for Updates1 LinkedIn Follower Report, US, January 20122 LinkedIn internal data, global, January 2012

  • South Africa: 1.75mio members+ 1500 new members per day

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    Our Enterprise Solutions

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    HireEngage the worlds best passive talent

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    MarketEngage most effectively with professionals

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    It all starts with your presence on LinkedInYour chance to showcase your Talent and your CompanyYour Employees ProfilesThe first thing potential candidates see Daily contact with your clients

    Your Company PagesPromote your expertise Showcase live roles

    Your FollowersBuild trusted relationships with a wider networkEngage potential clients & candidates

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    SellBuild trust with clients

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    Interested in our corporate solutions?Email me with company name and how many employees you have.

    To: osharpe@linkedin.com

    I am going to talk about 4 things:LinkedInChanging world of Recruitment- surveyWhat you can be doing for freeVery brief overview of our paid for solutions**Our mission statementthe first value of the company is members first.

    Any time we want to do something new the first question we ask is, How will this impact the individual member around the world?- and if its not a positive way, then those ideas are cast aside. **A recent Insights launch is LinkedIn Influencers. Whos read an influencer post on LinkedIn?

    These are the posts written by business luminaries who have decided to share their thoughts on LinkedIn. People like Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, and Meg Whitman have adopted LinkedIn as their platform for sharing their thoughts about how the professional world works.

    Specifically in the world of talent and recruitment, people like Alistair Cox, the Chief Executive of Hays, and Lou Adler are now using LinkedIn as their platform. Its become a place where these people, who have so much to share and so much to add, are able to scale their voice. Now, if Lou has something to say, for example, 281K people hear it. Thats pretty amazing. *And finally, some exciting recent news aligned with our everywhere core value proposition.

    Over 30% of members who view jobs on LinkedIn come from mobile. So last month, we launched the ability for LinkedIn members to directly apply for jobs from their mobile devices.

    And as a result of our highly personalised job recommendations in the mobile feed the recent ability to search jobs on mobile as well as the Jobs you may be interested in feature were seeing members who never view jobs on the desktop viewing and saving jobs on mobile. *Perhaps the most astounding number is that recently we crossed 238 million members on LinkedIn from around the world. In fact, people are signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second*Second engage the 80%.

    Around half of you say that passive talent is central to your recruiting strategy. The rest of you focus either exclusively on active candidates or on some combination of active and passive.

    We believe that passive talent is critical to overcoming the challenges in todays market a lot of competition and what feels like a very limited pool of quality talent, in particular. Our research shows that 21% of talent is active15% we classify as tiptoers44% as explorersand 20% are super passive.

    And we believe that if you focus on that 80% who are to some degree open to hearing about new opportunities if you build relationships with them, if you put the right opportunity in front of the right person at the right time youll be providing a differentiated candidate slate to your clients.

    Weve seen so many of our clients be really successful in digging into that 80% - that passive talent pool on LinkedIn, and making the network work for them so theyre effectively activating candidates. If youre interested in learning more Id encourage you to attend our training session next with Lindsay Browning, where youll learn some best practices for building a pipeline of candidates, leveraging our job targeting, and more.*LinkedIn advances relationships at the right time with the right individual and the right information. *To expand on that, its not just 238 million members, but the vast majority of people in the recruiting industry are now on LinkedIn. That creates a different dynamic. Because that dynamic puts us in a position, if we listen really well, to capture the general sentiment of whats going on in recruiting and how people are solving problems and how those problems are evolving.

    I want to spend the next part of my talk sharing some of the themes that were hearing, and discussing how they might spur some thoughts for you on how you want to guide your firms going forward.*The first thing were hearing from you is that there doesnt seem to be a lot of quality talent out there or at the very least, that quality candidates are tough to find.

    In fact, we conduct an annual survey of your peers to understand trends in the market and this year, you ranked availability of quality talent as the #1 biggest obstacle you face in recruitment.

    The feeling is that the number of people out there that I can go after is shrinking which is amazing, because in fact our access to talent has grown tremendously and yet everyone feels that talent pools are getting smaller. The reason for that

    *is that competition is heating up dramatically in the world of recruitment.

    Youre seeing this competition raise its head in a number of ways:Its a candidates market. If you have the skills that are so in demand, you have a lot of options, and you get to call the shots in terms of things like compensation, ben