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314.880.8745 FROM THIS TO THIS 175W TO 41W Save $34 on your bills Eligible for $28 Ameren Incentive 250w to 81w Save $43 annually $35 incentive 150w to 42w Save $43 annually $34 incentive 400w to 245w Save $53 annually $35 incentive

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314.880.8745FROM THIS TO THIS175W TO 41WSave $34 on your billsEligible for $28 Ameren Incentive

250w to 81wSave $43 annually$35 incentive

150w to 42wSave $43 annually$34 incentive

400w to 245wSave $53 annually$35 incentive

1000w to 278wSave $324 annually$210 incentive