Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryniski 7/Brooklyn NY... The light aud p*J*a»iug style of...

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Transcript of Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryniski 7/Brooklyn NY... The light aud p*J*a»iug style of...

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    r-TTKir w^^ww^^^^^W^l

    (Sitjj ^eu)0 xm& (Btosirip* NOTICE-THB BTBBBT COMMaOTBIr* i?P THB Common Council will hold their rejjnlar n»«tln^e TUB ORATHiU LlSf EVUHIKU.-—TUB fl»l-Jet"

    formanoo of an'oratorio. to Ihe Brooklyn public draw together a vory full audieage^tt'tho Fomttle Acad- emy, lit. Loowo'a oratorio o( tho Seveu Sleepers, was presented uudor tho auspices of tho Brooklyn Saored Alusic Society, which has bceu organize only two or three mouths, but which has i» that short time, tuado rapid .advancement, aud takcu a high position in tho musical world. Tho oratorio was given last night in as a good stylo throughout as it over was by tho New York Sacred Music Society, though the force employed on the occasion was not •o uumerous as that society can command, and perhaps this wis its moat oouiintjudable foalurc, as there wero a sufficient number of performers present lo euiljlie capacity of the room. Tho chiej'vocal parts wore lustaiucd by artists of acknowledged ability aud reputation, such as Mr.̂ Pdigu, Mrs Jyucs- The chorus and some of tho leading singers Vore sup- plied from the uiembftra of the Society, who consist of our best utnajuur vocalists, all bound together and sustained in the' instrumental parts by tho cele. brated baud of Uuug'l, thau whom there are probably no belter performers of orchestral music in the world. With all these aids aud helps, aud Mr. Zundel the experienced aud accomplished conductor to tho So- ciety, they would not have fulfilled tho expectations of tho public unless they had performed the oratorio in the truo aud spirited manner in which the author's music wen rendered. Tho audienco pave evidenco of their approbation by repeated applause, and the whole thing went oft' in good style. The light aud p*J*a»iug style of this music, the strange story of the Seveu Sleepers, the singing in the cave, whicn was last evening performed iu a side room, all combine to render this oratorio a fa- vorite with a popular audience. | l will bear frequent hearing, aud we trust the society will bo induced to perform it at an early day. Wo_are glad that througii the elForis and public spirit of Mr. Wy- nan, the ptesidout uf the society, Brooklyn has* started on her owu responsibility iu tho matter of an elevated, style of sacred music, and that we shall havelt in its perfection without the trouble of going to New York*. i

    for the Eagle.

    SHAMEFUL.—If rumor bo true, during the firo yesterday morniug, as No. 3's truck or jumper \vai

    • goiug to the fire, two young men wero in company, oue of them fell, and said jumper ran over his body, the other to save tho life aud limb uf his uuforlunate comrade, seized the wheel and stopped the jumpers headway, and no soouer was this noble deod_doue thau he found himself in the clutches of ihtrMhyor aud two watchmen, who confined him in the cells until a late hour in the morning, whou ho was brought out and held to hail. 1 have seen go vera I pcrsuus who saw the whulo affair, and say tho above statement is true.

    This is au outrage, aud there is a remedy, aud I hope it may be sought. JUSTICE.

    OUTRAGE—Ueorgo Wilder, a respectablo colored man who on his way from Williatitsburgli to Hemp stead, on Tuesday of last week was Jiailed by another black fellow, who wanted to ride. In a few minutes after tho stranger got into tho wagon with Wilder he struck him several blows with a club and camo nf ar kilting him Hut Wilder rallied and turning on the villain ho became frightened Aud fled, lie has been taken up and lodged in jail. "

    a7'"heeommitteerooin,ClljrHall, avery Wednesday i j i n i i , ) ^ , rrrPH- -»nnT«n,nhiifjnnn Urooi.lv

    PtvTa May,181V. n»yl3

    Unction £Talt0. H.Tir t noi.li', AHrtlniiMT.

    l l

    T h o board of supervisor^havfi r. any liuio require to be-repaired or new roofed.

    Adopted November37th. 184B.

    Approved November 2S)th, lcV{8. d7 3md FRANCIS B STRYKER, Mayor.

    MOi'lC'JE—In the matter of the .application of th--Mayor and Common Council of th'ecity of Brooklyn,

    OJte«,JV*e.43**K/t»i»«trll that cer- tain leasehold interest In a lot on the S side of Tillary st, distant 77 ft 0 in E from NE corner of Tearl and Tillary sis—said lot i s 2 j feet front und contains 2000 iqusre ft.— For full particulars see ShcrilV's advertisement in Brook

    K i u « co court In equity—Under the direction of Daniel Van Voorhls, Ksq.—Ml that triangular piece of land on the south side of Water st, Brooklyn, adjoinlag land of the late Gilbert Van Mater, being 24 ft G ins front by 50 ft 8 lni on one side and 62 ft on tho other, more or less, for full par- ttculwssee sheriff's advertisement in Brooklyn Eagle.

    Alio, Kin^s co. court In equity—same direction—All that certain east part of a dwelling house ur\d piece of land In the town ol Flatbush, bounded 8 and SE by Brook- lyn and Jamaica road, K and N by Und of Wui Howard, sun, to a certain mark or stake,and thence to the partition wa.l in a straight hue lo the rear, coaialulng 10 acres more or less.

    Also, all that other piece of land In the town of Flatbush on the S side ot the Brookly n aud Jain ilea ro id ad olning and bounded Oy land of Trios Swan, Jacob Sncdiker, and Johtinue"s J Lott, coutilning 43 acres.. For full particulars sea sheriff's advertisement iu Brooklyn Eagle.

    Tuesday, February Oih. At !2o'clock at the Franklin House, /

    Supreme Court In Equity.—Under direction of Danlfcl Van Vouruls, t.sa,. Sheriff, All those 21 Lots of Ground In the Village of Williamsburg, bounded by Burruui, iVc Kibbln and Leonard streets, and known on .Mop of Jarott. Boeruiii, deceased, nuw Mc Kibbin and" Nichols, made Sept. lt?33, and on file in Kiugs Co. Clerks otfico by No 37o to 3'Jo, both inclusive, in parcel no 16, each lot 25 by 100 feet.

    Thursday, February 22d. At 12 o'clock, at ttio Merchants' Exchange,

    The Diunrs Farm, of about 81 acres, h ilf a inilo cast of Jamaica Village, .beautifully fronting on tho Jericho, Hempstead and Babylon turnpike, with a spacious man- sion house, barn and outbuildings; cholcoTand for hay and marketing'; flue young orch ird ; heav'ny timbered, wull watered; genteel neighborhood; churches acade- mies, 4-c, numerous; half an hour from N. Y.by railroad, a short walk from tho depot, will suit a genllenmn doing buiiutsi in ttie city daily. Three fourths ul tne purchase money can remain 11) years on mortgage, Mr. O. V. Leech, Jamaica will show ihe pioperty.

    J O S K t ' i l : i i : « i ; . i l A N , A u c t i o n e e r . BROOKLYN PUBLIC SALES ROOM,

    A*i> 1U1 IVaSkingtvn, near Cvncord street, Brooklyn.

    toosreru HEOEMAN, Auctioneer, has removed his utlice to tho large building formerly known as the Classical Hall, on Washington st, opposite the Institute, which has been handsomely titled up expressly for a.Public Sales Room, and respectfully solicits from his friends and the-publlc a continuance of the liberal patronage which has hitherto bean bestowed npon him. Personal attention >\ill be uiv en to sales ol every description Ileal Estate, Furniture and Merchandise.

    At Private J-aln—A Genteel Cottage House und Lot oh the South Side of Park next door to Carlton nveuue. Lot 23 by 100 feet, more or less, wilh grape vines and fruit trees yard digged, Cemented Cistorn wich pump, House in com- plete order, built in the very best, manner by a Master Mc chanic for his own residency,—ahd_ walls and painted throughout—with convenient ciosets fce — Basement ait;, enclosed with glass—Killed in Willi brick and Firo Hi ol Plate glass in Windows—and but a short distanco fn in Myrtle Avenue—§600 may remain on Bonil und Mortgage. Enquire of J. liegeman.—No. 11)1 Washington St.

    Thursday. Feb. 15th At 1 lo'clock. A M, at No. 117 Henry st

    A largo and general ns-iortnient of household furniture. Particnlori hereafter.

    The HOUSE TO LET, possession Immediately after the sale Hent$»00. ~ .AT .

    K. J . TOOD, Auctioneer. *' Store alopt a system • f drainage In ihe words above mentioned according to apian now in the office of ihe city cleik wh*re it may bo seen. A contideratlon of tho motion will bo had at the nc i t meeting of tho common council on the 5th day of February, and this otlce is givcu that all ponons interested n u y uclacconlinrly.

    (Signed) EDWARD COPLAND. j i^ l 3iwtd City Clerk.

    £ l O K P O B A T l O V NOTICE-—Flagg ing side- ^J walks southwesterly corntr of Clark a:.d Willow streets.

    The assessors having returned their assessment li'.t Ui the above entitled matter, notlco is herehy alven that tr.r same will ho prescrlcd to the Mayor au1 Common Counril for confirmation .11 their rejnlar meeting on Monday, t!,e 5th day nf Fo'irmry. or as soon thereafter as they may con Venlently actopon the lame. Thel lst can beexaniinrrt ;ii the office of theclcrlt of the comrnoncouncll until the abovo date. Objections tn said list (if any) arc to he made In wri ling.and presented to thecomnioncouncllnn or bofnrelh.aS day. Dated Brooklyn, UMh, Jan 1849. E.COPLAND,

    ji2G dtd Clerk ol the Common Council.

    *** R.J . TODD and THOMAS BELL will give per- sonal and prompt attention to sales of Real Estate, Furnt ture, and all kinds of merchandise in New York, Willihini burgh, and all parts of Long Island.

    Thursday February 1, At 10 o'clock, in tho sales rooms,,£8J"«\»nn o

    Saturday morning, Keb. 3d. At 10 o'clock iuthe sales room, 88 Fulton street., a large

    and valuable assortment of new and 2nd hand furniture ol every variety and style.

    ' Sa