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  • Oilfield Equipment Solutions

    Quality and Asset Management

  • Cardno PPI offers quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) services to oil and gas clients globally. Our services include project-based QA, component-specific QA, and complete QA/QC plans and services. Through our state-of-the-art Cardno PetroPro Suite applications, we also offer vendor performance analysis and inventory management services.

    As part of Cardnos Oil & Gas Division, Cardno PPI provides services and software solutions worldwide for quality assurance and asset tracking. Contact us today: +1 713 464 2200

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    Our skilled quality assurance personnel ensure that oilfield equipment meets design criteria, regulations, and industry standards.

    We offer third-party inspection and monitoring for oilfield, pipeline, and processing equipment, including:

    > Downhole accessories > Drilling and completion equipment and facilities

    > Facility fabrication > Line pipe > Manifold systems > Oil country tubular goods (drillpipe, etc.) > Pipeline equipment > Processing equipment > Production equipment and facilities > Risers and umbilicals > Wellheads and Christmas trees

    Quality Assurance/Quality ControlOur highly experienced inspection technicians monitor the manufacturing and inspection of oil and gas components. We regularly represent clients at vendor facilities, construction sites, production facilities, drilling rigs, and any other required locations.

    Our inspectors have years of experience in metallurgy, connections, industry-relevant specifications, and non-destructive testing protocols. Written inspection accounts provide a documentation trail for vendor review and auditing. These documents can be provided as stand-alone reports or in the Cardno PetroPro Suite software, which facilitates long-term vendor performance analysis.

    We also act as your advocates throughout the manufacturing, welding, inspection, and testing processes.

    Other offerings include auditing services and quality plan development and implementation services.

    Quality Plan Development and ImplementationOur professionals can help develop a customized inspection and test plan to meet your needs. On request, we can also review existing quality plans and provide constructive feedback and advice.

    Global Reach, Local Service > Scalable services > Project-based QA > Component-specific QA > Complete QA plans and services > Knowledgeable, skilled technicians

    Quality professionals provide third-party inspection services.

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    Our Cardno PetroPro Suite includes applications such as QA Reporter, which is used to document, access, and manage quality inspection information. The suite of applications also includes inventory management solutions.

    Improved EfficiencyQA Reporter (QAR) is the most mature inspection reporting system in oil and gas, with more than 10 million inspected items, components, and assemblies. The software tracks your quality assurance operationsand the results. With this valuable information, you can focus QA attention where its needed most.

    QAR is both an inspection reporting system and a quality management tool. Put simply, QAR automates the process of documenting field inspections. QAR leads the industry in quality reporting and quality data analysis. The system is customizable to meet your quality assurance, quality control, and equipment management needs.

    The entire Cardno PetroPro Suite, including QAR, is web-accessible, so your company can start benefiting immediately without costly hardware, administration, or software installation.

    > Create consistent inspection reports > Extract key performance indicators (KPIs) for business analytics

    > Distribute trending reports and operational data to management

    > Benefit from clear information reporting and charting

    > Store information in a database for audit tracking

    > Measure, benchmark, and track information for quality improvement

    Leading-Edge Quality Assurance SoftwareCutting-edge, web-accessible Cardno PetroPro software suite

    With QAR, key performance indicators inform critical business decisions.

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    Reports and AnalysisInspectors and other QA personnel use the QAR system to record quality data. The guided input format provides consistent, comparable data that lends itself to automated reporting and analysis.

    Collected information also facilitates vendor performance analysis and other auditing processes. With QAR, it is easy to compile all the inspection reports by project or track inspections for the year.

    Other key performance indicators, such as supplier rejection rate, failures by well, and components by rejection rate, can be graphed instantlyhelping managers make key business decisions.

    QAR data is also completely searchable. You can search by vendor, manufacturer, type, and many other details.

    Secure Access to All DataLike all Cardno PetroPro Suite components, the QAR software-as-a-service (SaaS)

    application is managed from a secure central location. This Web-based application lets you review, audit, and retrieve current and historical data.

    > Rigorous security protocols and encryption

    > Role-based information access > Secure, seamless distribution of trending reports and critical operational data to management

    Skilled and highly experienced PPI inspection technicians monitor the manufacturing and inspection of oil and gas components.

    Quality experts economically, efficiently, and safely solve oil and gas QA problems worldwide.

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    Project-based inventory management services from Cardno PPI ensure that you know what you have, where it is, and whether its ready for use. With our system, make loss obsolete.

    How It Works: RFID Tags and Web PortalCardno PPI inventory specialists apply RFID/bar code tags, remove them before equipment goes downhole, and reapply them again as needed. These specialists check in and check out equipment as it is stored, moved, and used in your project. Example equipment includes upper and lower completion components, bottomhole assemblies, connectivity items, and accessories. The equipment tags are the key to detailed information about each item. In the easy-to-use, web-accessible database, you can store even more details, including pictures, drawings, makeup specifications, inspection criteria, and more.

    Data is securely hosted in an SAS II certified data center. You can search the database by different criteria. As needed, you can export data to Excel for offline analysis as well. At all times, you can access the database to find where items are: geographic location, warehouse location, and any other location details.

    Inventory DatabaseThe database offers secure, role-based access to your equipment information. Guided data entry and automated workflows ensure unified data and timely completion. The system imposes revision management for tracking and audit purposes.

    Inventory management from Cardno PPI QAM allows custom implementations, including the ability to schedule re-inspection, arrange maintenance, plan equipment rotation, and propose obsolescence and replacement dates.

    Inventory Management SolutionsMake loss obsolete

    Our technicians help ensure equipment makes up as it should, theres no lost project time, and personnel and equipment risk is reduced.

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    Cardno PPI Quality & Asset Management offers comprehensive oilfield equipment verification and inspection services.

    Supermajor with Global OperationsCardno PPI has an ongoing contract for a very large Australian LNG development project. We are supporting engineering and procurement, construction, and subsea requirements. Global surveillance activities involving long, short, and call-off type assignments include engagements in Australia; Europe; North America; Southeast Asia; and the Far East, including China and South Korea. Activities are coordinated from our Perth premises by in-house coordination personnel and administrative staff.

    Large Independent with Global OperationsOn a clients global deepwater project, equipment problems were causing shutdowns on the drilling rigs because of incorrect or unacceptable equipment being delivered.

    Our team designed and implemented a quality management and inspection system to monitor rig drilling and completion equipment before it reached the rig. The QA inspection information was delivered using our proprietary QA Reporter system.

    Within a few months, the client was able to identify where the shortcomings originated, replace unsatisfactory equipment, and ensure only properly working equipmentmeeting specificationswas delivered to the rigs. This QA solution resulted in a vast reduction in downtime that had previously cost more than USD 200 million in lost revenue.

    Very Large Independent with Global OperationsWe provide auditing of vendors for a very large independent with global operations to support the companys continuous improvement process. Cardno PPI tracks accepted and rejected material and helps provide an accounting of trouble spotsnot only to the client, but to the vendor. Inspectors and coordinators help pinpoint trouble spots in the vendors process so the vendor can improve. Data trending is reported quarterly or as requested.

    Very Large Independent with Global Operations

    Cardno PPI has provided a departmental level solution to our clients drilling and completion departments. The solution included providing personnel such as a quality manager, experienced quality assurance engineers, coordinators, and a global network of third party inspectors and auditors.

    Inspections are managed by