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Transcript of Oilfield Automation - INDAS Oilfield Automation SOLUTIONS FOR OILFIELD AUTOMATION ... INDAS...

  • Oilfield Automation

  • ESP applicationsHPS applications3.

    GAS LIFT applications4.

    COAL BED METHANEapplications


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    2 Oilfield Automation

    SOLUTIONS FOR OILFIELD AUTOMATIONINDAS provides comprehensive solutions for Oilfield Automation by offering customized automation products and engineering services for automation of artificial lift oil production systems.

    Our capabilities include hardware and software products:

    inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives inCONTROL Wellsite Controllers inCOM Communication Modules inVIEW SCADA Software

    used for automation, data gathering, remote monitoring and control for various type of artificial lift applications:

    1. Electrical Submersible Pumps - ESP2. Sucker Rod Pumps - SRP3. Horizontal Pumping Systems - HPS4. Gas Lift - GL5. Coal Bed Methane - CBM

    INDAS provides following engineering and consulting services for automation systems customized according to specific project demands:

    Automation projects consulting, supervision, project management Electrical, mechanical, software and communication networks design Development of PLC/HMI/SCADA/DCS software Panel building , installation and commissioning Customer training, technical support and maintenance

  • ESP applicationsHPS applications3.

    GAS LIFT applications4.

    COAL BED METHANEapplications


    SRP applications2.

    1. s


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    Developed with productivity and performance in mind, the inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives (VSD) are unsurpassed solution for artificial lift applications with electrically driven pumps. Usage of inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives provides maximum flexibility to adjust pumping system to exact operating conditions, so the perfect matching of the lift capacity and the wells productivity can be achieved. Rugged outdoor rated enclosure, compact dimensions, broad scope of available additional options and built-in control and protective features make inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives perfect solution for most of the pumping applications.

    Various series of inCONTROL Wellsite Controllers, enable control over well work and other equipment installed on a wellsite. Depending on the application, inCONTROL Wellsite Controller software application control well production in self adaptive manner to keep production optimized, with all the necessary protective functions included. With various interface capabilities, inCONTROL Wellsite Controllers allow connection of various sensors, instrumentation and other equipment on wellsite, collection and processing of wellsite location data.

    The inCOM Communication Modules make transfer of locally collected data from wells to remote locations achievable. Depending of the application requirements and geographical location of wells, various communication options are supported, such as GPRS, satellite, WiFi, Radio, etc. Wide range of inCOM products covers all of the possible communication system configurations and provides remote monitoring and control of wells, while keeping amount of data traffic as low as possible and security of transferred data at highest possible level.

    The inVIEW SCADA software is state-of-the-art monitoring, control and data acquisition solution based on web technologies. Thanks to that, inVIEW SCADA system does not require client software, but only internet browser of any kind, which makes field operational data available at any place where internet connection is available, using PCs, tablets or smartphones as a clients. Advanced graphics with intuitive menus and screen views which can be customized for every customers need, makes inVIEW SCADA user friendly, application oriented and easy to use.


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    Integrated approach in automation of artificial lift applications involving electrical submersible pumps (ESP) through INDAS ESP Solution, enables intelligent remote control and monitoring of overall system operation. INDAS ESP Solution ensures optimal ESP performance by easily identifying underperforming of ESP system and allowing carrying out corrective actions. Sensorless control and downhole condition monitoring is just one of the numerous advanced features of INDAS ESP Solution. Remote well management is done through inVIEW Web-SCADA, with accessibility to data collected from the inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives and other equipment in the field connected to inCONTROL Wellsite Controllers.

    By using advanced diagnostic modules, premature failures can be avoided and run-life of the pumps can be extended. Workovers and equipment replacements can be moved to a conditional maintenance environment instead of regular time-based maintenance, so downtime of wells can be minimized whilst wells productivity is increased.

    INDAS ESP Solution provides following optimization and protective features for ESP artificial lift applications:

    Increasing the production of low productivity wells Monitoring and protection of downhole equipment Minimizing of the downthrust and upthrust effects of the ESP pump Maintaining the efficiency of the pump at the maximum level Avoiding problems related to gas, sand and wax presence Avoiding low mass flow overheating problems

    Artificial lift applications

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    Integrated INDAS SRP solution for sucker rod pump (SRP) artificial lift applications enables the efficient well operation by allowing operators to remotely monitor, control and analyse data collected from the inCONTROL Wellsite Controllers at the surface. Graphical interpretation of respective surface or bottom-hole dynagrams in inVIEW SCADA application gives information about the sucker rod pump system performance and potential problems if any, either dynagrams are recorded by sensors or generated by sensorless calculations integrated in the inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives. INDAS SRP Solution prevents costly failures through a proactive early warning system. Recognizing of the unusual dynamometer cards and providing control recommendations and protection of SRP application is included for various possible pump working conditions:

    Excessive friction Fluid pound Leaking of travelling or standing valve Gas interference Inflow problems Flow through pump High fluid level Mechanical problems Sand and waxing problems Gas locks and flumping well Combined conditions


    Artificial lift applications

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    INDAS HPS Solution for water injection/ disposal applications involving horizontal pumping systems (HPS) can provide user with real-time information about the current state of the pumping system that can be compared to recorded historical and calculated theoretical information. Pump control and application protection features are integrated in inCONTROL Wellsite Controller software, and by using some of inCOM communication modules, all relevant data can be transferred to inVIEW SCADA for remote monitoring and control over the injection system. For advance control and protection of the pump motor, inDRIVE Variable Speed Drives can be used, and maximum efficiency of the pumping system can be achieved by adjusting pump speed to application conditions.

    Customized inVIEW SCADA software application provides static data entry and processing, such as wells completion data, fluid and reservoir data and surface equipment data. Injection data such as table view of the daily cumulative flows and pressures and graphical trends of all relevant process values are integral part of this software application. Variation in injection well conditions and any application problem can easily be identified and adjustments to the system can be made in order to achieve optimal performance.

    INDAS HPS Solution provides additional protective and diagnostics features, such as:

    Advanced pump motor electrical protection Monitoring of bearings and thrust chamber temperatures Monitoring of vibrations and pump protection Low suction pressure protection Low or high discharge pressure protection Pump out of curve protection


    Artificial lift applications

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    Either continuous or intermittent gas lift (GL) artificial lift production method is applied in wells, to increase the production efficiency with keeping the automation equipment costs manageable, INDAS GL Solutions can be successfully applied. The inCONTROL wellsite controllers can perform wellsite automation tasks and provide connectivity for various types of sensors and instrumentation on the well. Depending on the location of the wells and customers preference, remote control and data access can be achieved through various type of inCOM Communication Modules. Visualization tool inVIEW SCADA, beside remote control and data acquisition from the wells, provides possibility of incorporating calculations for determining the best strategy for managing the well operation in such way to achieve the maximum possible rate of produced oil with the available circulated gas volume. Data collected from the field sensors can be used to calibrate against the theoretical max prediction in order to optimise intermittent lift operations and to diagnose eventual application problems. INDAS GL Solution with inVIEW SCADA remote clients abilities enables real-time remote operations management, which means more effective usage of experts resources in making diagnostics of the automation assets condition, often from thousands of miles away.


    Artificial lift applications

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