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Transcript of Ohlone 2019-2020 Catalog • Volume LII · PDF file 2019-08-12 · Sandra Lee...

  • 286 2019-2020 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG

    Gari Browning, Ph.D. President/Superintendent

    Christopher Dela Rosa, D.M. Interim Vice President, Administrative Services

    Shairon Zingsheim Vice President, Human Resources and Training

    Binh Q. Nguyen Interim Vice President,

    Student Services

    Andrew LaManque, Ph.D. Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs/

    Deputy Superintendent



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  • 2019-2020 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG 287



    Ghada Al-Masri Academic Dean, Social Sciences

    Michael Bowman Executive Dean, Research and Planning; Accreditation Liaison Officer

    Gari Browning President/Superintendent

    Lesley Buehler Academic Dean, Business and Technology

    Christopher Dela Rosa Interim Vice President, Administrative Services

    Robert Gabriel Academic Dean, Health Sciences

    Darline Gunsauls Academic Dean, Deaf Studies

    Andrew LaManque Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs/Deputy Superintendent

    Mark Lieu Academic Dean, Language, Communication, and Academic Success

    Eva Margarita Munguía Dean, Counseling and Student Success

    Binh Q. Nguyen Interim Vice President, Student Services

    Christopher Warden Academic Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, and Arts

    Laura Weaver Dean, Enrollment Services

    Shairon Zingsheim Vice President, Human Resources and Training


    Desire Andjou Accounting Manager

    Ruben Aviles Custodial Supervisor

    Christopher Booras Director, Theatre Operations

    Ann Burdett Director, Student Accessibility Services

    Robert Dias Director, Measure G

    Sara Goldware Director, Strong Workforce and Career Pathways

    Oscar Guillen Director, Facilities and Maintenance Operations

    Gary Kauf Director, Television Operations

    Vy Le Human Resources Supervisor

    Aleksey Lebedeff Director, Purchasing, Contract Administration, Auxiliary Services, and Hazardous Materials Compliance

    Michael Leib Director, Tutoring

    Nancy Navarro-Leça Interim Director, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services; Ombudsperson

    Daniel Newell Director, Career Center

    Steven Reeves Director, Technology Services

    Kimberly Robbie Director, Curriculum and Scheduling; Articulation Officer

    Gage Rodriguez Supervisor, Student Accessibility Services

    Farhad Sabit Executive Director, Business Services

    Pamela Snedigar Regional Director, Gallaudet

    Scott Snyder Director, Information Systems

    Tina Vossugh Director, Communications, Outreach, and Public Relations

    Kelly Wilmeth Director, Student Life

    John Worley Chief, Campus Police and Safety


    Christina Caratachea Human Resources Specialist

    Patricia Elizondo Assistant to the Interim Vice President, Student Services

    Shelby Foster Assistant to the President/Board of Trustees

    Joanne Gapuz Senior Human Resources Analyst

    Aundrea Love Professional Confidential Interpreter/Coordinator

    April Merritt Assistant to the President

    Michael Moore Human Resources Analyst

    Veronica Nevarez Assistant to the Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs/Deputy Superintendent

    Matthew Ng Senior Institutional Research Analyst

    David Panales Assistant to the Vice President, Human Resources and Training

    Leticia Perez Assistant to the Interim Vice President, Administrative Services

    Mary Wilhelm-Chapin Instructional Designer


    Greg Bonaccorsi Chair

    Suzanne Lee Chan

    Teresa Cox Vice Chair

    Jan Giovannini-Hill

    Vivien Larsen

    Tawney Warren

    Richard Watters

    Kevin Black Student Trustee


    Norma Alexander (1975-1992) Professor, Mathematics

    Elaine C. Ames (1975-2002) Instructional Assistant, Typing

    Robert H. Anderson (1967-1996) Bookstore Manager

    Dan Archer (1979-2007) Board of Trustees

    Rick Arellano (2001-2014) Professor, Computer Applications and Occupational Technology

    John Baczuk (1986-2009) Professor, English

    Iola Barber (1974-1995) Professor, Biology

    Donna J. Bartlett (1975-2002) Program Specialist

    Clayton J. Bell (1968-2000) Professor, Counseling

    Bruce Bennett (1981-2010) Professor, English

    Dolores E. Bischer (1972-2002) Instructional Assistant, Reading Lab

    Janice M. Blanchard (1968-1994) Director General Services/Purchasing

    Ward S. Blanchard (1967-1972) Director of Library Services

    Thomas Blank (1994-2012) Professor, Theatre

    Peter Blomerley (1979-1994) Professor; President/Superintendent

    William E. Blum (1967-1996) Professor, Psychology

    Charles E. Boggs (1974-1996) Warehousekeeper

    Sally A. Brenner (1975-2001) Professor, Medical Office Assisting

    Curtis Bressler (2000-2010) Professor, Mathematics

    Robert L. Briggs (1976-2001) Professor, Drafting; Dean, Occupational Education and Grants

    Martha Brown (1991-2010) Professor; Dean, Counseling

    Ronald C. Burdett (1973-2004) Professor; Dean, Deaf Studies and Special Services

    Barbara M. Burri (1985-1996) Professor, Early Childhood Studies

    Anthony C. Cardinale (1980-1997) Chief; Safety/Security Officer

    Colleen M. Carr (1974-1994) Interim Division Dean

    Roy Chitwood (1987-2007) Instructional Assistant, Math Learning Center

    Betty A. Clamp (1975-1999) Professor, Consumer & Family Sciences

    L. Stacy Cole (1969-2001) Professor, History

    Miloslava Collins (1969-1993) Professor, French and German

    Jack Croghan (1975-1994) Professor, Physical Education

    Susan Cunningham (1992-2011) Professor, English

    Anitra H. Dark (1975-1980, 1988-1996) Associate Professor, English/Writing Lab

    Raphael DeBenito (1971-1996) Professor, Spanish

  • 288 2019-2020 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG


    Patricia A. Deggelman (1982-2004) Executive Assistant to the President/Superintendent

    Juan dela Cruz (1975-2006) Custodian

    Catherine T. DeWein (1991-2002) Senior Office Assistant

    Howard DeWitt (1968-1969, 1975-2005) Professor, History

    Guy T. DiJulio (1969-2000) Professor, Mathematics

    Frances S. DiPippo (1967-1992) Professor, English

    Nancy A. Duman (1972-1992) Professor, Nursing

    James L. Eagan (1985-2003) Professor, Engineering

    Claire C. Ellis (1993-2011) Professor, Counselor

    Warren Enos (1969-2003) Professor, Business/Work Experience Education

    Stephen E. Epler (1966-1975) President/Superintendent

    Kathryn A. Farley (1990-2002) District Cashier

    Ruthe Foster (1986-2007) Board of Trustees

    Allen J. Frawley (1966-1990) Vice President, Business Services

    Gloria Villasana Fuerniss (1979-1997) Board of Trustees

    Evangelina Michel Genera (1976-2007) Professor, Counseling

    Anne E. Golseth (1977-1997) Vice President, Student Services

    James R. Goodwin (1968-2003) Professor, Biology

    Richard Grotegut (1998-2015) Professor, Computer Studies

    Walter Halland (1971-2000) Professor, Biology

    Paul R. Halula (1974-1996) Professor, Supervision

    Ronald Halverson (1977-1995) Assistant Professor, Landscape/Horticulture

    Edward T. Harland (1970-2001) Professor, Art

    Kay Harrison (1976-2010) Professor, English; Speech and Communication Studies

    Barbara C. Hendrickson (1967-1989) Professor, English

    Karen M. Hendrickson (1990-2001) Board of Trustees

    Fred Hilke (1976-2011) Professor, Counseling

    Floyd M. Hogue (1994-2003) President/Superintendent

    Jose Hurtado (1972-2006) Professor, Counseling and Personal Development

    Curtis D. Huska (1976-1992) Assistant to the Vice President

    Donna Ireland (1982-2013) Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Information Technology

    Willie D. Jackson (1981-1997) Lead Custodian

    Kathleen Johnson (1995-2016) Senior Human Resources Analyst

    Frank L. Kahl (1970-2003) Professor, Business Administration

    Meredith Kane (1972-1996) Professor, Counseling

    Carl F. Karasek (1966-1970) Dean of Instruction

    Marian H. Kass (1990-2002) Administrative Secretary II

    Cynthia Katona (1975-2009) Professor, English/Journalism

    Louise D. Kavasch (1984-2000) Administrative Secretary

    Dennis Keller (1985-2014) Professor, Music

    Richard O. Keller (1976-1996) Board of Trustees

    Frances J. Kelly (1977-1997) Senior Media Assistant

    Eileen Kennedy (1993-1997) Vice President, Instruction

    Alan Kirshner (1971-2012) Professor, History

    Jim Klent (1967-2005) Pro