Ogdc 2013 prototyping mobile games

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2. Topics 1) Gameplay prototyping 2) Prototyping today vs. the past 3) Tips for prototypers 3. 1) Gameplay Prototyping 4. Prototyping: Definitions Testing ideas with a small game Answering a question Finding the fun Failing quickly and cheaply 5. Documents & brainstorming = Prototyping & testing = Science Faith 6. World of Goo Plants vs Zombies Super Mario 64 7. 150+ web games 3 mobile games many prototypes 8+ complete games + 8. Who Prototypes? Engineer Artist Designer 9. 2) Mobile Prototyping 10. Whats Different Now Time spent prototyping Tools (how to build it) Team composition Outcome 11. Time Spent Prototyping 1 week 1 month 1 year AAA / ConsoleMobile Time 12. Tools:Whats Different Engines and platforms Better coding languages Online help: Stack Overflow, etc Unlimited computing power Technology is easy now 1975 - 2005 2006 -> 13. Mobile Engines 3D: Unreal (UDK), Project Anarchy, Shiva3D 2D: GameMaker, Corona, Marmalade, GameSalad, Torque2D, Construct2, Stencyl, Codea Mixed: Unity, Cocos2D + Cocos3D Physical: paper, playing cards, board game pieces 14. Picking your tools Good released games Documentation Plugins / online code What you already know 15. Team size 16. Philosophy 17. Fail Fast Failing saves time + money 18. 3) Tips for Prototypers 19. Does Art Matter? 20. Make it juicy 21. Lazy Engineering, Pt. 1 FUNCTION Scale Variables: how much, how long, grow/shrinkboolean VAR: record the starting time WHILE time is smaller than how long Change scale toward how much Repeat function with opposite bool to reverse Confirm: Powerup: Notice me: Grow: 22. 3f: Faster Features First 23. Lazy Engineering, PT 2 LIST: all nearby nodes tomonster FOREACH node in list IF node is valid Random chance ofpicking it IF node chosen, movemonster ELSE repeat function Game idea: Track down a monster Code ideas: A* pathfinding, preset paths... LAZY CHOICE TOO HARD 24. Touch: Controls Tiny Wings (1 tap) Nimble Quest (1 swipe) 25. Touch: Reaction TImes Super Hexagon Jetpack Joyride 26. Be an Encyclopedia 27. FindYour Toy Toy 28. FindYour Toy 29. Have No Mercy Little Inferno 30. Thank you! [email protected]