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Webinar slides March 7 2012

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  • 1. What does OERu mean for ablended university? Professor Sandra WillsUOW Executive Director, Learning & Teaching

2. Wollongongmain campus onehour drive fromSydney airportseven smallerlocations along thecoast 3. UOW Wollongong CampusUOW DubaiCampusplus teachingpartnerships inteninternationallocations 4. Not sandstone however 60 years oldresearch intensive & international 26,000 students - 30% international off-shore and on-shore Top 200 Times Higher Ed Rankings 2009, 2006 & 2007 #1 for Student Satisfaction Sweeney Research Group 2009 Top 500 - Shanghai Jiao Tong Index 2006decade of 5 stars in Good Universities Guide #1 for 3 years of National Teaching & Learning Performance Fund # 1 for 4 years of Citations for Outstanding Contribution toTeaching & Learning inaugural Commonwealth University of the Year Award forCommunity Engagement - The Times Higher Ed & CommonwealthAssociation of Universities 2006 University of Year for Research Partnerships 2000 University of Year for Preparing Graduates for e-World 1999 5. Why call Wollongong a blended university?Why call Wollongong a blended university? High satisfaction scores derive from personal contact Not a distance education university However online is a given 80% of subjects use learning management system, lecture capture, videoconference etc Because we are multi-location 6. Whats our experience with OERs?1994 PAGE post grad distance ed via TV & print2004 Shared Teaching Resources2011 Content Beyond Borders & Creative Commons6 Learning Designs2006 Project EnROLE 7. about 100 items so far 8. What is the OERu? 9. What is the OERu? 10. Challenges for UOW in OERuni What does a subject look like as an OER vscomposed of OERs?Is it sustainable? Is it cost-effective? 11. Maths ALIVE:AccessLiveInteractiveVirtualEnvironmentsDr Caz Sandison 12. Access Grid 13. Pathway to becoming a Uni student OER ALIVE Watch recording in own time Open ALIVE Participate, no creditUOW ALIVE Enrol for credit 14. Why Mathematics?Essential for a digital economyShortage of maths teachersespecially in rural & regional AustraliaTeaching the teachersImprove the education of our childrenTwo subjects for primary teachers to improve skills & confidenceTwo subjects for secondary maths teachersParents tooPrimary level subjects suit general audience 15. Why is UOW an OERu anchor partner?OERu is a charitable trustnot a business venturedoes not change UOWs core businessOERu@UOW is a social inclusion strategya taste of university study 16. ncee xperie UOW open practices = UOW stertaUOW Social inclusionOpen UOWoSchool studentsoPeople up skilling subjects resources Articulation tooMature age people enrolment @ UOW?oRegional peopleactivities supportsoPeople in developingnationssubject degree UOW quality open resources 17. Draft eLearning StrategicPlan 2012 integrated/collaborative/engaged Mission: maintain UOWs position asAustralias#1 university for teaching & learningthrough creative & sustainable eLearning practices 18. eLearning used to achieve excellentlearning outcomeseLearning used to enhance public &professional networkingopen educational practices usedto transform university accessquality planning & review processesused to support innovative teachingDRAFT DRAFT DRAFT 19. Why is UOW an OERu anchor partner?From our early work in distance education byTV & print, interested in disaggregation of: Content Support Assessment Accreditation 20. Why OERu?Now digital revolution & CC licensing enables variety of open educational practices: Open delivery Open support Open design Open evaluation Open research 21. Learning Design has adual impact on OER: learning designs provide goodpractice models for stitchingtogether OERs learning designs spell out howan OER is an exemplar of goodpracticelearning designs as OERsthemselves?