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Oedipus Rex Study Guide. Characters and Places to know:. brother to Jocasta, sent to the Oracle of Delphi to learn how to save Thebes. Creon. location of the Oracle—source of how to save Thebes. Delphi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oedipus Rex Study GuideCharacters and Places to know:brother to Jocasta, sent to the Oracle of Delphi to learn how to save ThebesCreon

location of the Oraclesource of how to save ThebesDelphi

former king of Thebes (first husband to Jocasta); murdered before the play begins and murderer had not been found; birth father of OedipusLaius

part lion and part man; terrorizes Thebes after the death of King Laius, which distracted the people from finding the murdererSphinx

birth mother of Oedipus, Queen of Thebes, Oedipus is her 2nd husbandJocasta

Oedipuss birthplace; where he ends up as king Thebes

leader of the Chorus; speaks on behalf of the chorusChoragos

blind prophet who knows the truth about Oedipus and the prophecyTeiresias:where Oedipus grew up; thought this was his true home Corinth:the mountain where Oedipus was to be abandoned to die as a baby; where he exiled himself at the end.

Mt. Kithiron:Know how to answer these questions (multiple choice format)Plaguewhen did it occur?

before the play begins/as it opens; Plaguewhat was its cause?because the people did not find King Laiuss murderer

Why was Oedipus angry with the people (hint: failed to do something.) because if the oracle had not commanded it, the people would have ignored their kings mudererWhen Oedipus asks the prophet to reveal the name of the murderer, what is the prophets response?

Although Teiesias knows the answer, it is better that no one else ever learns the truthWho does the prophet finally reveal as the murderer of King Laius?OedipusWho does Oedipus accuse of being behind a plot to destroy him?

CreonWhat is Oedipuss reaction to hearing that Laius was killed in a place where three highways met?He remembers an altercation he once had in the same locationWhat happened to the only surviving member of the attack on King Laiuss party?He begged Jocasta to send him as far from Thebes as possibleWhy had Oedipus fled Corinth many years before?

an oracle told him that he would kill his father and marry his motherHow does Oedipus react to the Corinthian messengers news?he is filled with reliefSpecifically, what is Oedipus afraid of in Corinth?

He is afraid that he will be married to his mother and the two will bear children

What revelation does the messenger make to Oedipus?

Polybus was not Oedipuss natural fatherHow did Polybus come to raise Oedipus as his own son?The messenger had been given an infant found in the mountains and he gave the child to the king and queenWho identified the old shepherd as the man who spared the infant Oedipus?the Corinthian messenger

How does the shepherd react when the messenger states that King Oedipus was the baby the shepherd had given him?He tells the messenger to hold his tongueWho had originally given the infant to the shepherd?

JocastaThe shepherd didnt destroy the infant as instructed because:

he pitied the infant and gave it to someone far away from ThebesWhose great days [are] like ghosts gone?

OedipussWhat happens to Jocasta?She hangs herselfWhat does Oedipus do after he held Jocasta in his arms?He takes the brooches from her gown and blinds himselfWhat does Oedipus claim he will do now that the truth is known?

He will exile himself just as he said he would do to the murderer of King LaiusWhat finally becomes of Oedipus?

He lives in self-exile on Mt. Kithiron where he should have died as an infant.Essay QuestionsTragic hero cycle essay Person of status (begins well-liked) Oedipus is a caring king as the play beginsTragic Flaw (one character trait that leads the hero to trouble)Oedipus is proud, so he doesnt listen when Tiresias warns him of the truthTragic ending (hero has fallen, consequences of flaw have been fully realized) Jocasta killed herself, Oedipus has stabbed his eyes out and exiled himself, and now his children will continue to suffer because of the shameful/tragic state of their parents.

dramatic irony EssayDramatic irony: when the audience knows something that the characters do not. Ex. 1: Oedipus cursing whoever murdered Laiusbecause we know that HE is the murderer, so he is unknowingly cursing himself.Ex. 2: Jocasta begs Oedipus to stop trying to figure out his parentage. He ignores her, thinking that she is afraid he might be of low status instead of purely royalty. We know that his assumption is wrongshe is really trying to stop Oedipus because she has now realized that she is his mother.