Ocean Art Underwater Photography Winners Announced

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Ocean Art Underwater Photography Winners 2016

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Transcript of Ocean Art Underwater Photography Winners Announced

  • Ocean Art Underwater Photography Winners 2016

  • Revealing some of the most awe-inspiring photos captured underwater around the world, the annual competition attracts entries from both professional and amateur photographers.

  • This beautiful shot won first place in the Reefscape category. It was taken by Jeong Sang Keun in Lembeh, Indonesia. The camera was set for a macro wide shot, which gave the unusual composition.

  • Divers will appreciate how difficult it is to take this photo of a fan worm, which shoots back into its tube at the slightest movement. This shot by Lorenzo Terraneo was a runner-up in the macro category.

  • Miniscule CreaturesFor those photographers wanting even smaller than macro, there is supermacro. This is when the subject in the photo is larger than life. Such as in this capture of a Pearl Granular Crab. This tiny fellow measures less than 7 mm. His portrait was taken by George Low in Anilao, Philippines.

  • Everybodys Favourite the NudibranchYes, one family of animals has its very own category: the Nudibranch.

    These most photogenic of creatures attracted many entries, but the winner was Rafael Cosme.

  • Although the competition is titled Ocean Art, it isnt just marine photos that can be entered. Fresh water underwater photos are also eligible.The winner in this years Cold Water category was this magnificent shot of a pike in a Swedish lake.

  • This seahorse was photographed by Marco Gargiulo in Italy. It was a winner in the Wide-Anglecategory

  • What Is It?It gained 1st Place in the Compact Macrocategory find out what it is at http://news.scubatravel.co.uk/ocean-art-underwater-photographer-winners-2016-announced.html

  • Ocean ArtTo see all the winning photos visit http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/2016-ocean-art-contest-winnersSlide show by SCUBA Travelhttp://www.scubatravel.co.uk/