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TOPIC:-Obsessive compulsive Disorder

Presented by: Priyanka Singh 26M.A ( Applied psychology)

OCDAccording to DSM IV-TR OCD is a anxiety disorder and it can be define by the occurrence of unwanted and intrusive obsessive thought and compulsive behavior. obsessive thought like,

Common example;


Obsession:-Recurrent and persistent thought and images, impulses that are experienced at some time as intrusive and cause marked anxiety.

Thoughts ,impulses, or images are not simply excessive worries about real life problem.

Person attempt to ignore or suppress or neutralize them with some other thought or action.

Person recognizes they are the product of his or her own mind.

The case history of Darcy , who work with a psychologist to address the symptoms of obsession.

Darcy reckoned that she had begun having obsessions around age nine soon after her beloved grandma had died. Already grieving the loss of the person she was closet to in life, Her father relocated the family from the small town to big city . Adjusting to big city life wasnt easy for someone as anxious as Darcy, and soon found that she was obsessing. She had fears of being hit by a speeding car. She feared that she would be kidnapped by bad people. She had to repeat each family members full name 15 times, and promise God that she would improve herself , clap her hands 20 times , kneel down and get up 5 times. She had to do this routine at least 10 times each night. She thought that if she made any mistake anywhere something bad would happen to her family .CASE HISTORY



This case was recorded by the us military physician and neurologist William Hammond on account of compulsive washing history. His patient was 18 years old woman who became obsessed with being contaminated by what around her. The patients obsession increase to the point where she was unable to make contact with any surface without washing her hand. According to her mother , she would do so over 200 times each day. While on the street she had to gather her cloth up to avoid touching other people-a common OCD experience. CASE HISTORY

Differences of OCD and OCPD:- OCD is considered in Axis-I diagnosis, while OCPD is in Axis-II diagnosis.

OCD is anxiety disorder, while OCPD is personality disorder.

OCD is characterized by either obsession or compulsion, where OCPD is characterized by rules, order, schedule and perfectionism.

OCD individuals meets the criteria of OCPD but OCPD individuals does not meet the criteria of OCD.

The OCD individuals usually identify that their thought and behavior are irritable ,But OCPD individuals believe that there is nothing wrong in their life ,they want to do thing in their own way.

OCD symptom can be change in severity over the life, but OCPD is rigid personality style that cannot be change.

OCD is a mental disorder, this disorder generally begins at late adolescence and early adolescence. It is also common in children.OCD affect the 1.6 % of the general population. It is more common in boys than girls.conclusion