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Transcript of Obstacle Course Power Point

Obstacle course

Obstacle course By: Cheryl Baker Martha Aponte Mst Roma Akter Zarmeen Amir Preschoolers Age: 4 +

Domain development: Physical Gross Motor skill

Integrate some areas like: dramatic, music, maths.

Obstacle course: activity play outdoorConesjumping ropeschairsblanketfoam squaresballbouncing ballmatstepping ladderMaterials:Physical fitness: promote cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength.Gross motor development: using the large muscles of the arms, legs and trunk.

Objectives/learning outcomesUsing both sides of the body

Promote the ability to receive, interpret, and respond to sensory information.

Social development: interact with others

Movement, agility,coordinationMore....Sequencing, eye - hand coordination, eye - foot coordination, spatial awareness.

Directionality, laterality, balance, teamwork, listening skills.

Self-esteem and fun....Also......Prepare the materials

Use your imagination

Create the "Cue Cards" for the children.

Enjoy the activity

Before you start:Let's do it First thenFun, fun...Be ready...keep going...Almost done...Go, go, go...You did it...Avy's obstacle course... The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences. http://www.dailymontessori.com/maria-montessori-quotes/As Maria Montessori says... OBSTACLE COURSE ACTIVITY GUIDE http://www.excelligencelearning.com/Obstacle_Course_Guide.pdf?domain..

Obstacle Coursehttp://pbskids.org/lab/activity/obstaclecourse/

Daily Montessorihttp://www.dailymontessori.com/maria-montessori-quotes/