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Objective 2.03. Development of Roman civilization and the fall of Rome. Beginning. Founded by group called Latins 750 B.C. Its location and physical feature allowed Rome to become a powerful city. Latins vs Etruscans. Battled for control and influence over Rome - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Objective 2.03

Objective 2.03

Development of Roman civilization and the fall of RomeObjective 2.03

BeginningFounded by group called Latins750 B.C.Its location and physical feature allowed Rome to become a powerful city

Latins vs EtruscansBattled for control and influence over RomeLatins revolted and formed the Roman RepublicElected officials govern the state

Roman RepublicExpanded to entire Italian Peninsula and other parts of MediterraneanRepublic Grew + Political Challenges = Empire

Roman Republic at its Height

At Its HeightControlled vast territoriesAchievementsEngineeringArt and ArchitectureLawLiterature

Controlling the EmpireMaintained complex systems of:GovernmentTradeCommunicationTransportation

Roman SocietyReligionBelieved in many godsMost popular were the gods of GreeceEducationGreat value on boysMost schooling done at homeBest known for their Philosophical SchoolsEntertainmentPublic entertainmentTheater, chariot races, gladiator combatHealthBaths were an everyday thing

Foundations of Roman RepublicEarly Days- Patricians aristocratic families ruledControlled every aspectPlebians common people formed Plebian Council to fight the PatriciansGrowing tensions between social classes led to social revolutionsPlebian CouncilProtect plebian affairsRight to elect officialsTribunes- protected plebians from injusticeRight to veto

Forced Patricians to have all laws written down displayed in ForumWritten on 12 large bronze tabletsConstitutionPartricians and Plebians created an unwritten constitution, or political structureGovernment had 3 partsSenate- controlled financesAssemblies- citizens voted on lawsMagistrates- put laws into practicePunic WarsRome vs. Carthage 264Total of 3 WarsScipio vs. Hannibal

EffectRome became the leading power in MediterraneanRoman Empire at its Peak

Pax RomanaThe Roman Peace27 BC- AD 180Stable GovernmentStrong legal systemWidespread tradeMost importantly PEACEPax RomanaEveryone, rich and poor, enjoyed public entertainmentCircusesChariot RacingPlaysGladiator FightingEnd of the EmpireCause- Last of Good Emperors dies ending Pax RomanaEffect- Loss of land from invasionsCause- Emperors created new coins Effect- Growing InflationCause- Emperor Diocletian created absolute monarchyEffect- Split Empire into two East and WestCause- Emperor Constantine created new capital in EastEffect- West was left unprotectedCause- Romans did not make peace with migrating tribesEffect- Attila and the Huns took over western empire