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  • 1.NWA POWER TEAM HELLAS www.nwateam.net ~ SKIN CARE & ~ BATH & BODY 04 ~48 The secret to glowing skinspa ~ 06 ~ Skin secretsHydrotherapy spa treatments .08 ~ Exclusive offers 50 Manos & Pies ~ 10 ~ CleanseThe Secret to combating cellulite .11 ~ Tone 53 Bronze .12 ~ Moisturise day~ Hands & feet 14 ~ Moisturise night54 ~ Pretty Calm . 16 : 56 La VIE ~ La VIE ~ Skin specialists: essential care 57 ..... ~ Flint Edge 18 : ~ Skin specialists: extra care ~ GIFTS. 20 : 58 ~ ~ Skin specialists: emergency careGreat gifts 22 ~ Above & Beyond. ~ COSMETICSOur product promise 24 ~ Secret glow We pride ourselves on developing 26 ~ Trade secretshigh quality, award winning products 28 ~with some of the worlds leadingmanufacturers.One Step Face Base 30 ~ Base We do not test our products oringredients on animals, nor do we32 ~ Beautiful blushcommission tests to be carried 34 ~ Eye defineout on our behalf. We contribute to35 ~ Eye candyresearch into alternative test methods. 36 ~ Eye shadow Were committed to beautiful,38 ~ Lovely lashesnon-excessive packaging. 40 ~ Signature Colour We adopt a minimum fill policy, 42 ~ Lip-tasticabove and beyond Europeanlegislation. This means your product 43 ~ Pastelswill always be filled more than the44 ~ Tools of the tradedeclared amount. 45 ~Dancing with Colour 46 ~All about nails.26Flawless best seller One StepFace BaseFlawless Our best selling One StepFace Base..02 .22 Secret Glow highlighter Skin Care . .Secret Glow A duo highligher creates a youthful dewy look to the skin. 03

2. The secret to glowing skin A good Skin Care regime doesnt have . to be costly or complicated. Just follow these daily steps for healthier, younger . looking skin.04 3. 1: ~Step 1: Cleanse; make up Top : 2 . make up, .Why? To remove Make Up and the dailybuild-up of impurities.Top tip: Double cleanse before you go tobed to ensure skin is really clean. The firstcleanse removes Make Up, excess oil anddaily build up and the second cleans andre-balances the skin. 2: ~Step 2: Tone; make up.Why? To instantly brighten & refresh theskin and remove the last traces ofCleanser and Make Up. 3: ~Step 3: Moisturise; .Top : . .Why? To maintain skin elasticity,protect skin and help preventsigns of ageing.Top tip: Moisturise day andnight for optimum results.Choose a night cream thatcompliments your day cream andgive your skin exactly what it needs.05 4. Skin secrets Uncover miracle-working treatments that are guaranteed to make you feel and look ! better! .09 , make up, p09 SECOND SKIN .. RESTORATIVE CLEANSING OIL 125ml . 13835-00 | 22,9018,32 100ml18,32 per 100ml Deep cleansing If you wear sunscreen, make-up, have oily skin, skin prone to congestion, and with residual skin products that build-up during the day you need something to cut through all of these layers. This product can be used for all skin types and will get your skin deep down clean. , Balm ..08p08Nourishing Cleanser A rich, luxurious daily Nourishing Cleansing Balm teamed with an essential muslin cloth perfect for dry or mature skin. SEVENTH HEAVEN NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM 100ml 13838-00 | 25,90 25,90 100ml 25,90 per 100ml06 5. . , .Energising exfoliatorJust two steps to make skin instantly brighter,smoother and more radiant. Perfect for dull anduneven complexions, suitable for all skin types.SKIN SPARKLE RADIANCE REVEALING.16 POLISH SYSTEM 50ml, 40ml 13919-00 | 30,90 p1634,34 100ml34,34 per 100ml.17 Serum p17 , Serum , .BEAUTY ESSENCE SUPERFOOD SERUM ME Q10 & 30ml , .BEAUTY ESSENCESUPERFOOD SERUMWITH COENZYME Q10& POMEGRANATEYouth activating SerumEXTRACT 30mlA true skin specialist this Superfood Serumhelps support, protect, firm and tighten your skin.16396-00 | 24,9083,00 100ml It has a blend of ingredients rich in anti-oxidants83,00 per 100mland anti aging actives that help counteract lossof elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. .19 p19 .Replenish & hydrateMoisture Tonic Treatment Oil soothescalms and hydrates skin, giving yourcomplexion a renewed healthy radiance.FACE SPA MOISTURE TONICTREATMENT OIL 30ml9741-00 | 29,9099,67 100ml99,67 per 100ml07 6. Mix and match the following Skin. ; Care products. Whats right for you? :FRESH FACE CLEANSING FOAM (08)VITALITY BOOST RADIANCE CLEANSINGMOUSSE (08),SKIN DRINK CLEANSING MILK (08)SECOND SKIN RESTORATIVE CLEANSING OIL (09) :PURE DELIGHT SKIN TONIC (09)COMPLETE CONTROL SKIN TONIC (09) :CLOUD 9 DAY CREAM (10)SKIN FIX RADIANCE DAY CREAM (10)VELVET TOUCH DAY CREAM (11)Choose a cleanser: FRESH FACE CLEANSINGFOAM (p08) VITALITY BOOST RADIANCECLEANSING MOUSSE (p08) SKIN DRINKCLEANSING MILK (p08) SECOND SKIN RESTORATIVECLEANSING OIL (p09)Choose a toner: PURE DELIGHT SKIN TONIC(p09) COMPLETE CONTROL SKINTONIC (p09)Choose a moisturiser: CLOUD 9 DAY CREAM (p10) SKIN FIX RADIANCE DAYCREAM (p10) VELVET TOUCH DAY CREAM(p11)08 7. ~ Sensitive skin: , Feels: Itchy regularly irritated by new products and can affect those particularly prone to allergic reactions. .Appearance: Tends to be prone to broken: capillaries and redness..Skin Drink Gentle Cleansing Milk (p08)Skin Drink Gentle Cleansing Milk (08) Pure Delight Beautifying Skin Tonic (p09)Pure Delight Beautifying Skin Tonic (09)Cloud 9 Hydrating Day Cream (p10)Cloud 9 Hydrating Day Cream (10) ~ Normal skin: , Feels: Soft and supple, looks clear and Isnt usually sensitive. Appearance: Has even colour and texture.: Vitality Boost Radiance Cleansing Mousse (p08)Vitality Boost Radiance Cleansing Mousse (08) Pure Delight Beautifying Skin Tonic (p09)Pure Delight Beautifying Skin Tonic (09)Skin Fix Radiance Day Cream (p10)Skin Fix Radiance Day Cream (10) ~ Oily skin: , Feels: Greasy, especially on the T-zone. (, ) Appearance: Shiny and with visible open pores: and is prone to breakouts and blackheads. .Fresh Face Purifying Cleansing Foam (p08)Fresh Face Purifying Cleansing Foam (08)Complete Control Purifying Skin Tonic (p09)Complete Control Purifying Skin Tonic (09)Velvet Touch Mattifying Day Cream (p11)Velvet Touch Mattifying Day Cream (11) ~Dry skin: Feels: Flaky and tight, especially after washing. , Appearance: Prone to red patches and shows . the signs of ageing with fine lines, especially: round the eyes. . Second Skin Restorative Cleansing Oil (p09)Vitality Boost Radiance Cleansing Mousse (09) Pure Delight Beautifying Skin Tonic (p09)Complete Control Purifying Skin Tonic (09)Cloud 9 Hydrating Day Cream (p10)Skin Fix Radiance Day Cream (10) . ~ Combination skin: Feels: Oily on the T-Zone but prone to some(, ) dryness on the cheek area. .Appearance: Prone to spot breakouts.: Vitality Boost Radiance Cleansing Mousse (p08). Complete Control Purifying Skin Tonic (p09)Vitality Boost Radiance Cleansing Mousse (08) Skin Fix Radiance Day Cream (p10)Complete Control Purifying Skin Tonic (09)Skin Fix Radiance Day Cream (10) 09 8. ~ Cleanse 1 Step 1 Good cleansing is the basis of great looking skin and is the start of your 3 step routine. . ~Refresh ~FRESH FACEPURIFYING CLEANSING GlowFOAM 125ml : ,BEST SELLER VITALITY BOOST . RADIANCE CLEANSINGMOUSSE 125mlFRESH FACE : PURIFYING CLEANSING FOAM 125mlTargets: Congested, oily andprone to breakouts.BEST SELLERVITALITY BOOST13749-00 | 13.50 RADIANCE CLEANSING10,80 100ml MOUSSE 125ml10,80 per 100mlTargets: Dull and lackluster skin.13832-00 | 15,5012,40 100ml12,40 per 100ml ~ ~ Soft CalmSEVENTH HEAVEN SKIN DRINKNOURISHING CLEANSING GENTLE CLEANSINGBALM 100ml MILK 125ml : , : , . . SEVENTH HEAVEN SKIN DRINKNOURISHING CLEANSING GENTLE CLEANSINGBALM 100ml MILK 125mlTargets: Dry, dull and patchy Targets: Dry and tight, with loss of firmness. sensitive and stressed skin. 13838-00 | 25,90 13753-00 | 15,50 25,90 100ml 12,40 100ml 25,90 per 100ml 12,40 per 100ml10 9. ~NourishSECOND SKIN RESTORATIVECLEANSING OIL 125ml : .SECOND SKIN RESTORATIVECLEANSING OIL 125mlTargets: Dull and uneven skin withcongested pores.13835-00 | 22,9018,32 100ml18,32 per 100ml : , make up CLEAN SWEEP CLEANSING CLOTH . CLEAN SWEEP Did you knowCLEANSING CLOTH Sweep away the day. Perfect for any skin, as it sweepsaway Make Up effortlessly anddeep cleans pores too. 584-00 | 11,90 ~Tone 2 Step 2 Remove the last traces of cleansers, Make Up, make-up and impurities and minimise pores.. ~ ~Soothe Transparence1. PURE DELIGHT BEAUTIFYING2. COMPLETE CONTROL SKIN TONIC 125ml PURIFYING SKIN TONIC 125ml : : , , . .PURE DELIGHT BEAUTIFYING COMPLETE CONTROLSKIN TONIC 125ml PURIFYING SKIN TONIC 125mlSkin Type: Dry and tight,Skin Type: Congested, oily andsensitive and stressed.prone to breakouts.13844-00 | 15,5013841-00 | 14,9012,40 100ml11,92 100ml12,40 per 100ml 11,92 per 100ml 1 211 10. Moisturise day 3 Step 3 Daily moisturising is essential , to replenish, protect and prevent the signs of ageing. . ~ EnergiseBEST SELLER SKIN FIX RADIANCE DAY CREAM 40ml : , .BEST SELLER SKIN FIX RADIANCE DAY CREAM 40ml Targets: Dull, dry and patchy skin. 8548-00 | 30,90 77,25 100ml 77,25 per 100ml ~ Youthful FUTURE FOCUS AGE PREVENTION DAY LOTION 30ml : ~ FUTURE FOCUS AGE PREVENTION DAY LOTION 30mlSoothe Targets: Fine lines and wrinkles. BEST SELLERCLOUD 9 HYDRATING DAY 14565-00 | 30,90CREAM 40ml 77,25 100ml : , 77,25 per 100ml . BEST SELLERCLOUD 9 HYDRATING DAYCREAM 40mlTargets: Dry, sensitive and stressedskin.13853-00 | 32,9082,25 100ml82,25 per 100ml12 11. Did you : know Oily skin needs hydration. . Witch Hazel and White Willow Bark gives y