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10th June 2015

Transcript of NWA Newsletter

  • North West AuctionsNorth West AuctionsNorth West AuctionsNorth West Auctions

    Weekly Report and Newsletter 10th June10th June10th June10th June

    e. property@nwauctions.co.uk t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

    e. help@nwauctions.co.uk t. 015395 66222 (J36 Kendal) t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster)

    e. info@nwauctions.co.uk t. 01524 63308 (Lancaster) t. 015395 66200 (J36 Kendal)

    NWA Lancaster , Wyresdale Road, Golgotha, Lancaster, LA1 3JQ NWA J36, J36 Rural Auction Centre, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7FP

    NWA J36 Special Beef Breeding Sale Thursday 4th June

    The June sale of Beef Breeding Cattle saw a full ringside of buyers in attendance from the Northern counties and Midlands.

    The sale commenced with breeding bulls which saw all except one finding new homes. Young bulls sold to 1820 for a Limousin from RH & C Ayrton, Aberdeen Angus 1600 from JF Batty & Son and Simmental 1250 from EJ Edgar. Mature bulls saw a top price of 1550 for a 3 year old Limousin from FW Woof and 1500 from, NA & J Temple.

    Heifers with calves at foot sold to 1980 for a Limousin x with a bull calf from JS & S Atkinson who sold others at 1900 with heifer calves. The annual consignment from EJ Hodgson & Son sold to 1780 with others at 1750. Older cattle saw cows with calves at foot peak at 1720 from the dispersal on behalf of GM & R Whitaker. Others sold to 1650 from RI Dixon and 1620 from KM & KJ Curwen.

    The consignment of Stabiliser x cows from A Dixon & Son sold to 1420 with others generally 1320 to 1400.

    In-calf British Blue x heifers from T,L,B & J Knowles sold to 1200 with bulling heifers to 1360 for Pedigree Limousins from J & MB Birkett.

    Top Prices:Top Prices:Top Prices:Top Prices:

    Heifers with Bull Calves 1980, 1900, 1780

    Heifers with Heifers Calves 1900, 1750, 1700

    Cows with Bull Calves 1720, 1620, 1600, 1580

    Cows with Heifer Calves 1650, 1620, 1600, 1550

    Bulling Heifers 1360 twice, 980

    In-calf Heifers 1200, 1150 twice, 1120

    Lim X Cow with Lim X Steer Calf from KM & KJ Curwen

    Full Ringside of Buyers

  • Lancaster - 01524 63308

    Lancaster Sale Reports Friday 5th JuneFriday 5th JuneFriday 5th JuneFriday 5th June Following the previous weeks large numbers of Cast/OTM cattle forward and the better weather this week, led to a reduced number of cattle forward as 49 passed through the ring. Cast steers sold to a top of 201.5ppk from A & E Clarkson of Thurnham with an Angus with others selling around 190ppk. Well fleshed beef cows sold in the early 150ppk topping at 154.5ppk from JE Bracken of New House Farm with a nine year old Limousin. Better types of OTM Black and white cows sold to 139.5ppk from R & A Jolleys of Marlholes with other better types easily selling in the 130s. Black and whites averaged 116ppk with all cattle in the OTM ring selling to an average of 120ppk.

    Cast Cow Top Prices:Cast Cow Top Prices:Cast Cow Top Prices:Cast Cow Top Prices: OTM COW FR: 139.5 Marlholes Farm; 137.5 Tills Farm; 137.5 Derby Lodge. AA: 144.5 Yealand Manor; 139.5 Eskew Beck; 131.5 Mosergh Farm. LIM: 154.5 New House Farm; 131.5 Mosergh Farm; 129.5 Intack Farm. BA: 151.5 Coastal Road. OTM HEIFER FR: 157.5 High Snab; 144.5 Blackwood End; 129.5 Endmoor Farm.

    OTM STEER AA: 201.5 Cock Hall Farm; 191.5 Intack Farm. BRB: 124.5 Croppers Farm.

    A good trade throughout today with all vendors going away well satisfied with their trade with twice as many cattle could easily have been sold today at Lancaster to vendors advantage. In keeping with recent trends, younger and grazing Store Cattle sell extremely well. The trade for older and cattle nearing finished was noticeable stronger today plenty of steers and heifers selling in excess of 1,200 with steers topping at 1320 from J Bargh of Old Woodhouse with a Limousin as a Quartet of heifers sold to 1240 from EJ Ward & Sons of Intack Farm.

    Store Cattle Top Prices:Store Cattle Top Prices:Store Cattle Top Prices:Store Cattle Top Prices: STORE BULLOCKS FR: 1010 Barn Owl Farm; 1000 Cragg Farm; 910 Ivy Farm. AA: 1240 Middle Grange Farm; 1200 High Green; 1180 Ivy Farm. LIM: 1320 Old Woodhouse; 1300 Dunningwell Farm; 1290 Millbeck. WS:1050 Cock Hall Farm. HE: 1120 Moss View; 1040 Old Woodhouse. SIM: 1280 Old Woodhouse; 1070 Windy Hill Farm; 980 Moss View. BRB: 1240 Croppers Farm; 1170 Dunningwell Farm; 1110 Brow Foot Farm. BAZ: 1070 Clawthorpe Lodge. BA: 1290 Millbeck. STORE HEIFERS FR: 970 Crook Farm; 830 Intack Farm; 790 Marlholes Farm. AA: 1120 Low Levens; 1120 Manor House Farm; 1080 Bouthwaite Farm. WB: 990 Croppers Farm. LIM: 1240 Intack Farm; 1120 Low Levens; 1090 Pasture Barn Farm. CH: 1240 Intack Farm. HE: 1070 Windy Hill Farm; 980 Manor House Farm; 900 Brow Foot Farm. SIM: 970 Whinney Garth. BRB: 1120 Cragg Farm; 1100 Manor House Farm; 1070 Bouthwaite Farm.

    BULL LIM: 860 Brunstow.

    A smaller entry of Calves this morning with farmers making the most of the better weather, however those who found time were met by a very strong trade throughout with buyers keen to secure numbers. Blue bulls sold to a top of 398 from WD & RD Walmsley of Cockerham, with blue heifers to 350 from the same home and RT Halhead and Son. Black and white calves once again above and beyond vendors expectations, topping at 182 for an 8 week old from TD & V Whitaker, Forton. Best sorts in excess of 135, with younger sorts 58-75. Overall average of 112.15. Stirks sold to 600 for Blue bulls from A Shepherd, Pilling.

    Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices: BULL CALF FR: 182 Park Lane Farm; 168 Tills Farm. AA: 348 Newhouse Farm; 230 Gibsons Farm. BRB: 398 Beechwood Farm. HEIFER CALF AA: 188 Gibsons Farm. BRB: 350 Norbreck Farm; 350 Beechwood Farm. HEIFER STIRK BRB: 555 Muffys Platt Farm.

    BULL STIRK FR: 370 Knittleton Farm. BRB: 600 Muffys Platt Farm.

    Monday 8th JuneMonday 8th JuneMonday 8th JuneMonday 8th June A sharper trade for all types of Prime Lambs today with a good entry of well fleshed prime lambs forward. An overall market average of 193ppk with better types of lambs easily selling over 200ppk topping at 221ppk from D & DW Prickett of Farleton House with plenty of pens of lambs selling around 80.

    An entry of just 37 Prime Hoggs in the market this week averaging 149ppk. Handy weight fit hoggs good too sell well topping at 173ppk from ST Birkett of Hall Croft.

    Prime Spring Lamb & Hogg Top Prices:Prime Spring Lamb & Hogg Top Prices:Prime Spring Lamb & Hogg Top Prices:Prime Spring Lamb & Hogg Top Prices: Prime Spring Lambs HAMP: 73 Redfields. SUFF: 88 Keepers Cottage; 84 Hall Croft Barn; 82.50 Hill Top; 82 Brown Edge. CH: 85 Moss Side Farm; 82.50 Jacksons Farm; 83 Oak Head Farm; 81.50 Parks Farm Barn. TEX: 87.50 Parks Farm Barn; 86 North Farm; 84 Old Glasson; 84 Tarnwater Farm; 84 Birch Croft. Prime Hoggs SUFF: 75 The Cottage; 61 Castle o Trim. TEX: 73 Hall Croft; 70 Inverbervie; 64 The Cottage. GRIT: 77 Inverbervie. HERD: 68 Lee End

    Farm. ZWART: 57 Hall Croft Barn.

    A big entry of Cast Sheep saw 173 forward. Topping the day was the last sheep through the ring, a Texel tup from B & SE Carter, Ellel achieving 139. Ewes sold to a top of 116 for a Charollais from A & E Clarkson, Thurnham. Mules sold to 94 for a pair from PD Anderton, Scorton. Swales sold to 75 from J & CW Metcalfe, Quernmore with others to 63. Cast sheep in general a fraction easier on the day, averaging 79.

    Cast Sheep Top Prices:Cast Sheep Top Prices:Cast Sheep Top Prices:Cast Sheep Top Prices: SUFF: 108 Moss Side Farm; 101 Wellington View; 95 Windmill Farm. MULE: 94 Wyre Farm; 84 Burrow Heights Farm; 83 Old Glasson. HRN: 75 Hare Apple Tree; 61 Cragg End. HRN: 75 Hare Apple Tree; 61 Cragg End. CH: 116 Cock Hall Farm. TEX: 139 Cragg End; 134 Old Glasson; 115 Goose Green; 97

    Farleton House. HERD: 58 Lee End Farm. ZWART: 89 Wyre Farm.

    Breeding Sheep SaleBreeding Sheep SaleBreeding Sheep SaleBreeding Sheep Sale A small entry of Hoggs with lambs at foot as the season draws to an end, Texel Hoggs from Stockdale Farms with strong lambs sold to 170 and 165 twice.

    Land Sale Result

    NWA Property offered two lots of land for sale by public auction on Thursday, 4

    th June and after spirited bidding the following prices were achieved.

    Land at Hubbersty Head - 36.30 acres of pasture land sold for 180,000, an average of 4,958 per acre

    Bishops Allotment 100.30 acres of upland open access land sold for 156,000, an average of 1,559 per acre

  • J36 - 015395 66200

    J36 Sale Reports Thursday 4th JuneThursday 4th JuneThursday 4th JuneThursday 4th June Fresh Calved Dairy Heifers sold to 1110 from E & K Bland of Cotegill, calved 14 days giving 6 gallon. Bulling Heifers sold to 700 from J & PA Jackson, Winter Tarn.

    The weekly sale of Calves and Stirks saw a very disappointing number forward due to many people taking advantage of the good weather. The calves that where forward sold to a very strong trade with young Angus heifer calves all selling in excess of 250 with bulls topping at 265 from Barker Farms. Stirks keenly sought after, with British Blue steers selling to 420 from RJ & KR Wilkinson of High Foulshaw, Stabilisers from the same home sold to 405.

    Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices:Calf Top Prices: Bull Calves Fr: 240 & AA: 250 Warton Grange Farm. Heifer Calves AA: 255 Warton Grange Farm.

    Bull Stirks AA: 410 Capplerigg. Stab: 405 & BRB: 420 High Foulshaw Farm.

    Tuesday 9th JuneTuesday 9th JuneTuesday 9th JuneTu