Nursing care of older people with dementia

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  1. 1. Nursing care of older people with dementia Roger Watson
  2. 2. Ageing and dementia
  3. 3. Distribution of types of dementia
  4. 4. What does dementia affect?
  5. 5. Problems associated with dementia Intelligence Lose problem solving ability Memory Become forgetful and lost Language Difficulty communicating
  6. 6. Progress of dementia anatomical
  7. 7. Progress of dementia - temporal
  8. 8. Problems associated with dementia Wandering Aggression Incontinence Feeding and nutrition
  9. 9. Nursing role
  10. 10. Dementia care environments
  11. 11. Signage
  12. 12. The Edinburgh Feeding Evaluation in Dementia (EdFED) scale
  13. 13. 2010
  14. 14. Ethical and legal dimensions Because we cannot readily interpret the actions of a person with dementia we do not know what to do for the best Questions: How do we alleviate eating difficulty? What constitutes force feeding? When do we stop feeding a person with dementia?
  15. 15. Tube feeding
  16. 16. Support for families
  17. 17. Preventing dementia Five Golden Rules Take exercise Eat a healthy (Mediterranean diet) Quit smoking Drink alcohol in moderation Prevent/treat diabetes and raised BP
  18. 18. Conclusion More people globally are suffering from dementia Dementia affects every aspect of life There is at the moment no cure for dementia Nurses must offer advice and support to families as well as to the persons with dementia We must not forger that the person with dementia is still a person
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