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Innovative Policing in Kerala

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  • 1. Technology Driven Service Delivery- A Kochi City Project Manoj Abraham IPS Commissioner of Police Kochi City

2. 2 A Brief History of the World 3. TECHNOLOGY ABSORPTION IN POLICE Computer replaced the typewriter, the mobile phones and walky talkies came, but the system did not change 4. Community Policing Under our Janamaitri programme we have Exchange programmes with Universities . We entrusted these Universities to study our existing system from a different angle. Based on their studies we implemented various changes in our day to day functioning and in our traditional systems. All steps were implemented in a private- public partnership mode 5. Technology Hub Cyber Cell Service Delivery Cell -Control Room Office Management Cell 6. Service Delivery Cell- Control Room Kochi City Police Control Room is one of the best and well equipped Control Rooms in the Country 7. HIGH-TECH FACILITIES 8. FLYING SQUADS 9. Features of the vehicle GPS system installed Location Updates City Maps on screen Pictures sending possible Two way communication One to one Communication SMS facility 10. Anti Terror Vehicle- Kavatcham 11. HIGHWAY PATROL (K-HIGHWAY PATROL (K- 26)26) 12. 13. GPS based Dial 100Automated system Emergency calls (100) are received through a separate system Calls transferred to concerned Police Control Room vehicles through the same system. 14. Detailed map of Kochi City available Location of Police Control Room vehicles in the monitors installed in Control Room. Twenty numbers of computers are installed in Control Room 15. VIDEO WALL The video wall is a screen comprising 14 monitors of 40 inches. The video wall is connected with the monitors of Keltron and 8 important junctions can be viewed separately or in full screen. 16. TRAFFIC/ SECURITY CAMERAS 17. TRAFFIC/ SECURITY CAMERAS Traffic/Security Cameras at all major locations in City. Security cameras put up by private parties in over 2500 places 18. 32 dome cameras and 88 Fixed Cameras 22 LCD TV monitors were installed at Police Control Room. 26 speakers for Announcements 19. Other Facilities -Data Base of all phone users- ensuring attending calls by name -Detailed Digital Map of all City to enable to identify each household -All the calls and communication recorded for future use -SMS facility to all citizens in case of Emergency or disasters 20. Traffic Challans through Blackberry 21. MCARP System Traffic and control Room Personnel are supplied with cameras for taking on the spot pictures which can be beamed to Control Room then and there 22. MCARP -Mobile Crime & Accident Reporting Platform Date wise Reports 23. MCARP -Mobile Crime & Accident Reporting Platform Date wise Incidents Reports 24. OFFICE MANAGEMENT CELL 25. Pay Bill of Police personnel prepared at Commissioner office 26. District Treasury passes the bill and credits the amount to SBI 27. SBI credit the amount to police personnels account 28. Policemen can draw salary from any ATM counters at any time as required. 29. 30. SBI Tie Ups We started the loan disbursal system from SBI and Cooperative Banks at very low interest rates Money on petty cases and other such Govt money, was also deposited through the banks. 31. Petty Case Deposit Management 32. Petty Case Deposit Management 33. Petty Case Deposit Management 34. Traffic Fine Receipt 35. Integrated Office Management System 36. Internal Office Management Programme 37. Summons through SMS Software features 38. Summons through SMS Software features 39. Summons through SMS Software features 40. C Forms through Email Now KTDC has also put up a facility for e- submission of C forms in their website 41. The above steps helped us in eliminating such routine duties, so that the saved policeman is used for essential duties of traffic and crime prevention The study showed that 38% policeman on any particular day are on duty for purely administrative matters and not anything concerning basic policing. Benefits of these Systems 42. The Cyber Cell is primarily responsible for the Investigation of Cyber crimes May 16, 2014 42 CYBER CRIME ENQUIRY CELL KOCHI CITY 43. Cyber Cell Responsibilities 44. PASSPORT VERIFICATION STATUS THROUGH SMS IN ASSOCIATION WITH AIRTEL 45. Applicant may sendSMS "ENQ B 00012309" To Mobile number / Short Code SMS MESSAGE 46. REPLY Applicant Name : xxxxxx xxxxx, Current Status: Under Enquiry / Report Received / Despatched. Thank you for using 47. * Traffic Complaints over SMS * Crime Stopper Messages over SMS 48. 49. Home Page of Kochi City Portal 50. Register and Track Complaint 51. Crime Prevention Tips 52. A Cyber Cafe Accounting & Security Management Initiative by ideacts | innovations TM 53. CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager is a Free of Cost application which helps Cafes in better Management and Accounting. It also comes with features which help Cafes in storing Customer Data as required by Law Enforcement Agencies. CLINCK Cyber Cafe Manager has an All India Single Login and Customer have to register only once in any Cafe. About 54. Login credentials are displayed only for the first time. Login Screen 55. This form is used to add a new customer to the cafes database. The Temporary ID is allotted to access the registration form of this customer on the CLINCK Cyber Cafe Client. Customer Tab 56. On clicking Finish the customer is added to the cafes database Customer Tab 57. After login, Member details are visible in this section Member Login 58. Patrolling Social Networking Sites Orkut Facebook Twitter 59. Conclusion You have to absorb Technology into your basic policing system and this requires a change in the Existing Policing System so as to enjoy the fruits of technology and to be in tune with the High Tech world of Today 60. Winners of International Chiefs of Police( IACP) Award for 2009 -International Rotary Award for Excellence in Community Service -PRIDE Award for Innovative Steps in Policing - and a host of State and local awards 61. Hope It was a practical class for all of u 05/16/14 65