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June 2012 News Online Exchange for the Month of June

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  • 1. JUNE 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE JUNE 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERNews Online Xchangeserves to give up-to-date information on the products and services under the NMS brand, as well asnews involving the Web and Mobile industries. With so many options for consumers to contact companies, youd think the phone was going the way of the dinosaur. Think again. Today, significantly more consumers prefer customer support by phone to other meth- ods of contactsuggesting the call center wont be going away any time soon. TODAYS CALL CENTERS AT A GLANCE 49% 21% 30% 71% 71% 29% 79% 21% 14% 75% 25% Female Agents Serve Local, Regional, Received inbound Serve mass-market Provide Customer Service Only Male Agents or National Market calls from customers customers Provide Sales Only Serve International Make outboud Serve Business Provide Sales and Service Market solicitations Cutomers New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  • 2. JUNE 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE JUNE 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTERCUSTOMERS PREFER PHONE SUPPORT WHICH METHOD DO YOU PREFER TO USE TO INTERACT WITH In a Forrester survey, an overwhelming CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS? majority of consumers prefer to contact customer service by phone compared to other options. 79% 33% 19% 19% Phone Conversation Email Web Self-Service Automate Phone System and Conversation 12% 10% 8% 4% Web Chat Automated Phone Online Phone Call Letter Sent Via System Regular Mail 3% 2% 2% 2% Text Social Media or Fax Video online forum Just like email, phones have their advantages as well. For Multi-Channel Contact Centers, Phone support is still by far the most popular offering. Customers like knowing they can talk to someone and get immediate CONTACT CENTER INTERACTION BY TYPE answers. They like knowing that they get their issue resolved in a 72% relatively timely manner (even if a call takes a half hour, chances are most email support replies do not 12% 10% come in that amount of time) and 2% 2% 1% 1% that they can avoid the back and Phone Phone Email Letter Text Chat Fax Others forth that all too frequently results (Agent) (Self- from email support. A lot of times, a Service) 10 or 15 minute phone call can resolve an issue that would take multiple days of going back and forth via email to resolve. New Media Services e the Go-To company w
  • 3. JUNE 2012 ISSUEJANUARY 2011 ISSUE JUNE 2012 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2011 BUSINESS NEWSLETTER INBOUND VOICE SUPPORT To achieve a productive business, customers satisfaction is a big factor. A company must provide a superior service not only for profit purposes, but to provide the customers expectations, needs, and fulfillment as well. Having knowledge on customers needs is very significant. They earnestly need services which are efficient and accurate. Without a doubt, in the world of business industry, inbound voice services provide an encompassing and reliable service which every customer anticipates. Inbound voice services aimed to reach clients well, they are responsible or accountable to whatever the client is asking for. Indeed, computer systems must be upgraded at all times since fellow clients need quick responses and so the company must build a rapport to boost their online reputation. BENEFITS OF A GREAT INBOUND VOICE SUPPORT SERVICE: First, when a customer calls and asks for assistance, it automatically generates a unified virtual contact. A great inbound voice service encourages customers to call and stay in touch. With this, it sustains a suitable and inexpensive conversation or communication among clients. Second, it improves call resolution rates as well as the productivity of the system itself. Having an accurate call routing technology can ensure appropriate call destination using voice prompts, and providing them the 24/7 online services. Third, it also provides the ability to prioritize service options to customers. The system can control call routing and can easily respond to sudden changes of business conditions without service interventions or interruptions. Fourth, inbound voice improves call performance and completion rates, getting advanced to call routing can also help company gain a veritable network management. This matter does not only increase business profits but also it increases the satisfaction and loyalty of every client. Last, it allows the system to choose their preferred service provider and can retain the inbound number that has been used from previous clients or customers. Features of Inbound Voice: Inbound voice services features workforce and selected caller routing. It is possible to make decisions and schedules whether to choose the most important customers to least important ones. It is time dependent as well where routing calls are accurate and active during the day and night time. It consequently enables the most efficient resources for complex-skill based. During a call routing, the profile of a client is attached, this is much easier for monitoring who is the caller and what kind of services they need. This saves time and provides an optimal service as well. Inbound voice support provides a wide services, it guarantees an everlasting and relevant solutions to your problem! New Media Services e the Go-To company w