Now Hiring: 9 People You Need On Your Modern Marketing Team

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What is the future of marketing roles? The rise of mobile devices, personalized marketing, and content marketing has definitely had had an impact in the way companies target their audiences. Consequently, CMOs are realizing the need for roles within their teams that adapt to these trends. The marketing department of yesterday can’t be successful in 2014. We consulted with a number of industry experts and summarized this guide on how today's marketers get the job done. Sources: - - - - - - - - -

Transcript of Now Hiring: 9 People You Need On Your Modern Marketing Team

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  • the majority of marketers expect their role to change in the next year.
  • As suggested by top organizations like MarketingProfs, CMI, Eloqua, Forbes, and Heinz, THESE ARE THE ROLES THAT EVERY MARKETING TEAM NEEDS TODAY.
  • Content Director Responsible for the development and management of content that buyers value from eBooks, to press kits, webinars, infographics, and blog posts. Main tasks: Developing buyer-centered content strategies. Writing, editing, and updating original content. Curating third-party content. Managing other content resources (writers, designers, etc.). Tracking ROI for content marketing efforts.
  • Brand Journalist Copywriters and journalists can become brand journalists, who are in charge of using storytelling to attract targeted audiences to a specic brand. Main tasks: Monitoring and researching industry related information. Crafting content and copy that aligns with the companys mission (e.g. blog posts, infographics, presentations, white papers, etc.). Optimizing content for search engines (SEO).
  • Community Manager They oversee the online engagement that a company generates on social media and other online forums. Main tasks: Managing a brands social media presence on social platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Driving engagement and interactions between a brand and its target audience. Monitoring interactions to ensure that the community remains engaged.
  • Marketing Automation Manager Supports the execution of integrated marketing (inbound and outbound), and manages lead nurturing campaigns. Theyre a key contact between sales and marketing. Main tasks: Developing, implementing, and documenting strategy for lead generation and nurturing. Optimizing and data improvement. Facilitating the conversion of prospective customers into paid clients.
  • Data Analyst Information is power and, without metrics and KPIs, marketing teams cant make informed decisions that impact a companys ROI. Thats where data analysts come in. Main tasks: Tracking of brand metrics and KPIs. Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives. Providing insights for the optimization of campaigns.
  • Marketing Technologist This isnt just an IT role. This is actually a developer that also has marketing experience. According to Gartner, 81% of big rms already have a marketing technologist. Main tasks: Managing technological change inside marketing organizations. Facilitating projects that involve both marketing and IT-related tasks. Selecting and evaluating marketing technologies (automation software, analytics, etc.). Use technology to enable business growth.
  • Not all roles are completely new. Marketing trends are also impacting the most traditional membersofamarketingteam.
  • Campaign Manager Beyond traditional marketing efforts, in 2014 campaign managers must be aware of the wide array of tools that can impact their efforts, including automation, native ads, CPC, mobile, social media, content marketing, and analytics.
  • Event Manager Although the core of their responsibilities remains the same, event managers should also be able to complement their efforts with the latest tools. Social media, webinar applications, and analytics are just a few of the features that todays event managers incorporate into their day-to-day tasks.
  • Graphic Designer Design has become a rather vague term for marketing teams. Once reserved for people who merely knew about aesthetics, color psychology, and pixels, designers now are also in charge of the overall feel and experience of software products (apps, websites, web-apps). Very specialized roles such as User Experience Design and User Interaction design are in high demand.
  • What additional roles are you seeing emerge on the marketing landscape?
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