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  • 1. 2MPast and PresentMuseum

2. Oh,Imyou get lost or areHi. if Lucy.finished looking at something.Welcome to the Museum.Have fun learning!just click your tour guide. to goToday Im on the exit signto the museum to explore a topic.Click on a picture map. 3. TelephonesPhones telephone was cranked by hand. Using so we could move the hand, thethem.The first eventually became more portable the pushing force of about with crankThis the energy to power the phonemadeis the Telephones Exhibit. as most walk did not the rotating dialler.The cordless phone meant that we couldhomesaround have house while talking.Before they had buttons of touch screens phones had a electricity.Nowatwould put your Click dont have buttons! Tonumberthanwerecall people. armHere you can very mobile phones, that changed since they just first invented.Look we have see how telephones have do muchring your friends you pushed the the first 2 phones, theyYou side and held the ear piece to your ear.for the more to speak into the dial fingeron the hole to hear it ring! wanted toin a phoneyouon theThe can write texts, first usedmusic, take photos , connect to the Bell. mouthpiece telephone was listen to successfully You Alexander Graham internet and playby would haveWe spin the dialler counter clockwise. Phones 3 and 4 have rotary diallers.and anand ask Mroperator to connect you to the person you wanted to call.Thats all from behind me! Mr. Bell would be speechless! Bell ourgames a lot easier inphones. when not many people had phones.This was the past 4. CommunicationThis is the Communication Exhibit.Here you can see the different ways people have communicatedwith each other using written text.In the past they have used Quill (a bird feather) and ink pot, chalk and slatepen and paper. These methods took time and often days to arrive at theirdestination. Now we can simply send someone an email or text messagewhich they can receive instantly! 5. ToysThis is our Toy Exhibit.On this wall you can see many toys that were used before technology allowed us toinvent video games and other electronic fun. All of these were powered by thechildren playing with them. Spinning tops were pushed, robots could be wound upand bubbles blown. All of these toys still exist today.Do you have any? 6. Around the houseHere, in front of our library, we have some pictures of differentthings from the past that were used around the house. As you can seebefore technology and electricity everything was done by hand. Fire wasused to cook in big pots, washing was done by hand and rolled in specialmachines to get the water out and cars were often cranked by hand tomake them go. Technology has made home life so much easier. 7. Telling time Last we have our oldest time keeper, the merkhet.Next is the digital grandfather clock. Next is the BIG watch.The first time keepingthe ancientPocket Watch. calculate time atThe next piece isline device is a Egyptians could Using hanging blue stand gold hourglass.On the a beautiful an sundial.Youve probably seen can bebefore! and very heavy. Grandfather clocks these very tallItThe sundial works by watchweresmallof in the sunlight. and chain. works byThe pocket stars from one chamber to a cover through a night, provided sandbeing is a Hall clock with another letting the fallto placed out Time. Welcome the visible.They have amade of wood and have a clock face face that shows They are band to sit around your wrist and a at the top.very small opening. thewhere wefin in theusedtime keepinghowpast.When theThey hits Thedial, thetheysandby wealthy men in the long By observing wereis stars as carried ourthe line created with This commonly keep all middle casts on devices. sun certain amount of crossed dependsa shadow.electronic the glass is The digital watch is the newest of or to keep time. Behind numbers. a swinging pendulum which helps it time want the hourglasstherun for. the gauge time.The shadow points tocould accurately disc. the merkhets, they to time on Grandfather clocks often make loud chiming sounds each hour. 8. Now ShowingCinema 1: Phones throughout history.Cinema 2: How toys have changed.Cinema 3: Changes around the house.Cinema 5: The journey of a letter with Australia Post. 9. Theatre Telephone 10. Theatre Toys 11. Theatre technology 12. The journey of a letter 13. Museum Map Cinema