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  1. 1. cornerst ne A NEXUS NEWSLETTERNOVEMBER 2014IN THIS MONTHS ISSUE Cultivating Great Internal Customer ServicePracticing HumilityServant LeadershipUnderstanding a Familys Hierarchy of NeedsGiving the spir it of
  2. 2. from the corner office of theCustomer service is a term we generallyassociate with companies that sell goods andservices. If we go to a coffee shop, we expect toget good customer service: the person behindthe counter helps us place our order; then he orshe completes it. If that server is pleasant, takesour order quickly, and delivers our coffee to uscorrectly, we feel weve gotten good service forour money.But what happens when no money isexchanged? Do we see a coworker as acustomer when he needs a financial reportto finish his budget? Is a Clinical Director acustomer when she asks to discuss a case withyou? Is a Communications Coordinator acustomer when he needs some pictures fromyour programs field trip for his story?Helping coworkers do their jobs better helpsNexus do a better job overall. Customer serviceis key to success, and internal customer serviceis key to exceptional external customer service.According to Entrepreneur magazine, superiorinternal customer service improves morale,productivity, employee retention, externalcustomer service, and, ultimately, profitability.As Nexus staff, we are all both customers andservers many times throughout a workday, andwe need to remember to consistently treat eachother with our Cornerstone Values of Honesty,Responsibility, Courage, Care & Concern.Entrepreneur magazine offered these tips froma roundtable discussion on internal customerservice. Use them regularly in your dealingswith coworkers. See what a difference they canmake.Treat coworkers and other departments as yourcustomers. Treat them like VIPs, not nuisances.Do whatever it takes to help. One day, yourcoworkers will return the favor.View coworkers requests as opportunitiesto help Nexus reach its strategic goals. Buildhelpful and productive coworker relationships.Exceed your internal customers expectations.Do things faster, better, easier. Follow through.Let your coworkers know they can count onyou.Say thank you. It means so much.CEOYour customer doesnt care how much youknow until they know how much you care.Damon Richards1 | NOVEMBER 2014David Hutchinson
  3. 3. Leadership is INFLUENCE;nothing more, nothing less.John MaxwellAt our recent Annual Conference, I presented on asubject that I am extremely passionate about: ServantLeadership.Many organizations, including Nexus, spend a greatdeal of time training staff to do the essentials of the job,but very little time raising up and training people to betrue leaders. Leadership is an awesome responsibility,and I was very happy to spend some time addressingthe subject with Nexus staff. Below are some excerptsfrom that presentation.Servant Leadership has been around since 1970, whenRobert Greenleaf first coined the term in an essayentitled The Servant as Leader. The key conclusion hemade can be seen in the following quote:The servant-leader is servant first. It begins with thenatural feeling that one wants to serve. Then consciouschoice brings one to aspire to lead. The best test is:Do those served grow as persons; do they, while beingserved, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous,more likely themselves to become servants.Servant leadership is not a soft approach to leadership.On the contrary, it is difficult. Accountability is a keycomponent of this approachs effectiveness. Leadersmust be honest with the people they lead, and musthold them accountable when they are not performingwell. They must also be open to hearing honestfeedback.Today, Servant Leadership is practiced by many majorcompanies, including 35 of the top 100 Fortune 500companies in the United States. The list includesSouthwest Airlines, Starbucks, and Marriot.Anyone whoinfluences otherscan be a leader.Leadership is theability to inspirepeople to action, to influence them to be the bestthey can be. Leadership is the combination of Skill,Influence, and Character.The full definition of leadership is the SKILL ofINFLUENCING people to enthusiastically worktoward goals identified as being for the commongood, with CHARACTER that inspires confidence.Integrity and compassion are necessary componentsof character, as are serving and sacrifice. A true leaderutilizes all of these elements through a lens of love.In leadership, love is a verb. It is the act of extendingyourself to others by identifying and meeting needs.It is an ACTION. It is a choice. It means seeking thegreatest good of another person.A leader must demonstrate the loving characteristicsof Patience, Kindness, Respect, Trust, Giving, Honesty,Forgiveness, Commitment and Humility qualitiesthat are not unlike our Cornerstone Values.Servant Leadership is hard work. It must be continuallypracticed and measured until intentions align withactions. It really is a matter of the will.The Ken Blanchard formula for Servant LeadershipsaysIntentions Actions = NothingIntentions + Actions = The WillMay we all aspire to become servant leaders whereverwe are.Operations OutlookCOONOVEMBER 2014 | 2Brock Wolff
  4. 4. 3 | NOVEMBER 2014A Time for GivingSupporting the Nexus MissionAs the holiday season approaches, many people look forways to give back through end-of-year donations. As anonprofit, Nexus counts on donations to help purchasethe essentials that youth in our care need and to providethose special things that make the holidays bright for allkids.What better way to give back than within your ownorganization? In addition, when you give to Nexus, yourdonation is tax-deductible.Each Nexus site has a number of ways for employees anddonors to contribute to the Nexus mission, programs, andyouth.YOUTH WITHOUT RESOURCESYouth Without Resources helps fulfill the basic needs ofyouth on each campus. Donations help pay for medicaltreatment not covered by insurance, community collegetuition, apartment security deposits, and caps and gownsfor high school graduation ceremonies.Fund money comes from personal contributions muchof it from employee contributions either one-timedonations or payroll deductions. If you are interestedin donating, contact your sites Human Resourcesdepartment for registration information. Outside donorscan also contribute to the Youth Without Resources Fund.Contact each site directly to make a contribution.One-hundred percent of all contributions go directly tobenefit the youth on campus.ONLINE DONATIONSNEXUS WEBSITEYou can make donations directly to one of our sitesthrough the Nexus website: site homepage has a Donate Now button that willtake you to a secure PayPal page, where you can enterWays to Donate Contact your site Human ResourcesDepartment to register for a one-timeor ongoing donation to Youth WithoutResources. Go online at www.nexustreatment.orgor GiveMN to donate directly to a Nexussite. Contribute to Nexus CARES A fund thatbenefits foster youth and families. Make a donation or volunteer time tothe Crisis Nursery Serving Wright County. Sponsor a personalized pillowcase for afoster youth. Donate to the sites Wish Lists.Commonly needed items are listedbelow: Gift Cards Hygiene Products Books School and Craft Supplies Coloring Books Markers & Crayons Playing Cards Board Games Outdoor Games Sports Equipment ToysInternal Giving
  5. 5. Ways to Giveyour donation information.GIVEMNOur Minnesota sites Gerard Academy, Mille LacsAcademy, and Kindred Family Focus are all part ofGiveMN, an online giving forum for Minnesota nonprofitorganizations, schools, and causes. Simply go to, enter one of Nexus Minnesota site names, ortype Nexus in the search bar to choose the program ofyour choice.NEXUS CARESKindred Family Focus has a few unique givingopportunities to benefit Minnesota youth in need.Nexus CARES benefits both foster youth and fosterfamilies who need assistance with uncovered expenses,such as clothing, eyeglasses, hearing aides, and bracesfor foster youth. Funds also help pay for activity fees forathletic and academic clubs, and school events like promand graduation. This past summer, one foster family evenused funds to take their foster kids on a their first ever tripoutside of Minnesota.To donate to Nexus CARES, contact the Nexus Corporateoffice or Kindred Family Focus.CRISIS NURSERY SERVING WRIGHT COUNTYThe Crisis Nursery Serving Wright County is operated byKindred Family Focus. Giving your time or money to theCrisis Nursery provides telephone help lines, emergencychild care, and other support services at no cost to WrightCounty families in crisis. To donate or volunteer, contactJill Gatzke at PILLOWCASESA Kindred Family Focus volunteer has begun makingpersonalized fleece pillowcases for foster youth. Withfunds provided by individual donations and NexusCARES, foster children get pillowcases embroidered withtheir name and featuring their favorite color, sport, orcharacter. Contact Kindred Family Focus if youd like tosponsor a personalized pillowcase for a foster youth.NOVEMBER 2014 | 4Other Ways to Give YourTime or TalentNexus offers many ways for you to getinvolved throughout the year. We arealways looking for sponsors and donors forevents like golf tournaments, graduations,family fun days, field trips, auctions, a ToolBash, and more.Additionally, our youth appreciate a specialmeal for the holidays and gifts on holidaysand birthdays.If you want to help, please contact one ofour sites directly to discuss ways to getinvolved.Mille Lacs AcademyJeremy Janski: 320.532.4005Gerard AcademyDamien Londino-Green: 507.433.1843Onarga AcademyArlinda Zaucha: 815.268.4001Indian Oaks AcademyBobbie Ruyle: 815.802.3700Woodbourne CenterSarah Weissman: 410.433.1000Kindred Family FocusLorie Gratke: 763.271.1670Crisis Nursery Serving Wright CountyJill Gatzke: 763.271.1674
  6. 6. Family PartnershipA Familys Hier