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    Citation: Abbott, Benjamin, Jones, Jeremy, Schuur, Edward, Chapin III, F. Stuart, Bowden, William, Bret - Harte, Marion, Epstein, Howard, Flannigan, Mike, Harms, Tamara, Hollingworth, Teresa, Mack, Michelle, McGuire, A., Natali, Susan, Rocha, Adrian, Tank, Suzanne, Turetsky, Merritt, Vonk, Jorien, Wickland, Kimberly, Aiken, George, Alexander, Heather, Amon, Rainer, Benscoter, Brian, Bergeron, Yves, Bishop, Kevin, Blarquez, Olivier, Bond - Lamberty, Ben, Breen, Amy, Buffam, Ishi, Cai, Yihua, Carcaillat, Christopher, Carey, Sean, Chen, Jing, Chen, Han, Christensen, Torben, Cooper, Lee, Cornelissen, J., de Groot, William, DeLuca, Thomas, Dorrepaal, Ellen, Fetcher, Ned, Finlay, Jaques, Forbes, Bruce, French, Nancy, Gauthier, Sylvie, Girardin, Martin, Goetz, Scott, Goldammer, Johann, Gough, Laura, Grogan, Paul, Guo, Laodong, Higuera, Philip, Hinzman, Larry, Hu, Feng Sheng, Hugelius, Gustaf, Jafarov, Elchin, Jandt, Randi, Johnstone, Jill, Karlsson, Jan, Kasischke, Eric, Kattner, Gerhard, Kelly, Ryan, Keuper, Frida, Kling, George, Kortelainen, Pirkko, Kouki, Jari, Kuhry, Peter, Laudon, Hjalmar, Laurion, Isabelle, Macdonald, Robie, Mann, Paul, Martikainen, Pertti, McClelland, James, Molau, Ulf, Oberbauer, Steven, Olefeldt, David, Pare, David, Parisien, Marc- Andre, Payette, Serge, Peng, Changhui, Pokrovsky, Oleg, Rastetter, Edward, Raymond, Peter, Raynolds, Martha, Rein, Guillermo, Reynolds, James, Robards, Martin, Rogers, Brendan, Schädel, Christina, Schaefer, Kevin, Schmidt, Inger, Shvidenko, Anatoly, Sky, Jasper, Spencer, Robert, Starr, Gregory, Striegl, Robert, Teisserenc, Roman, Tranvik, Lars, Viranen, Tarmo and Welker, Jeffrey (2016) Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment. Environmental Research Letters, 11 (3). 034014. ISSN 1748-9326

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  • Environ. Res. Lett. 11 (2016) 034014 doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/034014


    Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment

    BenjaminWAbbott1,2, JeremyB Jones2, EdwardAGSchuur3, F Stuart Chapin III2,WilliamBBowden4, MSyndonia Bret-Harte2, Howard EEpstein5,MichaelDFlannigan6, TamaraKHarms2, TeresaNHollingsworth7,Michelle CMack3, ADavidMcGuire8, SusanMNatali9, AdrianVRocha10, Suzanne ETank11,Merritt RTuretsky12, Jorien EVonk13, Kimberly PWickland14, GeorgeRAiken14, HeatherDAlexander15, RainerMWAmon16, BrianWBenscoter17, Yves Bergeron18, Kevin Bishop19,20, Olivier Blarquez21, BenBond-Lamberty22, AmyLBreen23, Ishi Buffam24, YihuaCai25, ChristopherCarcaillet26, SeanKCarey27, JingMChen28, HanYHChen29, TorbenRChristensen30,31, LeeWCooper32, JHansCCornelissen33,William J deGroot34, ThomasHDeLuca35, EllenDorrepaal36, Ned Fetcher37, Jacques CFinlay38, BruceCForbes39, NancyHFFrench40, SylvieGauthier41, Martin PGirardin41, Scott JGoetz9, JohannGGoldammer42, LauraGough43, Paul Grogan44, LaodongGuo45, Philip EHiguera46, LarryHinzman47, Feng ShengHu48, GustafHugelius49, Elchin E Jafarov50, Randi Jandt51, Jill F Johnstone52, JanKarlsson36, Eric SKasischke53, GerhardKattner54, RyanKelly55, FridaKeuper36,56, GeorgeWKling57, PirkkoKortelainen58, Jari Kouki59, PeterKuhry60, Hjalmar Laudon61, Isabelle Laurion62, RobieWMacdonald63, Paul JMann64, Pertti JMartikainen65, JamesWMcClelland66, UlfMolau67, Steven FOberbauer68, DavidOlefeldt69, David Paré41,Marc-André Parisien70, Serge Payette71, Changhui Peng72,73, Oleg S Pokrovsky74,75, EdwardBRastetter76, PeterARaymond77,MarthaKRaynolds78, GuillermoRein79, James FReynolds80,81,MartinRobards82, BrendanMRogers9, Christina Schädel3, Kevin Schaefer83, IngerK Schmidt84, Anatoly Shvidenko85,86, Jasper Sky87, RobertGMSpencer88, Gregory Starr89, RobertG Striegl14, RomanTeisserenc90, Lars J Tranvik91, TarmoVirtanen92, JeffreyMWelker93 and Sergei Zimov94

    1 Université de Rennes 1, OSUR,CNRS,UMR6553 ECOBIO, France 2 Institute of Arctic Biology andDepartment of Biology&Wildlife, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 3 Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, NorthernArizonaUniversity, USA 4 The Rubenstein School of Environment andNatural Resources, University of Vermont, USA 5 Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, USA 6 Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta, Canada 7 USDAForest Service, PNWResearch Station,University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 8 USGeological Survey, AlaskaCooperative Fish andWildlife ResearchUnit, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 9 WoodsHole ResearchCenter, USA 10 Department of Biological Sciences and the Environmental Change Initiative, University ofNotreDame,USA 11 Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada 12 Department of Integrative Biology, University ofGuelph, Canada 13 Department of Earth Sciences, VUUniversity Amsterdam, TheNetherlands 14 USGeological Survey, National Research Program, Boulder, CO,USA 15 Mississippi StateUniversity, Forest andWildlife ResearchCenter,MS 39762,USA 16 Texas A&MUniversity at Galveston, USA 17 Florida Atlantic University, USA 18 Forest Research Institute, Université duQuébec enAbitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada 19 Department of Earth Sciences, UppsalaUniversity, Sweden 20 Department of Aquatic Sciences andAssessment, SwedishUniversity of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden 21 Département deGéographie, Université deMontréal, Canada 22 PacificNorthwest National Lab, USA 23 ScenariosNetwork for Alaska&Arctic Planning, International Arctic ResearchCenter, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 24 University of Cincinnati, USA 25 State Key Laboratory ofMarine Environmental Science, XiamenUniversity, People’s Republic of China 26 Ecole Pratique desHautes Etudes, UMR5023CNRS Lyon 1, France 27 McMasterUniversity, Canada 28 University of Toronto, Canada 29 Faculty ofNatural ResourcesManagement, LakeheadUniversity, Canada 30 LundUniversity, Arctic ResearchCentre, Sweden 31 AarhusUniversity, Denmark 32 University ofMarylandCenter for Environmental Science, USA 33 Systems Ecology, VUUniversity, TheNetherlands 34 Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada, Canada



    26November 2015


    15 February 2016


    16 February 2016


    7March 2016

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  • 35 School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University ofWashington, USA 36 Climate Impacts ResearchCentre, Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, UmeåUniversity, Sweden 37 Institute for Environmental Science and Sustainability,WilkesUniversity, USA 38 Department of Ecology, Evolution andBehavior, University ofMinnesota, USA 39 Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland 40 Michigan TechResearch Institute,MichiganTechnological University, USA 41 Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Laurentian Forestry Centre, Canada 42 Global FireMonitoring Center,Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Germany 43 Department of Biological Sciences, TowsonUniversity, USA 44 Department of Biology, Queen’sUniversity, Canada 45 University ofWisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Freshwater Sciences, USA 46 Department of Ecosystem andConservation Sciences, University ofMontana, USA 47 University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 48 Department of Plant Biology andDepartment of Geology, University of Illinois, USA 49 Department of Physical Geography, StockholmUniversity, Sweden 50 Institute of Arctic andAlpine Research, University of Colorado Boulder, USA 51 Alaska Fire Science Consortium,University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA 52 BiologyDepartment, University of Saskatchewan, Canada 53 Department ofGeographical Sciences, University ofMaryland, USA 54 AlfredWegen