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  • Our presentation is about Northern Ireland, from the 1920s and until today. First, Frederik is going to talk about something called the IRA, then I will talk about an organisation called the UVF, followed by Rasmus who would like to talk about the Bloody Sunday, and at last Magnus will talk about the Good Friday Agreement.*Frederik*The UVF stands for The Ulster Volunteer Force, and it is a loyalist and unionist paramilitary group formed in late 1965, or early 1966. The UVF is located in Northern Ireland, in the county Ulster.The first leader in the UVF was a man named Gusy Spence, who was a former British soldier.The main goals of the UVF were to combat the Irish republicanism, and republican paramilitaries in particular. Another goal was to maintain Northern Irelands status as part of The United Kingdom.

    The UVF was the cause of almost 500 deaths, most of the people being Catholic civilians. The victims were all chosen randomly, although the UVF claimed the victims were IRA members or sympathisers. The UVF was behind several attacks in the Republic of Ireland, which often was in the form of car bombings without any warning to the civilians.Today the group is a designated terror organisation in The United Kingdom, and a proscribed organisation in the Republic of Ireland.An organisation called the Ulster Volunteers was formed in 1912. The UVF claims to be a direct descendant of the older organization, while using the same logo and having the same goals. There is no organizational links between the two organizations though.The UV (the one in 1912) was formed to block self-government (Home Rule) for Ireland, which at the time was part of the United Kingdom. The Ulster Volunteers were located in the Northern Ireland, in the northern province of Ulster (Vis billed). The northern province of Ulster mostly consisted of unionists and Protestants.

    The militaries were organized into the Ulster Volunteer Force in 1913, which also has no organizational links to the UVF today. Later that year, Irish nationalists formed a rival militia, called the Irish Volunteers, which was formed to defend Home Rule.Home Rule was the demand that the governance of Ireland should be returned from Westminster to a domestic parliament in Ireland. The UVF was against Home Rule while the Irish Volunteers were defending the Home Rule.**- thats what it is called in Irish, but it also called the Bogside massacre - thats the date, and the place was Bogside area of Derry - 26 people by British troops. 16 teen, shoot in the back, other driven over

    *- In the late 1960s, perceived discrimination against the Catholic minority in electoral boundaries, voting rights, and the allocation of public housing led organisations such as Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) to mount a non-violent campaign for change - The banning of marches escalating levels of violence 21 killed in 3days riot eks. On violence (1,932 rounds were fired at the British Army, who also faced 211 explosions and 180 nail bombs and who fired 364 rounds in return)*