None of My Friends use Facebook

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Insights from a 13 year old girl as to why Facebook is losing teens

Transcript of None of My Friends use Facebook

  • None of My Friends Use Facebook Insights into why Facebook is losing teens
  • 13 year old New York teen Ruby Karp posted a story earlier this week on Mashable explaining why she thinks Facebook is losing teens...
  • By the time we could have Facebook we were already addicted to Instagram. When I was 10, I wasnt old enough to have a Facebook
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  • Facebook was this thing all our parents seem to have My only friend is, like, my grandma.
  • All of our parents and parents friends are on Facebooks Its not just the fact that I get messages like, Hello sweetie pie!
  • My friends post photos that get me in trouble with those parents If my mom saw I was at a party with drinking, even if I wasnt participating, Id be dead.
  • Facebook is also a big source of bullying Kids might comment something mean on a photo of you, or message you mean things.
  • people like the simple design better. Look at something like Twitter, where its four buttons
  • Facebook takes your interests based on what youve "liked" and put ads on your feed No offense, but when Im looking through my News Feed I dont really care about Pantenes new product.
  • Teens hate it when people try too hard; it pushes them away. Its like if my mom told me not to do something I immediately need to do it. When she forces something on me, I really dont want to do it. Facebook has been trying too hard