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Non Renewable Sources

Transcript of Non Renewable Sources

Introduction:Now a days there is lot of pollution in environment and there is a need to reduce or to remove pollution. To reduce the pollution for automobiles we have to use the non renewable sources like wind energy, light energy, magnetic energy. The wind energy is very less when compared to the magnetic energy and we can use that energy. The magnet energy is one of the most powerful natural energy that is used correctly by magnetic engine. This magnetic engine are of so many types and that cannot be used only for permanent magnets. There is one way of using permanent magnets is that by constructing an magnetic reciprocator and rotator engine. The is called as the M.R.R ENGINE. This engine is an ideal engine that we have ever seen in the history .

It is having an extra feature that is that it runs without any continuous input without any continuous output. There are some invensions of the magnetic type of engine one of them is shown below By using this engine we can remove the pollution and it will be safe for environment and human. Actually here the magnets taken are permanent magnets. This an small introduction about an M.R.R ENGINE

CONSTRUCTION: For MRR engine we require two cylindrical magnets ,piston rod, crank shaft, gears &chain. At first the magnets are taken which are in cylindrical shape and north pole & south pole are pointed and kept. Then next the another cylindrical magnet is taken and placed exactly below the first cylindrical magnet. These two gears are connected by chain. And the shaft of the lower magnet is connected to gears as usually as in common engine. But the shaft of the upper magnet is connected to the dynamo to generate power and that power is given to magnet to de magnetise them. The casing used here is an nonmagnetic material which doesnt transfer the magnetic power to outside. And the gears that are to be fitted are of radius of exactly half for one gear to another gear.

The chains for the connection of the gears should of the non magnetic material. And the magnets are taken and coated along the sides of both magnets. After coating again at one side the magnet of the one pole is exposed to outside and the another pole is exposed to another side. By this type of arrangement we can clearly remove the dominating forces while magnets rotation.

This exposure of magnet sis done only for the upper magnet need to do for the lower magnet.

WORKING: As shown in the fig the both magnets are placed in such a way that they repel eachother. That is both magnets should have same poles on opposite sides. Then the upper magnet will first repell to lower magnet. Then the lower magnet (m2) will come down at that time we can see the half rotation of the gear of radius x/2 . When coming to the upper magnet (m1) we can see one full rotation of m1. This rotation can be obtained by gears of radius x which are placed at both sides of the

For making that the counter weight and and the attraction will help by that magnet m1 will come up easily . This m2 magnet is rotated to overcome repulsion and to help the magnet m1 to come up by attraction. When the magnet m1 is coming up then the magnet m2 will rotate with respect to m1 magnet and by the gear principle. By this attraction of magnet m2 the magnet m1 will come up. At that particular instance the magnet m2 will come to the repulsion

Then the attraction will become repulsion to the magnet m1.this willl be known by gears simple principle. Then the magnet m1 will come up .

The main disadvantage of this is the magnets used are permanent magnets. They will be more hysterises losses for magnets. The main task is to reduce this losses with out any power supply from external source then it gains properties of an ideal engine. For that we have to take the power by connecting dynamo to the shaft which is connected to m2. When comming the other shaft which makes rotations by the resprocatory motion will be taken to the crank shaft and given as output . The rotations will be done in this way.

And the power obtained by dynamo is supplied to the magnets (both m1 and m2). By this way we can reduce the hystrises losses of the magnets. Therefore we can see that there is no power supply in this engine. And this will make this engine as an ideal engine. This is the working of the M.R.R ENGINE as an ideal engine. The another type of conductors are used called as superconductors . The rough image is shown below


rmula for the force between the two cylindrical magnets:

ere is the magnetic flux density very close to each pole, in T, s the area of each pole, in m2, s the length of each magnet, in m, s the radius of each magnet, in m, and s the separation between the two magnets, in m = M relates the flux density at the pole to the magnetization of the magnet.

SAMPLE CALCULATION: Let B=0.5wb/m, R=0.5m=L,X=0.07m F=387.65*10^5N/m

CONCLUSION:The conclusion is that this engine is an ideal engine which works with out any continous input and gives continous output . When coming to the point of the pollution it is having zero pollution. There is no need to change magnets every time. This is one of the simplest engine. The cost for this engine is also very less. This is all about the M.R.R engine.