Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound.

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Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound

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Transcript of Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound.

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Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound

1What is Fat?

Fat cells store excess lipids that are not used as energy. There are Two Major Types of Fat

Stubborn Fat Is Resistant to Diet & Exercise

70% of women say they worry aboutdeveloping a tummy bulge1

91% of women say there are things about their body they want to change or reduce2Most people have tried diet & exerciseBut they still feel its not enough2

1 in 3 women say they have considered morethan just dieting and exercise toget rid of their fat2

UltraShape is the first and only FDA cleared procedure that uses focused pulsed ultrasound to:

Precisely destroy fat cells protecting surrounding tissue, nerves and muscleFor immediate, long-lasting body contouring With no downtime, no discomfort and no side effects What is the UltraShape Procedure?

UltraShape targets problem areas of stubborn SUBCUTANEOUS FATWhy Patients Love UltraShape

How UltraShape Gets Rid of Your Stubborn Fat

How UltraShape Gets Rid of Your Stubborn Fat

Ultrasound energy is delivered precisely to stubborn subcutaneous fat 1.5 cm below the skins surface

Rapidly changing pressure waves create vapor cavities in fat cells

The mechanical stress caused by pressure stresses fat cell membranes causing them to break releasing lipids (fat)

Fat cells are destroyed while skin, nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue are unharmed

Effect is purely mechanical, which means no discomfort or heating

Once fat cells are fractured:

Freed triglycerides (fat) are safely cleared from the local area

They are processed by the bodys natural metabolic pathways and transported to the liver to be used as energy

Clinical studies have proven that there are no clinically significant changes in lipid profilesWhere Does the Fat Go?Fat CellsRelease of Triglycerides3 Free Fatty AcidsGlycerolTransported to the liver and used as energyUltraShapeFat [from the UltraShape procedure] is ultimately processed by the bodys natural physiological and metabolic pathways that handle fat during weight loss.Spencer A. Brown, PhD, Director of Plastic Surgery Research UT Southwestern Medical Center8Fat clearance is performed by the physiological pathways the lymphatic, venous and immune systems- Triglycerides from the broken fat cells are released into the interstitial fluid- Triglycerides are metabolized by Lipase enzyme into glycerol and free fatty acids- Glycerol is phosphorylated and transported through the vascular system (water soluble)- 3-free fatty acids are bound to each albumin molecule and transported to the liver- Extrahepatic cells also have the ability to take up free fatty acids as well as hepatic tissue- Cell debris is eliminated by phagocytosis (physiological or wound healing process)Fat metabolites are processed in the liver in the same manner as fat originating from digested foodThe UltraShape procedure has an excellent safety record

Over 250,000 patient treatments have been safely performed worldwide

Over 600 patients have been the subject of clinical studies on the UltraShape Procedure

As with any medical procedure there is always some risk

Ask your doctor if you would like additional information on the safety of the UltraShape procedure Is the UltraShape Procedure Safe?

InvestigatorYearPatient PopulationAvg. Circumference ReductionResultsLeal H.2,3 Monterrey, Mexico2009243.0-3.4 cm (1 combo tx) 96% > 1.5 cm circumference reduction 100% patient satisfactionMoreno-Moraga J1 Madrid, Spain2006303.95 cm 100% measurable and visual improvementAscher B.1 Paris, France2007-08253.58 cm 83% > 1.0 cm circumference reductionLeal H.2,3Monterrey, Mexico2007-08365.0 cm 100% measureable reduction 94% patient satisfactionAd El D.2,3Beilinson Med, Israel2008263.96 cm 90% > 2.0 cm circumference reductionInglefield C.2 London, UK2005-061486.3 cm 93% patient satisfactionde Almeida G.2 Sao Paulo, Brazil2007-08205.4 cm 100% measurable reduction 86% patient satisfactionBenchetrit A.2 Montreal, Canada 2007-091094.5 cm 96% measurable reduction 86% patient satisfactionAscher B.1 Paris, France2010253.58 cm (3 tx) 90% reported no painS.-L. Chang1,2 Taiwan2013323.91 cm (3 tx) 21.4 and 25% reduction in fat thickness measured by MRI A Selection of Clinical Studies on UltraShape 1Published in peer-reviewed journal 2Presented in scientific conference 3Data on fileWhat to ExpectThe UltraShape procedure is for:

Reduction of localized fat deposits Reduction of abdominal circumference Improving body shape and contour

A good UltraShape candidate:

Has a BMI under 30Can pinch an inch of soft subcutaneous fatMaintains a healthy lifestyle and dietHas realistic expectations Am I A Candidate?

UltraShape is not a treatment for weight loss, obesity, severe skin laxity, cellulite, or a replacement for liposuctionPacemaker, implanted cardiac defibrillator, or other electromagnetic implanted devicesPregnant, or breast feeding or anticipated pregnancy during the treatment phaseMetabolic disorders or are currently taking any medication that could affect fat metabolismHepatitis or other liver diseasesImmune system disease or connective tissue disordersHistory of poor wound healing, an open wound or rash in the treatment areaKeloids, hypertrophic scars, or depressed scars in the treatment areaBlood or bleeding disordersUltraShape May Not Be Right For You If: How long does the UltraShape procedure take?An UltraShape treatment lasts between 45 minutes 1 hour

For best results, we recommend a series of three treatments 2 weeks apart

Is the UltraShape procedure painful?The UltraShape procedure is performed during a convenient, walk-in, walk-out session performed at an authorized UltraShape treatment center

The UltraShape procedure uses pulsed ultrasound, so there is no discomfort caused by cold or heat

Some patients report a slight-to-moderate tingling sensation

The vast majority of patients report a comfortable treatment experienceWhat Does An UltraShape Treatment Feel Like?

14Preparing For Your UltraShape ProcedureYour trained UltraShape treatment provider will :

Discuss the treatment with you and answer any questions you have

Medically evaluate you to confirm you are a good candidate

Check if you have enough fat thickness (over 3 cm) in the treatment area by using a finger pinch test or caliper pinch test.

Identify and mark area to be treated

Determine treatment pricing based on area to the treated

Step I : Treatment ConsultationRecord measurements of the area to be treated to track circumferential reduction

Measurements will be taken and recorded before each treatment

A specially designed belt will be placed around your abdomen to isolate the area to be treated

Step II: Recording Measurements

Markers will be placed around the treatment area for the system to outline the treatment area

A special ultrasound gel will be applied on the treatment area

Treatment will begin and your entire marked problem area will be treated

Once treatment is completed, the gel will be wiped from the treatment area

Your next appointment will be scheduled in 2 weeks

Step III: The UltraShape Treatment

Resume daily routine

Avoid weight gain

Eat a healthy diet

Get routine exercise

Reveal your UltraShape!Post-Treatment Instructions

Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed. But remember that the key to maintaining your good results is to eat a good diet and have an active, healthy lifestyle.Patient ResultsResults are often visible within 10-14 days after the 1st treatment*

You will see continued reduction up to 3 months after the completion of your 3rd treatment

Clinical studies show average reduction of 3.4 cm - 6.3 cm after 3 treatments

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good diet and exercise program are key to optimizing your resultsWhen Will I See Results?

Results may vary. Not everyone will experience similar results, each individual will respond differently to the treatment.

Photos courtesy of D. Ad El, MD

UltraShape ResultsAfter 3 Treatments4.0 cm reduction

Before UltraShapeAbdomen

Photos courtesy of D. Ad El, MD

UltraShape ResultsAfter 3 Treatments7.9 cm reduction

Before UltraShapeAbdomen

Photos courtesy of A. Benchetrit, MD

UltraShape ResultsAfter 3 Treatments4.7 cm reduction upper abdomen5.4 cm reduction lower abdomen

Before UltraShapeUpper/Lower Abdomen24Here is a patient after three UltraShape treatments to the upper and lower abdomen who experienced a 5.4 cm reduction

1Data on file

Photos courtesy of M. Lupin, MD

UltraShape ResultsAfter 2 Treatments3.1 cm reduction

Before UltraShapeAbdomen25

Photos courtesy of D. Ad El, MD

UltraShape ResultsAbdomenAfter 2 Treatments7.7 cm reduction

Before UltraShape

Photos courtesy of H. Leal-Silva

UltraShape ResultsAfter 1 Treatment6.8 cm reduction

Before UltraShapeAbdomen27

Photos courtesy of C. Inglefield, MD, London, UK

UltraShape ResultsAfter 3 Treatments6.5 cm reduction

Before UltraShapeLower Abdomen28

Photos courtesy of B. Ascher, MD

UltraShape ResultsAbdomenAfter 3 Treatments5.0 cm reduction

Before UltraShape29Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound