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10 non-business books for entrepreneurs

Friday, 20 June 14

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AShort History ofNearly Everything

If you can get away with reading just one book it should be this one.

Written in Bill Bryson's trademark lucid style and self-deprecating humor, it will equip you to be able to talk practically on any topic of science, and actually make sense.



Friday, 20 June 14

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Guns, Germs Steel&



History could easily get boring in the wrong hands.

Jared Diamond explains how geography, farming, government, disease & innovation have evolved to explain history - particularly how and why Europe has evolved as it did over the last 500 years.

Friday, 20 June 14

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Diary of A Young Girl





hyWhat can the diary of a 14-year old girl who lived 70 years ago teach us?

The tale of a Jewish family hiding from the Nazis in occupied Netherlands can still move and educate us. Most importantly it puts our own lives in perspective.

Friday, 20 June 14

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Experimentswith Truth

The story of my

Gandhi in his own words.

What better way to learn Gandhi's "attitude of experimenting, of testing what will and will not bear close scrutiny, what can and cannot be adapted to new circumstances," as Sissela Bok puts it.





Friday, 20 June 14

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of Malcolm XThe Autobiography

Black. Muslim. Militant. Not.

Malcolm X despite the box people have attempted to put him in, grew beyond labels and hatred to gain a global perspective and following. Told in Alex Haley’s inimitable style.

Friday, 20 June 14

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tegy Life is about love & war

While war and sports metaphors seem all too common in modern business literature, Sun Tzu’s original and its myriad translations have useful lessons well beyond business or war.

The art

War of

Friday, 20 June 14

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Of mice


Tale of two men. Human.

For a literature Nobel laureate, Steinbeck wrote some of the most accessible fiction, often in very few words. This story of is not just an easy and engaging read, but works at so many levels, you’ll devour it.

Friday, 20 June 14

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sBrothers Five. Gods. Kings. War.

There is a reason this is called an epic! Kamala Subramaniam’s Mahabharata is a gripping retelling of a tale we’ve heard a thousand times. Yet her writing amazes, engages and inspires. From the merely human to divine it has it all, in excellent prose.

Friday, 20 June 14

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gy What makes us happy?

Who knew that psychologists could be funny as hell? Daniel Gilbert weaves a ripping good tale of many years of research into what happiness is and what makes each of us happy. Eye-opening and fascinating.

Friday, 20 June 14

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Keep it simple and short!

It’s one thing to exhort others to behave a certain way and another to act yourself. Strunk and White do keep it simple and short and in the bargain made the better place for prose forever. Get it now, read it, practice it forever!

Friday, 20 June 14

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non-business books for entrepreneurs @ksrikrishna

Friday, 20 June 14